8 Ways to keep your home clean and organized after a move

The moving process may seem infinite … However, there is nothing like the feeling of taking your things out of the boxes after the trip and gradually starting to settle in your new home. Those first days after the move are glorious, everything is in place and the space is perfectly clean and organized. To help you maintain order after the move, along with 2×3, we show you 8 ways to keep your home clean and organized after the move.

1. Adopt small cleaning habits

If you are usually a little messy, it can be difficult for you to try to clean your house completely. Try to adopt a more orderly lifestyle by incorporating simple habits first. For example, you can start by washing the dishes after each meal, making your bed every day after getting up or making sure to return the items you have just used to their proper place. Gradually, you can implement other habits such as setting a few days a week or month to clean the different spaces of your house. Over time, you will realize that living in a clean and organized house is not only very satisfying, but will also inspire you to focus the rest of your daily tasks more efficiently.

2. Start cleaning your house at the main entrance

When you clean your home, you should start the changes at the door of your house. Check that you do not put unnecessary things in your home or that you are not going to use and are destined to occupy space on a shelf indefinitely. If you come from the street and bring with you some kind of pamphlet, booklet or magazine, make sure you go to read them and recycle them later or store them properly. Organize the mail and discard the correspondence that is not of your interest. In addition to filtering the objects you enter into your home, it is important that you regularly clean this area. As it is the most frequent passage area for visitors, members of the domestic unit and for yourself, you can imagine the amount of dirt and bacteria that can accumulate at the entrance of your house. Consider taking your shoes off when you arrive. You can designate a space to leave your shoes at the entrance, you could even design a shoe cabinet built into your main entrance, for you and for your family members.

3. Free up space and … Earn money!

The disorder not only overloads and dwarfs the available space of your home, but also decreases the savings of your portfolio. Instead of investing money in additional storage furniture to store things that you no longer use, free up space in your home by selling what you no longer use. You will be surprised at how much money you can earn by selling your accumulated items at a rake, street market or online. Instead of feeling tight in your own home and letting disorder reign in your life, get rid of all your unnecessary items. A good criterion to decide if you should keep something or not, is to throw away everything that you have not used in more than a year. Keep in your place, those objects of memory or that produce happiness and happiness. Finally, classify the items you have decided to do without in three categories: Items you can donate, items you can sell and things you need to throw away.

4. Organize your day to day

If you think that organizing your tasks is not related to the order you keep in your home, you are wrong! Take advantage of the change of house after the move to adopt new habits that favor order in your home and in your life. As we mentioned in step 1, keeping your house clean and organized can have a big impact on your daily tasks. What you did not know, is that this process also works in reverse. If you organize your daily tasks, it will be easier to keep the environment in which you live in order. The order of your tasks will be transferred to the order of the space around you. Having programmed your chores before, you will not have to waste time organizing your tasks on the same day. This way, you can guarantee that you have time to carry out your daily cleaning routines at home. Schedule your homework the night before or in advance and realistic enough.

5. Pay attention to what you breathe

When the home is cleaned and tidy, most people focus on dusting, cleaning surfaces, scrubbing the floor and vacuuming. However, in the cleaning process, many forget the quality of the air that is breathed inside their home. Interior pollution exists, and it is a serious problem that can affect your health and the general atmosphere of your home. Fortunately there are many ways to eliminate or at least mitigate this problem; for example, install air conditioning units or vents in your new home, this will favor proper ventilation in the different spaces of your home. Another way to keep your home airy and thus ensure indoor air quality is to introduce air purifiers and indoor plants that help eliminate toxins and airborne allergens. Also consider changing your current cleaning products for ecological ones, healthier for the environment and less toxic.

6. Thoroughly clean!

It is usual that during the moving process and prior to placing the furniture in the house, each space of the house is cleaned thoroughly. However, once the move has been completed, there is a tendency to accommodate the established order and not clean again thoroughly until a long time has passed. Don’t be lazy! Dusting and sweeping can keep bacteria away for a while, but they are not the definitive solution. Be sure to thoroughly clean your home from time to time. At least once a month, wash your carpets, curtains, rugs and other materials that can accumulate dust and dirt in your home. Other household items such as sheets, pillowcases, cloths and towels will require cleaning and maintenance more often, but don’t worry! Its disinfection and cleaning is easy and fast, just throw all the pieces and garments we use day after day into the washing machine.

7. Save after using

Learning to save an item after using it is a habit that will save you a lot of effort. It may seem very simple, but it is especially useful to prevent the disorder reigning at home after the first days of moving. By always keeping each element in its own place, you will avoid the accumulation of disorder. You may need to introduce more storage units, but eventually there will be room for everything. You will even find what you look for in your home more quickly.

8. Clean while you move around the house

You’ve probably passed by a blanket lying on the couch or by a pile of magazines on the coffee table countless times. Instead of ignoring and ignoring the places in your house that gradually accumulate clutter, put it in its place and order what is not in place as soon as you have seen it. Do not ignore the clusters that are forming around your house. For example, instead of leaving your shirts and clothes lying on the chair, fold them and return them to the closet. This way it will be easier for you to keep your home clean and tidy.

As you have been able to verify, keeping your home clean and tidy after the move, it usually implies adopting new habits, but calm, these habits are very simple to incorporate into your daily life and will contribute to your life as well as your home, are in greater order and balance.

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