International vehicles transport

Take your car or your motorbike with you in your international moving.

Take your car or your motorbike with you in your international moving.

Planning a residential move?  Are you worried about a local or international moving? Do you want to know whether you can take your car or motorbike with you?

Motorbikes international transport

Steps for international transport of motorcycles

The best way to transport your motorbike is into a wooden crate which we personally prepare and customize to fit your motorbike size. So the first step to build this tailored crate, is to verify that all wooden packing materials comply with regulations, for example that they have previously been treated and fumigated. Afterwards, the motorbike is measured up to build the custom made crate and then we proceed to saw up the wood in order to build the crate.

Before introducing the motorbike into the crate, a form known as check bike must be filled in to certificate your motorbike conditions and any pre-existing damage such as: dents, scratches, fuel level, kilometers, etc. In addition, we will point out the characteristics and registration number of the motorbike in this document.

Once the form has been filled in, we introduce the motorbike into the crate, and after it has been placed into the container, it is blocked and braced securely to the floor to ensure that it cannot move during transit. It is also protected with bubble wrap to protect it from any damage that may occur during the shipping process. Afterwards, we put the customer identifying labels and the “fragile” sign.

Enjoy peace of mind knowing that then the motorbike is ready for any international loading with the safest and most secure way to ship.  

Cars International Transport

Cars International Transport

Mudinmar can transport any vehicle by sea, land or air means. Please bear in mind that in the international land transport, the vehicle’s original documents must be store inside of the vehicle in the event of an inspection of the authorities and that the driver will need a transport delivery note.

In the event of travelling in a container, the original vehicle’s documents will be required for the the customs clearance process, therefore, the documents must not be stored inside of the vehicle. In case the vehicle is transported by road please take into account that the owner must sign an authorization to the chauffeur to be able to drive your car.

Remember to check for and document any pre-existing damage in your vehicle, making a written record of any chips, dents, scratches or any other damage and content: radio, spare tyre, etc…in order to make sure that it reaches its final destination in perfect conditions or in the event of any damage being caused during transit be able to determine liabilities.

Car transport, vehicle loading and tips

Car transport, vehicle loading and tips

Car transport

Mudinmar can move any car, whether by sea, land or air. The transport of cars is made based on the requirements of each client and their destination.

The transport can be done in container trucks, trucks, containers or by sea RO-RO (Roll On-Roll Off), where the car travels in the hold of the ship and where the employees of the maritime company are responsible for positioning and fixing the car to the rings of the ship to avoid movements. 

Vehicle loading

The loading of vehicles is carried out in trucks carrying cars or normal trucks. In the car-carrier trucks it is fixed to the specially built ramp for it, avoiding any accident. If necessary, load and fix the car in a truck or container, we have specially designed loading docks, if the load was made at home, we have special ramps to upload it to any truck or container. Once loaded, it is very important to fix or lash the hoops of the container or truck to avoid movements and possible accidents. 

Vehicle tips

In the case of international container transport, the car must go with the batteries disconnected and less than 30% of fuel in the tank (imo). Keep in mind that in land transportation, the original documents of the car must go inside in case there are police inspections, in addition the driver will need a delivery note of the same. If the vehicle travels in a container, the original documentation will be necessary to carry out the customs clearance, therefore, it should never go inside. If the vehicle is traveling on the road, remember that you must sign an authorization to the driver to get your vehicle. Remember to sign a document that will record the conditions in which your vehicle was (check car) radio, scratches, bumps, spare wheel …, so that you can ensure that it arrives in perfect condition or determine liability in case of accident.

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