Mudinmar joins JCTrans as an Elite Member

Mudinmar joins the JCTrans global logistics community as an elite member, marking a significant milestone and reinforcing its position as a leading international logistics company.

The international removals company consolidates its position as a leading freight forwarder in logistics solutions.

The addition of Mudinmar to the JCtrans community as an elite member reinforces our commitment to excellence in the logistics industry. JCtrans is a global platform that brings together professionals and companies in the sector, fostering collaboration and knowledge sharing. As an elite member, Mudinmar will be able to take full advantage of JCtrans’ resources and network of contacts to offer an even more complete and efficient service to its clients.

At Mudinmar we understand the diverse logistics needs of our industry peers and other businesses. That is why we offer customised solutions, adapted to the requirements of each company. Our team of logistics experts works on a daily basis, following a transport strategy that meets deadlines and quality standards.

The portfolio of services we provide to our partners in the JCTrans community and companies from all sectors includes: air transport management, maritime transport, road transport services, customs clearance, warehousing and distribution services. Offering these services allows us to provide comprehensive and efficient logistics solutions.

At Mudinmar, we are excited about this new partnership and look forward to establishing new alliances that will benefit the other members of the JCTrans community. This addition not only reinforces our role as a freight forwarder in the global market, but also demonstrates once again our continued commitment to innovation and quality in the logistics industry.

Meet JCTrans the global community driving logistics growth

Founded in 2003, JCtrans has become a leading global logistics community. This e-commerce based, public online platform is dedicated to providing global services to freight forwarders and other logistics service providers. Its focus is on promoting community marketing, facilitating secure transactions, offering efficient settlement services, providing financial protection and establishing a strong credit system, among other diversified services.

JCtrans stands out for its extensive access to both domestic and international resources in the logistics and trading industry. Its main objective is to build a centralised, secure and fast platform for logistics transaction and settlement. Through this platform, traders have the ability to search for forwarders and expand their procurement channels, while forwarders can offer logistics solutions to global partners and establish long-term cooperative relationships.

The driving force behind JCtrans lies in its ability to unite logistics industry professionals and companies from around the world. By providing a collaborative and knowledge-sharing environment, JCtrans fosters collaboration between key players in the global supply chain. This enables participants in the logistics community to establish strategic contacts, share vital information and promote mutual growth.

With its focus on e-commerce and online platform, JCtrans has succeeded in simplifying and streamlining logistics processes, bringing efficiency and transparency to its users. In addition, its credit and financial protection system provides confidence and security to transaction participants.

Ultimately, JCTrans’ selection of Mudinmar as an elite member is no coincidence, as the community has valued Mudinmar’s strong reputation, expertise in customised logistics solutions and focus on customer service excellence. This partnership will allow Mudinmar to collaborate with the JCtrans community and strengthen its presence in the global logistics market. At the same time, JCtrans will benefit from Mudinmar’s expertise and quality, enriching its service offering to community members.

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