GEM magazine interviews Gregorio Martínez CEO of Mudinmar

In the global mobility industry, being at the forefront of the latest developments is essential. For Mudinmar, as a family business with a rich history in the industry, this means embracing change, collaboration and seizing opportunities when they arise.

So when our colleagues at Global Exclusive Movers Network (GEM), contacted us for an interview to be published in issue 57 of their GEM Movers’ Magazine, we accepted! In this post we review some of the key points of the interview with Gregorio Martínez, CEO of Mudinmar Group.

An expanding company that continues to transcend as a family legacy

With a track record of over 21 years in the industry, during the interview Grego shared his exciting insight into the challenges and opportunities facing the sector. Starting with his link to the Mudinmar Group, he discussed the creation of the company as a family business that would transcend to the present day, with him being the youngest member of the second generation of the Martinez family. The nature of this link has materialised in a unique vision and a firm commitment to the expansion of the family business.

In the interview, Gregorio also discussed some of the current challenges in the international moving industry, such as payment issues and the trend of declining rates.

Moreover, Gregorio highlighted how being part of an organisation like GEM motivates Mudinmar to set more ambitious and meaningful goals. This collaboration is an example of how the international moving industry benefits from global cooperation and knowledge sharing.

The interview also explored the most significant moments in Gregorio’s career. One of these moments was when he took over the management of Mudinmar in 2008, during a significant economic crisis. Despite the challenges, this experience helped him focus on sales and delivering exceptional customer service, which proved critical to the company’s success.

A very healthy life philosophy: Finding the balance between work and personal life

Outside of work, Gregorio Martinez enjoys his family time and engages in a variety of hobbies, such as morning walks, paddle tennis and motocross racing. His focus on finding joy in both work and personal life is a valuable reminder to all of us: “Smile and enjoy, life is too short.

If you would like to read the full interview and get an in-depth insight into the details and inspiring ideas of Gregorio Martinez, CEO of Mudinmar, we invite you to read the full article in GEM Magazine.

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