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Any concern about your moving or relocation? We are here to help you clearing up any doubt about your moving process.

There is very little we haven’t seen or moved in the last 25 years! So we have put together some FAQs to help answer some of the queries that you may have about moving.

Browse our frequently asked questions for answers to the most common moving questions.

How can I get a written estimate?

The quickest way to get a quotation to fill in our online form telling us about your moving details. Another option is to send us by email all your contact details, origin and destination of your moving and an inventory list of your belongings. Finally we can visit you at home in order to evaluate and check all aspects involved in the moving service such as the condition of the different accesses to the building or the house,  the total volume of the items you plan to move and thus be able to send you a customized written estimate for your review.

How can I get an economical and affordable quotation for an international moving?

This will basically depend on the destination and the type of shipping you request. For instance, you can get a very good price for a small-size moving to Europe if you are not in a hurry, since there is the possibility to use the groupage service or loading combinations in order to adjust the costs as much as possible. Even for destinations in America, Africa or Asia, there is always a possibility to obtain economical pricing as long as the shipment is done by sea and choosing the groupage or consolidation option.

What is the price for/ How much can an international moving service cost?

International removals and especially when moving overseas, can have a high cost, depending on the volume and destination. The total price for an international moving can range between 600- 1,000 € for a small load in Europe and up to 30,000 € for a 40” container to destinations such as USA, Australia or Japan. It is important to choose a moving company with experience in the country from where they operate and reputed destination agents who can guarantee a smooth and successful running of the moving.

How can I calculate the volume of my international moving?

The best way to calculate the total volume in cubic meters of your moving is by multiplying the width x height x depth. As an alternative we also have available special charts, very easy to use, where you only have to click on the items from the list that you want to move and it will automatically calculate the volume of your belongings in cubic meters.

Are websites and portals which compare moving quotations reliable?

Websites which compare different moving prices are a useful tool when asking for several quotations and estimates without losing much time, for example the following website will http://www.tumudanza.com/ offer you 5 different quotations from reputable moving companies. However, their weak point lies in the fact that they do not have any control on the international moving process and once you have signed a contract with the moving company you have chosen through them, these websites do not assume any responsibility with the customer. In the event of any damages or accidents, they will just get you in touch with the moving company since they work on commission basis paid by the different moving companies for providing their quotation online.

Selecting a moving company

How do I select the best moving companies for international movings and corporate relocations abroad?

An international moving is a major challenging experience since it implies very drastic changes in your way of life and therefore forward planning and a careful organization are the key to a stress free moving and to avoid any last minute surprises. We always recommend you to hire a reputable moving company with experience in the destination you are moving to, talk with them and find out whether they are professional by reading about them on the internet, check the legal disclaimer on its website, ask for recommendations and references about them and check the TC2s from the staff who will collect your belongings,…in other words, you must make sure that the international moving company you are selecting is professional, reliable and above all, honest.

Your removal at origin

Should I be present during the packing?

Although is not absolutely necessary, it is highly advisable that you be present during the packing. If you cannot be there coordinating the packing of your moving, make sure someone you trust is there to act as your representative and that he or she knows exactly which goods must be packed and that there is an inventory list specifying what has to be moved in every room. Thus, we will avoid unnecessary mistakes and mishaps.

How can I pack successfully for an international moving service?

All the furniture must be packed with bubble wrap, bull-kraft or with paper blankets. The most fragile and sensitive parts of the furniture will be protected with corner boards and pads.  Sofas and mattresses will be packed in their own covers and bags, china and glassware will be packed in manila paper and bubble wrap. For very fragile items such as glass tops, paintings, lamps, sculptures, music instruments, etc…it is recommended to have a custom-made wooden crate for a proper protection. Specialty wardrobe boxes with built-in racks are available to transport hanging clothes. These are your best bet if you want clothing to arrive at your destination wrinkle-free.

Will Mudinmar prepare an Inventory List and labelling of the goods to be moved?

When preparing a international moving, in the first place we will pack every item, then we will note down its category and the room where it belongs and finally we will label them and write down its bulk number and description in the Inventory/Packing List for its control on the final destination.

Will Mudinmar see after the applications for a no parking zone permit at the local municipal or police departments and properly signalling the area on the moving day?

Yes, indeed, Mudinmar will see after the applications for the required permits and properly signalling of the loading area. Please be aware that some city councils will charge fees for occupying public areas. These extra charges are generally not included in your moving estimate.

Is it allowed to take food or beverages with me in an international moving?

