Mudinmar in Cambodia! IMA2020

After more than 30 years doing removals and offering logistics and mobility solutions, it is not surprising that in Mudinmar we belong to different associations of the logistics sector and the mobility industry. Entities such as PAIMA, Euromovers, Move Assured, FEDEM, IAM or IMA, set the seal of quality and guarantee the security of the services we provide, through their own establishment as companies and the coordination of multiple activities aimed at proving the validity of the companies that make them up.

IMA 2020 “The Heart of Mobility”

This time it is the turn of IMA, which after establishing itself as an independent network composed of the best global mobility professionals a few years ago, currently provides connections between members of its community through a series of conferences, training programs and development, support and P4P programs (Partner4Partner).

The International Mobility Alliance (IMA) held from February 28 to March 3 this year, a unique conference that embodied the perfect combination of business and pleasure. The conference took place neither more nor less than in the luxurious contemporary hotel Le Meridien Angkor, located in Cambodia, which for many is the undisputed Asian capital of the temples.

In this exotic environment surrounded by beautiful natural landscapes, multiple networking sessions took place that welcomed the companies that are part of the IMA community. During these days, the companies that make up this network of international mobility professionals were able to expand and strengthen ties with their industry partners.

This conference, which has well earned the name “The Heart of Mobility” for concentrating its members from all continents in Cambodia, gave its attendees the opportunity to also meet their business needs, connecting them with experts on international moving , relocation, pet transport, transfer of works of art and the hiring of mobility insurance.

About our time in Cambodia attending IMA2020

As members of IMA we could not miss the IMA2020 conference in Cambodia. So from Mudinmar, we sent our CEO Gregorio Martínez and our Business Development Executive, Stefani Silva, to enjoy all the opportunities offered by this event.
During their time in Cambodia, the impressions of our team could be summed up in the statements made by Gregorio Martínez after his return to Spain, where Mudinmar is based. In this way, Gregorio moved us that Cambodia is a special place.

In this beautiful place where the IMA2020 conference was held, new relationships and business agreements were forged but there were also emotional reunions between its members. “It was a very comfortable convention in which everything was in order thanks to the care of the organization” These are the words transmitted to us by our delegates in Cambodia. In this way, the organization of the event took care of every last detail and was responsible for providing facilities to all its attendees to enjoy this unrepeatable experience to the fullest in a dream place. As a conclusion to the celebration of this day, we can point out that the Asian market was very present at the convention with very competitive proposals in terms of prices and services.

Cambodia, the jewel of Southeast Asia

Cambodia is one of the most charming countries in South Asia. Its impressive temples and vast landscapes where the ancient world merges with the contemporary world, make Cambodia a magical and mysterious place that you will not want to miss.

For many visitors, Cambodia is constituted as the Asian capital of temples. Proof of this are the temples of Angkor in which you can see the remains of the Khmer Empire, whose monuments are only comparable to a few other places on the planet so unique such as the Machu Picchu in Peru.

In addition to its legendary temples, Cambodia enjoys very sophisticated urban areas. Its capital, Phnom Pehn, has a rich gastronomic offer, while Siem Reap, its second largest city, has a lively and varied nightlife much appreciated among tourists from around the world.

Would you like to live in Cambodia? We take care of you removal to this destination that is enshrined as one of the most impressive in the world.

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