Mudinmar hosts Euromovers’ 20th Anniversary in Ibiza

Bea Mudinmar speech at the 20th Anniversary of Euromovers

At the end of May and beginning of June 2024, the Euromovers association celebrated its 20th anniversary with an unforgettable event on the beautiful island of Ibiza. This highly anticipated annual event in the international removals sector brought together a network of European companies committed to the quality of their services.

Euromovers’ 20th anniversary is a significant moment that reflects the evolution and success of an organisation that has been able to adapt and thrive in an ever-changing market. Euromovers has grown to include leading moving companies from all over the world, from Europe to North America and Asia. This commemorative event celebrated its history and looked to the future, strengthening the bonds between its members and setting new goals for the years ahead.

We were deeply honoured that Mudinmar was chosen to host this 20th anniversary. We were delighted to welcome our industry colleagues and friends in such a vibrant and iconic setting as Ibiza.

About Euromovers and its 20-year history

Euromovers logo with fireworks on the beach of Ibiza on the 20th Anniversary of Euromovers

Euromovers is an association of leading companies in the international moving industry, known for its commitment to excellence and cooperation. Founded and headquartered in Germany, Euromovers has built a strong global network comprising more than 70 experienced and reliable moving companies. This extensive network extends across Europe, including countries such as Belgium, Czech Republic, Denmark, Finland, France, Germany, Greece, Ireland, Italy, Luxembourg, the Netherlands, Spain, Switzerland and the United Kingdom. In addition, Euromovers goes beyond the borders of the European Union, with a presence in the United States, Australia, China and other countries.

The association stands out for the quality and reliability of the removal services and associated services (national and international removals, short and long-term storage, facilities and logistics services, special transport, etc.) offered by the companies that are members of Euromovers. One of the strong points of this association is the cooperation and friendship that exists between the network of Euromovers members.

Euromovers’ ability to adapt to the growing demands and expectations of its customers, together with its commitment to environmental and social standards, has been key to its success and continued growth.

This was the 20th anniversary of Euromovers in Ibiza…

The 20th anniversary of Euromovers was held from 29 May to 1 June 2024 on the beautiful and vibrant island of Ibiza. With its unique blend of breathtaking scenery, rich culture and festive atmosphere, Ibiza provided the perfect backdrop for this memorable event. Participants were welcomed at the prestigious Hotel Vibra Algarb, located right in front of the beach, allowing for a combination of business and pleasure.

Objectives and expectations of the 20th Anniversary Euromovers event

Toni and colleagues of Euromovers in Ibiza on the 20th Anniversary of EuromoversThe event had several objectives. First, to celebrate Euromovers’ two decades of success and growth. Second, to provide a platform for networking and strengthening business relationships between members. The event’s activities, which included meetings, presentations, and social activities, were designed to foster collaboration and the creation of new business opportunities.

In addition, Euromovers’ 20th anniversary aimed to look to the future, discussing strategies and plans for continued leadership in the international moving sector. Conference sessions and panels addressed crucial topics such as innovation, sustainability and best practices in the industry, providing participants with valuable insights and knowledge to improve their operations.

A brief overview of the event’s programme…

Toni Gil from Mudinmar and colleagues from Euromovers in Ibiza on the 20th Anniversary of EuromoversThe event started on Wednesday 29th May with registration and a warm welcome to all participants at the Vibra Algarb Hotel, where credentials and information for the event were provided. Attendees had the opportunity to get to know each other and make connections while enjoying a relaxed and friendly atmosphere.

In the evening, everyone gathered on the hotel’s terrace for the opening reception and dinner. With panoramic views of the Mediterranean Sea, participants enjoyed a delicious gourmet dinner while sharing stories and expectations for the days ahead.

The second day was full of activities and meetings. Participants gathered early in the morning to participate in various working sessions, conferences and round tables. The keynote speeches, led by prominent industry leaders, provided an inspiring and insightful view on the future of international moving.

After a productive day’s work, it was time to relax and enjoy the natural surroundings. An outdoor dinner in the countryside offered participants the opportunity to enjoy local food and exchange ideas in an informal and relaxed atmosphere.

The third day started with sponsor presentations and speeches on topics relevant to the international moving industry. In addition, participants had the opportunity to explore the charming old town of Ibiza on an exciting guided tour, where they discovered the rich history and culture of the island.

In the afternoon, the competition was intense at the Euromovers football tournament, where teams from different companies competed for the prestigious trophy. The day culminated with an elegant gala dinner, celebrating the achievements of Euromovers and toasting to the future of the association.

The final day of the event began with an exciting catamaran adventure, where participants enjoyed a relaxing trip on the crystal clear waters of the Mediterranean. The party continued at the exclusive Tanit Beach Club, where Euromovers organised a private party for its members, full of music, dancing and unforgettable moments.

With closing and farewell activities, participants said goodbye with hearts full of gratitude and lasting memories of a unique Euromovers 20th anniversary experience in Ibiza.

Mudinmar as host of the 20th anniversary

EUROMOVERS members on the beach of Ibiza on the 20th Anniversary of EUROMOVERS

At Mudinmar, we had the honour of hosting this special 20th anniversary. As a member company of Euromovers and a company based in Spain (our headquarters and offices are in Madrid, Barcelona, Valencia and Mallorca), at Mudinmar we were responsible for helping with some aspects of the preparation of the event, such as obtaining some merchandising products: We prepared a photocall with the logos of the sponsors of the event, we got some lively rubber duckies representative of our country, we prepared a photo memory wall compiling the best moments of these 20 years of the association’s history… among other things! At Mudinmar we collaborated with our colleagues from Euromovers and we got involved to make the event a success. In addition, we were delighted to give a warm welcome to our friends and attendees to this 20th anniversary.