Most frequently in most destinations it is forbidden the import of any food or beverage. As an exemption though, some alcoholic and spirituous beverages are allowed in limited quantities as long as they are for personal use and not for commercial purposes since in that case they are subject to import duties.

What is the estimated transit time in an international moving service?

The estimated transit time will range from 2-3 days for a dedicated removal to Europe up to 60 days for an intercontinental moving service,  such as a moving to New Zealand. As a general rule, the delivery time for a moving to Europe will vary between 3 and 15 days. However in a removal to America the estimated transit time is between 25 and 45 days. When moving to Asia or Australia, a shipment by sea can take approximately from 40 to 60 days. It is very important to know that groupage or consolidated shipments have longer transit times since it is necessary to combine your load with other loadings in order to achieve a competitive service.

How long does it take to collect my goods once the order for service has been confirmed?

It will depend on our availability and on the dates in which you are want to move. Normally during the summer months international moving companies are pretty busy and therefore the time between your confirmation of the order for service and the actual date for the packing and collection of your goods will be longer, but in any case it can take between 5 to 10 days. On the other side, if you decide to move in winter season probably our response time will be between 2 to 5 days.

What is exactly included in a door-to-door international moving service?

Door-to-door international moving services include a global service from origin up to the final destination. Generally they include: furniture disassembling, full packing service of all your belongings, container loading in your residence, transportation to the port of embarkation and departure, customs clearance both in origin and destination, container collection, delivery to your new address, unpacking, assembling of furniture and cleaning and removal of packing materials.

As a rule it does not include: parking permits, charges for occupying public roads and areas, lifts, handling of especially large and heavy items such as pianos, safes, etc.,  which have not been included previously in the moving estimate,  qualified service providers such as carpenters, plumbers, interior decorators, etc., inspections, delays, storages, transshipments, haulage and handlings, extra deliveries or any additional cost that has not been agreed upon previously.

What items am I not allowed to take with me in an international moving?

Some items can’t come with you on your move, such as alcohol and lubricants, explosives, compressed gases, corrosives, flammables, living plants, food, pornography, etc. We recommend you to read carefully this pdf for further information:  https://www.mudinmar.com/es/wp-content/uploads/sites/4/2014/02/ARTICULOS-RESTRINGIDOS-EN-LAS-MUDANZAS.pdf

Is it possible to use your storage facilities to store my belongings in origin or at destination while looking for a new residence?

Absolutely, you can store your belongings in our depot locations and facilities as long as you need it, we can grant you storage in origin as well as on destination depending on your needs.

Your removal at destination

Which documents are required to import my belongings at destination?

The documents which are usually required for the import procedures of your moving are the following: passport, consular de-registration certificate or a letter from the city council stating that  you have been living abroad for at least one year, packing list in the local language, authorization for the customs clearance as well as for your agent to act as your representative. Basically these are the main documents commonly requested at any destination. Nevertheless, some other documents might be requested depending on the country you are planning to move.

Is it necessary to be present during the customs clearance procedures?

As a general rule, it is required the presence of the owner at the time of the import, in the event of any inspection or any other customs requirement. Prior to the container’s arrival it is necessary to fulfill certain formalities such as the clearance authorization, registration in the new country of destination, delivery of the Bill of Lading, etc. Subsequently it is highly advisable to arrive at the destination some days before your shipment arrives in order to avoid unnecessary delays.

Do I need to go to the port to carry out formalities during the import procedure?

Usually it is not necessary to go to the arrival port to carry out formalities, since we arrange everything online. Only in the event of an inspection in the port, will the presence of the owner of the goods be required in the port during the customs clearance procedure.

Where and whom do I have to pay the port charges and fees?

Port charges and fees incurred during the import procedure are normally paid directly to the shipping company. The invoice will be billed directly to the final customer by the port company. Sometimes in order to avoid to make things easier, the port charges will be paid directly to the moving company which in turn will settle the payment directly with the shipping company.

Who will deliver my belongings on destination?

Mudinmar has a wide network of international agents in the major cities around the world. Once your goods have been embarked and  shipped we will provide you with all the contact details of our agents at destination: your moving coordinator at destination, contact numbers, email address, location of their premises and any other information you request. The whole process will be coordinated by the team that organized your moving at origin in order to be by your side every step of the way.

Will Mudinmar notify me about the arrival of the shipment or should I contact you directly?

Our coordinator agent at destination will get in touch with you before the shipment reaches the arrival port/airport in order to request all necessary documents for the customs clearance of your international moving. Therefore no worries, we will contact you directly.

Does Mudinmar take care of the furniture assembly at destination?

