International Moving to Tijuana

Useful information about moving to Tijuana

Useful information about moving to Tijuana

Tijuana’s border location makes it a must for foreign visitors wanting to move closer to the American dream.a condición fronteriza de la ciudad de Tijuana

Tijuana is located in the far northwest of Mexico, and is noted for its rapid economic growth, ranking as the fourth largest city in the country. The border crossing links it with American traditions and culture in San Diego.

It is known as a global city and cultural and commercial centre as well as being a dominant production area in North America.

Important area of the city

Important area of the city

Here are some of the most important areas of the city:

  • Zona Rio: the city’s financial district and the fourth most important in Mexico, full of hotels, restaurants, financial buildings, commercial squares, hospitals, large streets and import cultural areas.
  • Gastronomy district: here you’ll find food from many different countries like Brazil, Argentina, Italy, Spain and France, among others.
  • 3rd stage Rio Tijuana: known for its commercial areas.
  • Otay area: a prominent residential area and growing are for hospitality.
  • San Ysidro: the busiest border crossing in the world.
Weather in Tijuana

Weather in Tijuana

The city has a Mediterranean climate throughout the year with an average temperature of 21 degrees. Winters are mild and humid, rarely having frost in the city, and summers are hot and dry.

Public transport

You can get around the city via public transport, using buses, minibuses and taxis. In terms of busses the main lines are called ‘Blue and White’. Minibuses are usually van type vehicles ad there are two kinds of taxi service, collective (fixed route) and free (with taxi meter)

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