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Company movings and corporate relocation

Company movings and corporate relocation

There are few things more fulfilling than watching your business grow: the opening of new branch offices,  the increasing number of export orders, congratulations messages from your customers, etc…Mudinmar is an experienced company with more than 25 years in the moving and groupage sector, and we know very well that expanding your business horizons is just as exciting as watching your child grow.

Mudinmar’s motto is very clear:  Logistics with no borders

Mudinmar identifies with all companies which are setting off their business adventure abroad or want to increase their international presence.

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Request a quote for business services

Office removals

Office movings require a careful and thorough planning to guarantee that your daily business routine is not disrupted and your company effectiveness is not  affected by the relocation. For this reason, our expert team will develop a logistic plan, setting the guidelines of your business relocation, keeping in touch constantly with your employees and updating them on every aspect involved in the moving, from execution timelines, timing of every phase and priorities set by the company.

Short-term corporate movings

A large number of companies need to move employees and/or whole teams temporarily. In most cases, companies look for an alternative to hotel accommodation, searching for a more economical and comfortable option for their staff. Mudinmar looks for the best accommodations for rent anywhere in the world, providing a portfolio for you to be able to compare quality and price. Most of executive transferees give priority to comfort and proximity, looking for small flats with low maintenance costs (cleaning, rent).

Employees are the most important asset in your business, let Mudinmar take care of their relocation. We can handle all kind of requirements and demands. 

Long-term corporate movings

If your company is planning an upcoming opening of a new branch office abroad, Mudinmar is, with no doubt, the company you are searching for. We offer the best relocation services to your team with the aim to make your employees feel at home at the new location. All office equipment at the new location will be placed and handled following your instructions, while providing the best accommodation and advice to your transferees.
We help you to go through all necessary formalities providing all relevant information to enable your company to start running smoothly. 


Expanding abroad: the business of the future

Expanding abroad: the business of the future

In Mudinmar we know that the key to overcome the current economical crisis is to open new markets for your business abroad. In a world going global, the traditional belief of a centralised business gives way to international diversification. Therefore expanding worldwide and mastering languages are the cornerstone to success.

But, why with us? Because we use our own global market analysis to advise you best on when, where and how to start up successfully your internalization process.

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Corporate movings

Corporate movings

Internal office transfers

Due to productivity reasons, companies sometimes relocate their employees internally.  In order to do this we organize and pack personal belongings, files, documents, computers, printers, desks, storage cabinets, chairs, etc…We are experts in everything from packing, relocating, and unpacking professional offices. With our know-how your employees can find everything in its rightful place from archived files right down to the material in the stationery cabinet and all this within the agreed deadlines

Office transfers

With our expertise, experience and a fleet of specialist vehicles we can cover every type and size of relocation. A move consultant will visit your premises in order to carry out a survey totally  free of charge to evaluate all aspects involved in the relocation service and will advise on the best option for your company moving, devising a master plan complying with your company’s relocation policies and without interfering with your business regular activity. 

Integral Movements

Our comprehensive business offers maintenance services ranging from internal office transfers within the company premises to the corporate and industrial relocation and branch offices located in different countries. 

Advantages of  placing your trust in us

Advantages of  placing your trust in us

  • Weekend service: we offer the weekend service with the purpose to ensure minimal interruption to your business activities without affecting your regular work rate. Files and documents management, storage, classification, control and delivery in your premises. With Mudinmar, you can always count on a tailored VIP service.
  • Employees relocation: today’s globalized world implies the relocation of a high number of employees. Our experience in corporate movings allows us to make employees and their families feel at home in their new destination.

In a corporate moving a meticulous planning is very important in order not to interrupt your business flow.

Based upon the information gathered through a technical survey to your company prior to the moving service, our qualified experts will draw up a master logistics plan that will set the guidelines for moving every office item, the most convenient moving dates for the customer and the company, the execution timelines and all the technical and human resources that the relocation service may require.

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