Unless otherwise agreed, Mudinmar will reassemble all furniture which was disassembled at origin, excluding therefore any furniture not previously disassembled by us or any ready-to -assemble furniture such as IKEA flat pack furniture.

Is the placement of light fixtures and lamps, curtains, paintings, etc., included in the moving service?

As a general rule, any decoration related work such as hanging lamps, curtains, paintings, and artworks, etc., as well as plumbing, installation of external antennas, etc., are not included in the standard service of an international moving. Nevertheless if you request it,  we can take care of these issues and prepare a separate estimate with local rates accordingly. Just say the word and we’ll take care of it.

What happens with all empty moving supplies after unpacking?

No problem, Mudinmar will remove, on the same day after unpacking, all the empty moving supplies and moving boxes and dispose or recycle them for you. However, in case you need to do the unpacking in a different date from the delivery day, charges for this service may be in addition to the line-haul charges.

Can I hire a VIP service?

Yes, we offer a VIP service for your moving, including cleaning service, folding and placing clothes in wardrobes, decoration works, any professional services such as carpenters or plumbers, connecting utilities, helping you looking for a residence or school, etc. We will be more than ready to fulfill any request you may have.

What is more convenient, an international moving service by air, sea or land?

International movings by sea have a lower cost although the transit time is usually longer than by air. At the midpoint, movings by land take between 2 to 5 days in an exclusive moving service and between 10 to 15 days in a combined or groupage service. With regard to international movings by air, they are a good option when it comes to small loads, they have a higher cost but their transit time is shorter taking between 5 to 7 days for overseas destinations. Therefore shipments by air are ideal for small loads only taking the essential personal belongings and when delivery time is an urgent matter.

Which option is better, groupage, LCL, FCL or consolidated service?

Choosing the best option for your international moving is very important when it comes to saving costs. If you are planning to do a small volume moving, you are flexible with moving dates and your budget is tight, the best alternative is groupage, LCL or consolidated service since these options share the shipment costs with other customers and thus allow the company to save costs and consequently result in a better price for the customer. In the case of a large shipment which requires a fast delivery it is better to choose an exclusive service, whether in a full container FCL or in a full truck load service by land.


Is it possible to receive packing material in advance?

Of course. We can provide you with any packing material you need to prepare your own packing. Packing by yourself will allow you to save money in your international moving. However we do not recommend you to pack by yourself any fragile items such as furniture, appliances, glass and chinaware, porcelain, sculptures, etc…mainly for two reasons: in the first place, the insurance company will not be liable for those items packed by the customer and secondly, to minimize any possible damage. Therefore we prefer to pack personally any fragile and vulnerable item. You can rely on our experience, expertise and on the best packing materials. We are skilled packers and employ the best practices.

Which kind of packing material will you use for my moving and personal belongings?
Furniture will be packed safely with the best materials: bubble wrap, bull-kraft, paper blankets, corner boards and pads, etc…. Sofas and mattresses will be packed in their own covers and bags, china and glassware will be packed in manila paper and bubble wrap. For very fragile items such as glass tops, paintings, lamps, sculptures, music instruments, etc...it is recommended to have a custom-made wooden crate for a proper protection. Specialty wardrobe boxes with built-in racks are available to transport hanging clothes. These are your best bet if you want clothing to arrive at your destination wrinkle-free.
What are the dimensions of the packing boxes you provide?

SMALL BOX: Dimensions 0.40 WIDE X 0.34 HIGH X 0.31DEEP
Volume: 0.042
Description: It is ideal for storing books, dvds, discs,or any heavy items.

MEDIUM BOX: Dimensions 0.61 WIDE X 0.39 HIGH X 0.41 DEEP
Volume: 0.098
Description: It is recommended for packing glass and chinaware, kitchen utensils, decorative pieces and any not very heavy items.

BIG BOX: Dimensions 0.71 WIDE X 0.46 HIGH X 0.46 DEEP
Volume: 0.150
Description: Perfect to pack toys, clothes, cooking pots and any light items.

Do you have specialty wardrobe boxes to hang clothes?

Yes, we have specialty wardrobe boxes available to transport hanging clothes such as blazers and party dresses which need to be store in a vertical position. These sturdy boxes have built-in racks that hold about two feet worth of clothes on hangers. These are your best bet if you want clothing to arrive at your destination wrinkle-free.

How can I do a self moving?

