International Moving to Monterrey

Useful information about moving to Monterrey

Useful information about moving to Monterrey

A city marked by great culture and history, and a powerful business, industrial and economic centre.

Monterrey, capital of Nuevo Leon, is one of Mexico’s most developed cities and is the ninth most populous city in the country. It is regarded as the city with the best quality of life in Mexico, and seventh in Latin America.

Weather in Monterrey

Weather in Monterrey

Monterrey is known for having very hot summers, where the temperature can reach or exceed 40 degrees for several days, whilst it is wet and cold in winter, with temperatures dropping to 0 degrees, especially in January. Most rainfall occurs in September, February and March.

Attractions in Monterrey

Here are some of the places that will help you discover this royal city’s character.

Best attractions in Monterrey
  • Macro plaza: a concentrated area of Monterrey’s historical monuments. It is the capital’s playground, with large green areas. Among the main attractions you have the Faro de Comercio, the old municipal palace converted into a museum, the Central Library, the City Theatre and Fundidora Park.
  • Cola de Caballo waterfall: in the Monterrey Peaks national part, near to Sultana del Norte, is the Cola de Caballo, one of the most spectacular waterfalls in Mexico.
  • Paseo de Santa Lucia: a large canal from which you can observe modern art sculptures and lit up fountains at nightfall.
  • Old town: the most bohemian place in the city, with a rustic appearance due to its old houses and pebbled streets. An area marked by its small artisan market by day and nightlife by night.
  • Other stand-out places include Cerro de la Silla, the Mexican History Museum and Metropolitan Cathedral, among others. 
The best places to live in Monterrey

The best places to live in Monterrey

The best areas to live in Monterrey are the following:

  • San Pedro: enormous buildings and busy streets, where one of the most iconic images of the city is found, the famous Puente de la Unidad Bridge.
  • San Nicolas: the main residential area of the city, with the most communities in the city, full of shopping centres, schools and universities.

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How to get around the city

How to get around the city

One of the most common modes of transport is the cab, being safe and reasonably priced. Another option are the city busses, which are cheap but do not have defined stops. Another way to get around is using the subway; a good alternative though a limited range is covered.

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