Mudinmar at the IAM 2023 Annual Meeting & Expo

For yet another year, Mudinmar has travelled to Toronto to host the 61st edition of the IAM Annual Meeting & Expo, the annual convention of the IAM (International Association of Movers). This convention brings together every year more than 2,000 professionals of international moving and related activities in 170 countries around the world. The event was attended by members of the association from all over the world, including our representatives. In this post, we tell you all about the IAM 2023 Annual Meeting & Expo.

Mudinmar representatives at IAM 2023 Annual Meeting & Expo

The IAM 2023 Annual Meeting & Expo, the 61st edition of this leading event, brought together an impressive group of professionals from the moving, transportation and logistics industry. This year’s meeting took place at the Metro Toronto Convention Centre (MTCC), Canada’s premier convention and trade show centre. Located in the heart of Toronto, the MTCC provided an unbeatable environment for networking, connecting with fellow association members and learning throughout the days of the event.

This was our experience at the IAM Annual Meeting & Expo 2023

Mudinmar was well represented by Leopoldo Zambrano, our Moving Pricing Manager; Jocelyn Zevallos, Sales Director; and Stefani Silva, Business Development Executive. The Mudinmar representatives were enthusiastic about this year’s edition, because this was the first convention where we had a booth or stand in the exhibitors’ area. This allowed us to concentrate our meetings with agents and colleagues in the sector in one place, without having to give up the opportunity to attend to all our colleagues in the association due to lack of space. In addition, having a booth on the show floor allowed us to reach out not only to colleagues and partners we already knew, but also to IAM members we had not yet had the opportunity to chat and connect with.

Our representatives were able to meet with agents and colleagues from the international moving and related activities sector, with whom they had not met for some time and with whom they were eager to meet. This was an excellent occasion to reconnect and strengthen relationships with our business partners.

Thanks to the presence of our booth on the convention site, we were able to meet new IAM members. Why? Because a physical space in the exhibitors’ hall made it possible for both existing colleagues and new members of the association to pass by our booth during their tour and get to know us. This was undoubtedly a key aspect that allowed us to get closer to our colleagues and forge new connections.

61st IAM Annual Meeting marked by networking and connecting with colleagues

Without a doubt, one of the most remarkable aspects of our Mudinmar representatives’ experience at the IAM 2023 Annual Meeting & Expo was the abundance of meetings and the opportunity to forge enriching connections throughout the convention. It was a reminder that, in an increasingly digital world, the value of personal interaction remains irreplaceable.

Our representatives were busy from day one, attending planned meetings and spontaneous encounters with colleagues and movers from all over the world. There was no time to waste, as every conversation opened the door to an enhanced experience of working together, new business opportunities, strategic collaborations or simply a valuable exchange of ideas, knowledge and experiences.

The diversity of attendance at the convention made each meeting a unique experience. From agents from Latin America to colleagues from Europe, regardless of their background, all shared their unique perspective on the global mobility industry and international moves.

The IAM 2023 Annual Meeting & Expo reminded us that connections are the very fabric of the moving industry. Every conversation, every handshake, every exchange of business cards translated into another thread in the web that connects and unites professionals around the world. These connections are vital to the evolution of the entire industry.

Agenda destacada en la IAM 2023 Annual Meeting & Expo

Each day of the convention was packed with high-level conferences, events and presentations. Although our representatives were busy attending visits and meetings, they did not miss the opportunity to attend some of the conferences during this year’s Annual Meeting & Expo. Mudinmar representatives participated in the most relevant presentations and enjoyed the sessions they attended to the are some of the highlights that took place during this year’s IAM 2023 Annual Meeting & Expo:

IAM 2023 Annual Meeting & Expo official reception and opening events

  • IAM Afterparty Hosted by DAB USA: The official opening party welcomed all IAM members and guests to the convention. Attendees enjoyed games, drinks, music and the opportunity to compete in the Rock/Paper/Scissors Championship, with a prize of 4 nights hotel accommodation for next year’s IAM annual meeting in Las Vegas.
  • IAM Opening Reception: The Steam Whistle Brewing Company was the venue for the much anticipated Opening Reception of the IAM association. It was a unique occasion for attendees to get together, rekindle old friendships and make new connections in a friendly and festive atmosphere.
  • New Members and First Time Attendees Reception: IAM welcomed new members and first time attendees with a special reception prior to the Opening Reception. A unique opportunity to start building your network at the convention hosted by the IAM.