The first thing you have to do in order to prepare for a self moving is to choose the proper packing material, remember that for an international moving to any destination the right packing will avoid in a 99% any damage to your goods. China and glassware, decorative items, etc… must be wrapped individually with manila paper and bubble wrap and placed in boxes or wooden crates. With regard to furniture and appliances, they have to be packed with plastic wrap, paper blankets, bubble wrap or bull-kraft. In addition, all furniture edges must be protected with board or pad corners to guarantee their safe transport. Sofas and mattresses will be packed in their own covers and bags and all your personal belongings such as clothes, dvds, books, etc… will be packed in moving boxes for that purpose.


How to select an insurance for your international moving?

Mudinmar always recommends our customers to hire an individual insurance policy for your international moving. For overseas shipments you will be charged between a 1% and 2.5% on the shipment value, usually with excesses of around 300-600€. The customer may take out insurance arrangements for the move with a third party if they wish to do so since it is not compulsory to hire the insurance through the moving company.

How to value my belongings for insurance purposes for an international moving?

Most home contents policies do not cover personal effects during a house move and it is for this reason that we offer removals Insurance services as an added safeguard for our customers. In order to insure your belongings in the best conditions/better if the unexpected happens during your move, in Mudinmar we place at your disposal some useful instructions to help you in assigning a value to your household goods and personal effects.

The valuation of your goods must be done according to the purchase value. If you happen not have kept the invoice or receipt, please try to make an assessment of the price as accurate as possible.
For the valuation purposes you can arrange items into groups by price and category. For example:

15 units men’s shirts 450 €
4 units designer men’s shirts 400 €

Check your household goods as they are unloaded. For that purpose our team will unpack all your belongings to check if there is any change in the condition of your property from what is noted on the inventory, note discrepancies on the van operator’s copy of the inventory. By signing the inventory, you are acknowledging receipt and condition of all items listed. In the event of any damage or loss you have 7 business days to file a written claim. Beyond that date, the insurance company will not be liable for any damage or loss.

How does the insurance company assess the value of my belongings in the event of damage or loss during an international moving?

In the event of an accident, the insurance company will assess the value of the damaged item individually by dividing the total value of the goods by the number of items. For this reason, if you group belongings of different values together, the value of the damaged or lost item can be affected in a negative way.
Therefore, it is not advisable to over- nor undervalue the goods to insured since ultimately the insurance company will take their value in the market as a reference.
Once all requested information and documents have been processed the insurance company will issue a compensation proposal which must be signed by you in case you agree with it. After signing the compensation agreement the insurance company will pay out you the agreed value, replace the item, etc..

Please bear in mind that these formalities take some time to process.

In order to assess the damage, the insurance company can request a loss adjuster appraisal, pictures of the damaged goods, request a repair quotation or a replacement estimate.

The insurance company will, at its option, either 1) repair the article to the extent necessary to restore it to the same condition as when it was received by your mover, or pay you for the cost of such repairs; or 2) replace the article with an article of like, kind and quality, or pay you for the cost of such a replacement.

Should my employer company hire a health insurance plan for me and my family while working abroad?

One of the most common incentives that moving companies offer to their employees and expatriates working in their branch offices abroad is a private health insurance plan with full coverage. Although not all companies include this benefit, it is highly advisable to do it, since some countries may have a very poor public health system and therefore only a private health insurance will guarantee the best medical care.

Forms of payment

Which payment options do moving companies offer for an international moving?

You can submit the payment for your international moving either in cash, with credit card or through the following link in our website Online Payments, with a bank transfer or a certified cheque.

Do I have to submit the payment for my moving in advance prior to delivery?

As a general rule, with regard to an international moving service, 50% of the total amount for the shipment will be paid when booking the collection date and the remaining 50% will be paid prior to the vessel’s or airplane’s departure. On the other side in with respect to an international moving within Europe by road, the remaining 50% will be paid once we confirm the delivery date and by all means prior to the truck’s departure.

Automobile and vehicles transportation

How will my car be loaded in the container?

Your car is driven into the container using special loading ramps or load lifting cranes and carefully positioned before all four wheels are safely chocked. Our loading docks are prepared with loading ramps and platforms in case you wish to deliver your car yourself to our loading facilities. Once the vehicle has been placed into the container, it is blocked and braced securely to the floor and padded ratchet straps are used to lash the wheels to the containers built in securing eyelets located in each corner to ensure that your car cannot move during transit.

Is it necessary to disconnect batteries and to keep the fuel tank level under a ¼ full?

You are obliged by the new IMO regulation to disconnect the car batteries and to keep the tank fuel level under ¼ of its capacity.

When exporting my car do I have to deregister it at the Traffic Department?

