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Mudinmar has specialized in a wide range logistic services related to companies and residential movings. Our goal is to build solid and long-term relationships with our customers-partners, which will result in cost savings, effectivity and high quality of our services. Due to the increasing specialization of our customers, we have adapted our capacity to offer customized services and to be able to give specific solutions to their needs.

Additional services we offer:

Furniture StorageLogisticsRegular weekly routesFurniture SectionContainers transportationArtworkEvents and concertsTradeshows and exhibitions

Temporary Furniture storage

  • More than 400 agents worldwide guarantee a furniture storage service with no borders.
  • Our facilities are insured and protected against fire hazards, monitored 24 hours a day and they comply with all sanitary and hygienic standards and regulations required for the storage of goods.
  • Every incoming good delivered in our depots will be electronically registered in our computer system in order to be able to inform about its conditions, avoiding unnecessary handlings during their storage in our facilities.
  • We place your belongings inside a sealed crate or container, clean, hygienic and safe.

Corporate Logistic Services

Mudinmar offers you all our experience and expertise in the logistic services for companies, allowing effective cost savings and improving efficiency in the distribution processes. Companies just have to focus on manufacturing and Mudinmar will take care of any logistic process from origin to destination.

  • Mudinmar’s expert team will assist you with tailored rates and accurate information about your shipping status.
  • We can take care of the storage, orders preparation, picking, docking, personalized distribution and direct deliveries to individuals and companies.
  • Mudinmar is ISO 9001 certified and works with the most reputable insurance companies in the market.

Express Service

Mudinmar has an all size vehicles fleet for exclusive and individual loadings. With this express service, the customer can decide the time and date of the collection and the delivery of the goods. We offer express services by land, sea and air, always complying with the agreed timelines and at a very competitive prices.

Weekly routes and consolidated services to any destination

We deliver the crates, boxes and containers to your factory, we take the goods to our storage facilities and we load every truck or container for their destination. For groupage distribution, we use a software program which allows us to choose always the best route, avoiding dead times and gaining in agility and speed of action. We cover routes through all Europe and transport consolidated containers of furniture and decoration goods to any destination.

Mudinmar has a special section devoted to the international transportation of furniture for  manufacturers of decorative and furniture products. We offer a global service, carrying out direct international deliveries, minimizing handlings and optimizing delivery times of your goods.

Advantages of being our customer/partner

  • Furniture logistics is our profession, and once you try our working system you will notice the time and cost savings in the logistic processes of your company.
  • Simplification of your activity processes. We take care of the tough work and you benefit from the results, as simple as this.
  • Our organization and structure allows us to perform global logistic processes, from origin to the final destination, with deliveries to companies or distribution and assembling for private customers.
  • Door to door full service. We collect in your factory and deliver the goods to your end customer, cutting costs and reducing your furniture transit times.
  • Express services. We comply with your requirements in an organized and meticulous way, we offer C.O.D. and  C.O.D cash on delivery services ensuring the payment of your invoices.de sus facturas.

Large fleet for sea containers transport.

We can place a container in any destination and take it to the assigned harbour in the shortest time. Our drivers are specialized in the containers transportation and in the port managements and customs formalities. We have our own fleet equipped with hydraulic platforms for the loading, transportation and positioning of any type of container:

  • Transportation for 20” to 45” containers
  • Transportation for high-cube or pallet wide containers
  • Transportation for opentop or flatrack containers
  • Transportation for containers with special dimensions
  • Transportation for ADR containers
  • Transportation for temperature controlled or reefer containers

Furthermore, we can carry out any additional container loading work, in our depot or directly in our customer’s facilities.

  • Containers for boats
  • Containers for car or vehicles
  • Containers for machinery

Antiques and Artwork moving

Performing events and concerts transportation

Mudinmar has special vehicles of all sizes for performing events transportation, from little vans to big volume vehicles.

  • We transport audiovisual material: sound system and video equipments, film material and transportation of any required equipment and tools for films production, series, short films, etc.
  • Logistic solutions for theater tours: transportation of atrezzo, stage assembling and disassembling, and we transport all the theater staff personal belongings.
  • Logistic services for dance companies: scenery assembling and disassembling, in compliance with performances schedules.
  • Logistic solutions for concerts and sound system transportation: we plan the logistics to comply with performances schedules and to achieve that the show goes on avoiding any incident.
  • Transportation of sporting events and shows.

Tradeshows and exhibitions

It is very important to plan the timing from the beginning to the end in order to guarantee a successful convention. We have an all size vehicles fleet and a specialised in design and space conceptualisation team who will help you to achieve a showcase which reflects perfectly what your customers want to perceive.


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