Mudinmar on the Cover of The Portal Magazine

We are proud to share a significant achievement in our journey: Mudinmar’s appearance on the cover of The Portal Magazine, the magazine of the International Association of Movers (IAM), in its March-April 2024 edition.

The featured article addresses fundamental topics within our industry, offering guidelines for hiring and retaining talent that may interest international moving and transportation companies. In the article, we discuss our strategies for training and retaining highly effective teams in an environment of constant change and demand. By sharing our experience, we also aim to contribute to the success and growth of other companies in the sector.

Our contribution to The Portal Magazine: Strategies for hiring and retaining talent

Portada Mudinmar en The Portal MagazineThe article that earned us this recognition, titled “Effective Strategies for Hiring and Retaining Talent in the Company, in the Context of Global Mobility” was written by Olga Aviñó, our Marketing and Communication Manager. In it, we share the lessons learned over the years at Mudinmar on how to build and maintain a strong and committed team capable of facing the unique challenges of our industry. We address the importance of balancing technical and soft skills in hiring. While technical expertise is essential, soft skills such as effective communication and adaptability are key to an efficient team. Additionally, we explore how implementing wellness programs and offering continuous development opportunities contribute to talent retention in a competitive work environment.

Keys to successful hiring

One of the main strategies highlighted in the article that earned us the cover of The Portal Magazine is the balance between technical skills and soft skills. At Mudinmar, we’ve found that while technical experience is crucial, soft skills such as effective communication, adaptability, and teamwork are essential for long-term success. These skills enable our employees to effectively tackle daily challenges and maintain high performance under pressure.

Talent retention beyond hiring

Talent retention is another fundamental aspect we address. At Mudinmar, we understand that to keep a motivated and engaged team, it’s vital to offer a supportive work environment and continuous development opportunities. We implement wellness programs, foster an inclusive atmosphere, and reward performance through incentives and recognition. Additionally, we respect the work-life balance by promoting flexible schedules and respecting our employees’ leisure time.

Innovation in talent search

Our hiring strategy has also evolved with the advent of digital tools like LinkedIn, which allow us to identify and connect with professionals who align with our organizational culture. This platform has revolutionized our recruitment practices, making them more efficient and effective.

Recognition in The Portal Magazine

The Portal Magazine is a bimonthly publication of IAM, reaching thousands of people in over 170 countries. IAM, with over 2,000 members, is the largest global association of moving and transportation companies and has been a cornerstone in promoting the growth and success of its members since 1962.

The fact that our article has been featured on the cover of an international digital newspaper like The Portal Magazine is an important recognition that reinforces our position in the global mobility sector, demonstrates our ability to influence the conversation, and highlights the global reach of our work.

The process behind the cover article

The article “Effective Strategies for Hiring and Retaining Talent in the Company, in the Context of Global Mobility” was the result of a meticulous research and writing process. Our writer dedicated time to researching and familiarizing herself with hiring and talent retention practices that have been employed for years at Mudinmar and also within companies within the framework of global mobility. Interviews were conducted with HR professionals, and trends were analyzed to ensure the article provided useful information for its readers.

The writing of the article was an iterative process, with multiple revisions and adjustments to ensure content coherence. The opinions and suggestions of the entire team were taken into account to ensure that the article faithfully reflected our experience and knowledge in the field.

Acknowledgments and conclusions

We want to express our gratitude to everyone who contributed to the creation of this article and to The Portal Magazine for its publication. We also want to thank all the contributors who shared their knowledge during the research process. Their contributions were essential to enriching the content and offering valuable perspectives on the topic.

To our loyal customers and collaborators, we extend our deep appreciation for their continuous support and trust in Mudinmar. Their experience has been fundamental in driving our growth and evolution as a company.

This recognition motivates us to continue improving and adapting to the changing needs of our sector. At Mudinmar, we remain committed to implementing innovative strategies for hiring and retaining talent, ensuring that our team is always prepared to deliver the best possible service. We invite you to read the full article in the March-April edition of The Portal Magazine.

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