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How we work in our removals

Our inspectors are highly qualified in the advice of your international move. We will conduct a free inspection visit to your home to evaluate all aspects of the service:

  • Volume of your furniture and personal belongings.
  • Characteristics and access of your home, for the application of parking permits and the location of the truck on the day of the move.
  • Information on the necessary documentation, customs, delivery times, insurance and any information related to your international transfer and to the country where you are going to move.
  • Advice on the best option for your international move, whether by land, sea or air
  • We manage the timing of your shipment and inform you of the arrival dates and delivery conditions in your new residence.
Home Offices Relocation Services Freight

Moving with animals

If your animal or pet is very important in the family, like us, an international move can mean a high level of stress, in addition to assuming different administrative and bureaucratic obstacles to the transport of our pet. To avoid these risks, it is necessary to conveniently plan everything you need to move your pet with all the guarantees and safety.

It is necessary to have all your pet’s documents and immunization card. In some countries there is very strict legislation for the transport of domestic animals such as vaccines and medical requirements that you must know before transporting your pet.

It is very important that you find out with the airline, if your pet can travel with you on the plane or you need to travel in the hold of the plane. Sometimes the transport of pets is as expensive as a ticket for any person, therefore it is necessary to check the price of transport, the conditions in which the animal will travel and the care it will receive; if they give him food, drink or take him out for a walk during the journey.

Generally, airlines force the pet to travel in an animal carrier. Important that a week before making the trip, you feel comfortable in what will be your new cabin, so that you are accustomed to your new travel space and minimize your state of anxiety.

As far as possible, we recommend traveling during the week, since if your pet suffers stress or anxiety during the transfer, you can take it to a veterinarian as soon as you land. If, on the contrary, the animal travels with you, be sure to have a drink, food and a toy to make your transfer more enjoyable.

Both the carrier and the animal itself must be properly identified. The carrier must include the data of the animal and the owner. Your pet must wear a collar with his name, owner information and information of the destination airport where he will arrive and the date of departure and arrival, since in case of loss, they will know where to send it and if they have to feed it until their arrival to destination

We recommend that you exercise your pet before the transfer, in this way we will get you to sleep or rest for most of the trip. We also recommend that you speak with your veterinarian and provide you with a muscle tranquilizer or relaxant to minimize anxiety during your transfer.