Tips for moving alone and not die trying

consejos-vivir-soloYou finally got it! You have enough work and income to allow it, so you take the flight from your parents’ house and you begin your live alone, congratulations!

Although this moment may seem idyllic, starting a moving process is always difficult, especially at the beginning. And if you move alone, very soon you will discover why …

But rest assured, in this article we give you a series of tips so that you can move alone without dying in the attempt.

Avoid burdening your friends and family with the move

It is tempting to lean on others to accomplish this task by saving on moving costs. In fact, your friends and family may help you make the move with the best of intentions. But moving on your own can be dangerous for you and yours.

Dangerous? Yes, you read it right. Commanding your friends to carry your things until your next home can lead to injuries and accidents for them and your own furniture, for not knowing the proper way to transport your move. After all, they are not professionals and can make mistakes.

Leave this task to the experts, contact a moving company to take charge of transporting your furniture. In this way, you will ensure that your things arrive in good condition and you will not burden your loved ones with the weight of the move. Instead, throw a kick-off party when you’ve already settled in, and invite them!

Don’t steal from your parents’ house!

It’s okay that you want to take some furniture from your old house to your next home, but make sure first. Do you really want to carry that desk with The Simpson stickers on your move? Keep in mind that if you later regret it and want to throw it away, you will have made the trip for nothing.

Instead of taking anything with you for fear of seeing it all empty (or because your mother has insisted) choose well what you want to bring in your move. Take only what is essential or what you really want to have in your home in the future.

If you have doubts about whether you really want or need to take that item with you on your move, ask yourself this series of questions: Am I ever going to use it? Is it necessary in my day to day? Does it bring back good memories or does it add something to my life? Answering affirmatively to these questions about an object, furniture or utensil, will give you the keys to know if it is worth taking it with you on your move.

Do not let others use your house as a storage room

Your closest friends and family may, upon the news that your move will begin shortly, decide to “give you” all the furniture they no longer use. An old television, a crooked lamp, a lame sofa … Surely, these are belongings that are still at home and from which they have not yet managed to discard.

Instead of accepting them for fear of offending those who have offered it to you, politely reject those furniture that your friends and family have given to you.

Of course, if any of the objects, appliances or furniture that your loved ones want to give you is to your liking or interest, accept it and express your gratitude to the people who had this beautiful gesture with you.

Show your personality through the décor

If you have always lived with your parents or with other people, the decoration may not have been to your liking. Especially if you couldn’t choose it.

But rest assured, now that you are going to live alone, you will have the opportunity to choose the decoration of your house. Adapt the spaces to your liking, according to your personality and your lifestyle.

If you need ideas, you can find some videos or visit decoration portals to get the inspiration you need.

And now… Enjoy!

After applying these tips, now it only remains to take the step of moving, settle in your new house and start enjoying your own space. Have these tips helped you? We wish you luck and hope you learn a lot from this experience.


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