Bea C. Vergara and Toni Gil, representatives of Mudinmar, played a prominent role during the event. Toni Gil participated in the opening speech of the event entitled ‘EUROMOVERS International – 20 years looking back and the years to come’ together with Holger Thomas Juchum, General Managers of Euromovers. Moreover Bea gave a speech introducing Mudinmar and highlighting her commitment to the excellence of our services and the Euromovers family. We were able to share our vision and experiences about the growth and development of the association.

Bea and Toni from Mudinmar in Ibiza party at the 20th Anniversary of Euromovers Participation and representatives of Mudinmar at the 20th Anniversary of Euromovers

Mudinmar was represented at the Euromovers 20th anniversary event by two outstanding members of its team: Beatriz Castro Vergara, our European Operations Manager, and Toni Gil, surveyor and sales representative for Mudinmar Madrid Removals.

Bea’s presentation at Euromovers 20th Anniversary in Ibiza

On the third day of the event, Bea, took the stage to give an emotional speech. In this presentation, Bea highlighted the trajectory of Mudinmar and how this converges with the philosophy and values of Euromovers. The growth of Mudinmar throughout its 35 years of history was highlighted, going from being a family business to become a group of companies that, despite its expansion, still retains its family essence and its fundamental principles.

Mention was also made of Mudinmar’s recent recognition by being featured on the cover of The Portal Magazine, reflecting Mudinmar’s relevance in the international moving industry. Bea emphasised how joining Euromovers has been a significant step for Mudinmar, allowing it to grow and improve even further.

Bea also expressed Mudinmar’s gratitude for being chosen to host the event and highlighted the importance of the Euromovers association to the international removals industry. She emphasised the shared values of excellence, cooperation and customer commitment that unite all Euromovers member companies, underlining the vital role the association plays in the continued success of the industry.

Toni Gil’s speech on the 20th anniversary of Euromovers

Toni de Mudinmar at Euromovers' 20th Anniversary Meeting

In the speech ‘EUROMOVERS International – 20 years looking back and the years to come’ on the second day, Toni Gil had the honour of participating in place of Grego Martinez, CEO of Mudinmar, who unfortunately could not attend the event due to external circumstances. Toni took this opportunity to offer a unique perspective on Ibiza, the island we know, as Mudinmar is based in Spain and we also hosted the country for the 20th anniversary of Euromovers.

During his talk, Toni shared interesting details about Ibiza, revealing curiosities that many are unaware of. He touched on the island’s fascinating history, including its mythical association with the legendary ‘Atlantis’, as well as the crucial role it played as a meeting point for spies, hippies and world-renowned artists such as Freddie Mercury, Jean Paul Gaultier and Bob Marley.

In addition, Toni highlighted the famous Ibizan fashion and its origins, offering a complete insight into the island’s rich culture and heritage. His participation not only enriched the event with interesting and relevant information, but also contributed to strengthening the bond between Euromovers and the vibrant Ibiza community.

Impressions of our representatives at Euromovers 20th Anniversary Event

Toni Gil, Mudinmar’s representative at the Euromovers 20th anniversary event, shared his impressions of this unique experience. Toni highlighted the importance of the event as an invaluable opportunity to strengthen business relationships and establish meaningful connections with other members of the association. He also pointed to Ibiza’s relaxed and festive atmosphere as a key factor contributing to the success of the event, allowing participants to interact in a more informal and genuine way.

The importance of networking and business relationships

Toni and Bea from Mudinmar with colleagues from the association at the 20th Anniversary of Euromovers in Ibiza. The event not only offered informative lectures and presentations, but also provided an environment conducive to networking and building strong business relationships. The chance to meet face-to-face with agents with whom one has been in email communication for months or even years was particularly valuable. Toni highlighted how sharing experiences, concerns and perspectives with industry colleagues strengthened the bonds between participants and created new business opportunities for the future.

Mudinmar’s experience and achievements during the event

For Mudinmar, the event represented a unique opportunity to demonstrate their commitment to the association. Bea and Toni formed an unbeatable team, making the most of every moment of the event to interact with other participants and represent Mudinmar in the best possible way.

In addition, Mudinmar received positive feedback on the speeches and presentations made by Beatriz and Toni, reflecting the positive impact our representatives had.

Acknowledgements and final reflections on the 20th Anniversary

We would like to express our sincere thanks to all the organisers, sponsors and participants who made the Euromovers 20th anniversary event in Ibiza such a success. We thank Euromovers for their dedication and leadership in the international moving industry, as well as for giving us the opportunity to host this very special event.

We also extend our thanks to all the sponsors whose generous support contributed to the development and delivery of the event. Their commitment to excellence and innovation is fundamental to the continued success of Euromovers and the international moving community as a whole.

Looking to the future, we reflect on the importance of Euromovers as a global network uniting leading international moving companies. In an increasingly interconnected and ever-changing world, Euromovers plays a crucial role in facilitating collaboration, knowledge sharing and best practice in the industry. We are committed to remain an active part of this association and to contribute to its continued growth and development.

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