If you are planning to export your car to a third country, you must deregister it at the corresponding Traffic Department, otherwise it is not possible to proceed with the customs clearance and therefore its export will be forbidden.

If my car has an outstanding finance owed, do I have to cancel the loan before I can export it?

To export your car, it must be free of any charges. Unless you have your payment receipt or invoice from the loan company certifying you have cancelled the outstanding finance owned you will not be able to export your car.

Can I take my car to another country if I have outstanding traffic fines?

When de-registering your car at the corresponding Traffic Department, automatically will appear whether the driver has any pending traffic fines with the administration and therefore they will not allow you to deregister it until you have submitted the payment for the outstanding traffic fines.

In the case of a financial or operating leasing can I export my car?

In the case of a financial or operating leasing you will not be able to export it unless you have a written approval from the financial company authorizing you to export it.

Moving with pets

Can I take my pet with me?

Mudinmar knows that pets are a part of the family, too. We help customers arrange pet transportation and documentation assistance with veterinarians and customs. Pets can be moved, usually by air, but you have to fulfill all the necessary requirements for its international transportation.

Do I need to have my pet’s documents and vaccinations in order?

Your pet must travel with his/hers health and vaccination records and documents in order, microchipped, proper identification, etc… otherwise they will not be allowed to travel. Pets can be transported either in your flight or in a different one.

Do I need a portable kennel for my pet or can I take him/her with me on the plane?

Absolutely, airlines will require your pet to travel in a portable kennel or pet carrier. The carrier must include your pet’s and owner’s information. The pet must wear a collar, tag or leg bands with his/her name, the owner’s contact details, origin and destination addresses, etc…

Office and corporate movings

an the moving company take care of disconnecting electronic devices?

Yes, moving companies can take care of disconnecting electronic devices. Nevertheless as a rule companies have their own computer’s experts to take care of the disconnection, connection and installation of the company’s computer equipment.

Are employees allowed to pack their personal belongings?

Yes, actually it is recommended that each employee will pack his/her personal belongings in boxes and Mudinmar will provide identification labels to be able to arrange them on the new destination according to the location plans provided by the company.

Do desks need to be disassembled for the moving?

It depends on the access to the building, both at origin and destination. If the entries are wide enough, desks will not be disassembled. If on the contrary the accesses are too narrow we will have to disassemble and reassemble them at the final destination.

How must electronic devices be packed safely?

Electronic devices such as CPUs, screens, printers, etc… will be packed with bubble wrapping and protected with blankets and cardboard or plastic boxes for a safe transport.

Is it possible to move on a weekend in order not to interfere with the normal activity of the company?

Yes, in fact moving on a weekend is one of the services we usually offer to our corporate customers, since our mission is to accomplish the corporate moving within the agreed deadlines but without disrupting the productivity or functionality of your business.

Will there be a move coordinator to whom we can address during the moving?

Mudinmar will assign a move coordinator who will stay in touch with your company’s person in charge working together to follow the logistic plan of the corporate moving according to your company’s needs and requirements.

Relocation Services

How are international movings for companies performed?

Mudinmar’s expert and skilled staff will be more than happy to advise your company about its relocation and implementation of new premises and branch offices abroad and that will guide your employees through every step of the process. With the help of a survey of your facilities, our professionals will work hard to ensure we draw up a relocation plan that is tailored to meet the needs of your business in terms of budget, timeframes, etc., while also minding your transferees main concerns.

What does exactly relocation services implies?

The term “relocation” has wide connotations. The moving company will work hand in hand with the person in charge of the Human Resources Department of your company to coordinate efficiently the relocation of your employees in a way which not only benefits your company, but your employees’ well-being. Our company offers a global and integral relocation approach which includes a comprehensive array of services such as the sale of properties at the country of origin, registration with local consulate and government at destination, utilities setup, purchase of a new home, moving, school assistance, bank account set up, drivers license and any other service your transferees and their families might need to guarantee their successful settling in the new country. We provide Innovative and flexible solutions to keep your transferees happy and productive and a long-term value with experienced, dedicated staff to embrace your culture and direction.

Once the relocation process is over, where do I have to pay taxes?

To pay taxes in a country you must prove that you have been residing in it for more than 6 months. In the case of an expatriate, he or she must pay taxes in the country where they reside.

Is it necessary to inform authorities of my moving to another country?

It is important to inform authorities through the embassy or consulates of the fact that you are moving to another country. Consular de-registration will be important to prove that you have been living for more than one year abroad and therefore you are exempt from paying entrance fees and taxes.