Special Sessions and Conferences during the IAM 2023 Annual Meeting & Expo

  • Cocktails and conversations: The IAM Leadership Alliance Council hosted this interactive session that explored topics such as the art and science of communication, how to become an emotionally intelligent leader, values and ethics, and the foundations of trust. Attendees had the opportunity to share their industry experiences and learn collaboratively.

  • Revolutionising data exchange: This session focused on addressing the challenges of data exchange in the international moving industry. It highlighted the advantages of overcoming these obstacles by incorporating new technologies, how this can translate into increased business opportunities, allow for greater flexibility in processes and speed up payments.
  • IAM-YP Social Mixer: This party was held at The Walrus Pub & Beer Hall. Participants enjoyed a night full of fun and networking.

Events to close the IAM 2023 Annual Meeting & Expo

  • IAM Closing Dinner & Post Dinner Entertainment & Dancing: At this closing dinner, the latest updates on the Global Household Goods Contract were presented and the future of the US Department of Defence moves were discussed.
  • IAM Premier Members’ Meeting: At this exclusive meeting, IAM Premier Members attended a presentation on recent IAM developments and activities and the strategic outlook for the coming year. In addition, elections were held for key positions in the organisation.

Celebrating Mudinmar’s 35th Anniversary at the IAM 2023 Annual Meeting & Expo

There is no better place to celebrate such a significant milestone for us as Mudinmar’s 35th anniversary than at such a special event as the IAM 2023 Annual Meeting & Expo. During the convention, we were honoured and honoured to be able to commemorate our long history in the international moving industry with our colleagues, industry partners and agents who already know the company.

The impressions of our partners on the 35th anniversary of Mudinmar and colleagues were positive. The general perception of our fellow movers is that Mudinmar is a dynamic and constantly growing company, a big family that has evolved throughout these 35 years. Globally, we are considered a young and very active company in terms of its commercial activities. The feeling shared by partners and agents all over the world is that Mudinmar is expanding rapidly and that we have a united and fresh team, ready to face the challenges of the international moving industry.

This anniversary is also a clear endorsement of our ongoing commitment to excellence in the services we provide and the satisfaction of our customers and colleagues in the industry. At Mudinmar, we believe in the importance of keeping abreast of the latest trends and technologies in the world of mobility, while maintaining our core values of integrity, professionalism and customer care.

The IAM 2023 Annual Meeting & Expo provided us with a perfect space to reflect on our journey and look forward to the future. We thank all our partners, colleagues and agents who have been part of our story and look forward to what the future holds. We are determined to continue to grow, innovate and deliver logistics and mobility solutions.

Expanding our groupage and consolidated shipping services between Europe and LATAM at IAM 2023 Annual Meeting & Expo

At the IAM 2023 Annual Meeting & Expo, we not only celebrated our 35th anniversary, but also took the opportunity to highlight and give a significant boost to our groupage and consolidated shipping services between Europe and South America. For Mudinmar, this convention was also an opportunity to raise awareness of this type of service to agents and industry colleagues around the world.

One of the key aspects of these services is the excellent shipping connection we offer between Latin America and Europe, thanks to the location of our offices in Spain, specifically in the three main cities of the country: Madrid, Barcelona and Valencia. It is important to highlight that our headquarters in Valencia is located in the vicinity of one of the main ports of Spain, which allows us to provide agile access, fast and efficient shipments by sea route.


Our representatives reminded the agents present at the convention that our groupage and ocean freight forwarding services are a powerful and highly efficient solution for streamlining international business for both our business partners and their private customers.

In addition, in a spirit of openness and collaboration, we encourage new agents and colleagues to try our groupage and consolidated shipping services. In this way, we support our colleagues by offering a strong logistics network and a committed team that will make their international operations easier. All in all, this year’s IAM 2023 Annual Meeting & Expo proved to be the perfect platform to share our strengths and expertise with colleagues from all over the world. We look forward to both familiar agents and new IAM members joining us in the future to continue to improve the performance of the industry.

Conclusions on IAM Meeting & Expo 2023

The IAM 2023 Annual Meeting & Expo has been an event of great significance for Mudinmar and our representatives. The opportunity to connect with colleagues and agents from around the world, strengthen relationships, and forge new connections has been an enriching experience. The convention highlighted the importance of personal interaction in an increasingly digital world, reminding us that connections are the very fabric of the moving industry. Celebrating our 35th anniversary in this environment, we received positive feedback from our peers and are proud to continue to grow and improve. In addition, we had the opportunity to refresh and raise awareness of our groupage and consolidated shipping services, in order to continue to offer efficient logistics solutions and international operations. We look forward to continuing to collaborate with colleagues and new IAM members in the future, to keep moving the industry into a bright future.

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