Documentation, contracting conditions and surveys

General conditions

General conditions

The general terms and conditions detailed here regulate the relationship between Mudinmar and its customers, based on international agreements and conventions that regulate the transport of merchandise, whether terrestrial, maritime and / or aerial. Mudinmar advises you to read this document in detail and, if you have any questions, to contact the company. Mudinmar has summarized the basic points of the general contracting conditions, hoping that this text is clear and understandable to all our customers and interested in testing our services.


The validity of the budget is 30 days.

Any offer can be modified if:

  1. The offer is not accepted within 30 days or additional quotes or services are requested.
  2. Clients require furniture storage or additional work. In this case, the client must inform of this point so that a new quote is sent according to the new circumstances. If the same day of the move is reported, the personal effects will not be collected until a new offer has been agreed. If the client can not wait for his new offer, the extra will be specified by telephone and an email will be sent to him that will serve as proof of consent and reception of the new offer. The extra per volume is usually calculated and the amount is prorated.
  3. When loading or unloading, there are contingencies that require an additional cost; haulage, bad access, elevators, etc., provided that our company has not been informed and these represent an additional cost, we reserve the right to inform the customer and communicate an increase in the offer sent.
  4. Your move is in the warehouse and you need to remove some packages or simply inspect them, in which case the rates per hour / man will be applied in concept of handling, previous information of the local rates.
  5. The move is made on a public holiday, upon request of the client, without having been agreed upon in the initial offer.

There is an increase in costs caused by changes in the value of foreign currencies, taxes or changes in freight rates beyond the control of the company.


The standard moving service does not include: works of professionals, such as plumbers, electricians, decorators, etc. It also does not include connect – disconnect electrical appliances, carry more than 25 meters, bad access, handling of heavy goods, not previously budgeted – such as safes, pianos – etc, parking permits, rates of municipalities, elevators, unless agreed in contrary. If any of the operators performs additional services, at the request of the client, the company will not be liable in case of breakages, damages, incidents, among others. 


Accepting the offer, the client commits to:

  1. Be in the care of your belongings in a personal way or through a person represented, in a way that ensures that all the objects of your move are moved or that other objects that are not the object of the move are transported.
  2. Custody the goods or that they have an adequate protection, until the workers of Hermanos Martínez, Grupajes y Mudanzas, S.L. Take charge of them. The company will not be responsible in case the customer leaves their belongings unattended; as an example, places in the open, where third parties pass, etc. that allow us to affirm with certainty that they have not been guarded diligently.
  3. The company will not be responsible for guarding jewelery, precious metals, cash, checks, documents, collections, works of art, mink coats, animals, live plants … unless you send us a detailed list of high value merchandise to make a personalized insurance policy, indicating the values ​​that the client wishes to insure.
  4. Pay any extra expenses related to city hall fees for street cuts, parking permits, etc.
  5. Declare any item or package that may be subject to fees, duties, taxes, as well as prohibited products such as drugs, flammables … The omission or concealment of information for this concept that entails additional expenses, fines or extra expenses, will be exclusively for account the client’s.
 The delivery of the goods will be made once if, due to circumstances beyond the control of the company, it could not be carried out in the indicated place, they will be deposited in a warehouse owned by the company or by a collaborator. The customer must be responsible for storage costs and redelivery according to local rates.

Mudinmar will be responsible for preparing the routes and determining the most convenient, fast and reliable means of transport for their international moving. The transit time is indicative and it does not begin to be counted until the total amount owed is not fully satisfied. 


In case of damaged packages, the company reserves the right to repair or replace the object in question.

In case of total or partial loss, the company will be governed by national or international transportation laws or, failing that, by the insurance policy contracted by the client.

If the item has been properly repaired, no liability is accepted for the depreciation of the item.

Keep in mind that, in case of breaking a piece in the move, it will be restored, but in no case the game or set, even if the set is out of order.

In case of damage to premises, the civil liability policy or the full risk insurance policy will apply, provided that the customer has insured the goods or that the damage has been proven by some of our operators or vehicles. 


Hermanos Martínez, Grupajes y Mudanzas, S.L. will not be in any way responsible for:

  1. Damage caused by fire or force majeure.
  2. Damages related to merchandise packed by the customer or that has not been inspected by our personnel.
  3. Losses or damages related to merchandise unpacked by the customer or that has been left without proper custody. Hermanos Martínez, Grupajes y Mudanzas, S.L. will not be responsible for losses, or faults in this regard.
  4. Damage caused by pests, moths, etc.
  5. Incidents caused due to hidden defects.
  6. Damages due to wars, natural disasters, force majeure or any type of incident unrelated to our company.

The form of payment will always be open to agreements with the client. The general norm is that, in an international move, customers make an income by 50% for the reservation of the move; the rest of the amount will be paid before the departure of the ship or plane when international maritime or air removals are carried out, or when the client is informed of the date scheduled to make the delivery, when they are international terrestrial removals.

Mudinmar will not be responsible in case of delays, fines, storage … caused by the lack of payment of our invoices.

If the total payment is not received, the merchandise will not be collected / delivered until the total amount has been paid. Disputes or disagreements will not be sufficient reason to delay payment.

The form of payment will be by bank transfer to our account or by cash.



The cancellation of the service of an international move will give rise to a compensation that will be taken into account depending on the expenses in which the cancellation of that contract has derived; Change of routes, request for parking permits, payment of fees, placement of plates for parking, storage costs, etc.


If the client abandons his merchandise, the company reserves the right (after 6 months of waiting) to carry out any of these options:

  1. Deliver the belongings to the arbitration board of transport of the province where the goods are located so that the judge can determine what to do with the objects.
  2. The company may donate personal effects to non-profit associations, social services of any municipality, etc.
  3. Alienate the entire lot to any buyer to compensate the expenses incurred; If there is a difference in favor of the client, it will be returned.
  4. Destroy objects at a clean point.
  5. Keep the objects in the company’s warehouse, billing the relevant amounts of storage, until the situation is resolved. If the customer pays the pending expenses, including storage and redelivery, the merchandise will be delivered normally.


The personal data provided by our clients are protected and only Mudinmar’s staff will have access. This data will be used by our company to send offers, surveys or marketing campaigns. In any case, customers have the right to rectification, cancellation and opposition. In no case will these data be transferred to other companies.

Our clients must guarantee that the information provided to our company is true. The user is solely responsible for any damage caused to our company due to false or inaccurate information.

The completion of any form of the websites or blogs of Mudinmar implies the express consent to the inclusion of them in an automated file of Hermanos Martínez, Grupajes y Mudanzas, S.L.


Mudinmar advises its clients to buy insurance for merchandise. For this we will send you a form to that effect where you can assess your belongings in exchange for the payment of a fee. If the client does not send us this form with his personal data and signed, we will understand that he does not want insurance at all risk. As you know, companies do not insure merchandise packed by the customer, with one exception; that all the packages have been checked by our employees and that they are in good condition. You can contract your own insurance with your insurance company. Our company has a liability insurance of € 600,000 and a vehicle insurance of up to € 12,000. There are some franchises that vary from 300 to 600 € depending if it is a local or national move, or if it is international.

Quality surveys

Quality surveys

This document is a quality survey model that we provide to our clients.

We only ask for five minutes of your time to record everything we can improve about our services. We thank you in advance for your fidelity.

With the aim of improving our services to continue counting on you, Mudinmar is aware of your needs in contracting the moving process with our company.

Import regulations in Spain

Import regulations in Spain

In this section we explain the regulations for importing furniture and household items into Spain. Find out about the requirements for importing your move at no additional customs cost.