International removal to New York

Relevant information in a move to New York

Relevant information in a move to New York

“In the introduction to his column of February 18, 1924, Fitz Gerald writes: The Big Apple is the dream of every kid who has ridden a thoroughbred and the goal of every rider. There is only one Big Apple … and it isNew York. “

Do you know the origin of the term “The Big Apple”? It seems that the origin of this name goes back to a story written by sports writer John J. Fitz Gerald (New York Morning Telegraph) that is summarized here. New York (United States), the most populous state and the biggest city in America. New York is one of the favorite cities to make a move and stay and live alongside Barcelona, ​​among others. According to a list drawn up from the Spanish newspaper 20 minutos, the most visited places in New York are:

Most visited places in New York
  • Central Park
  • Times Square
  • Empire State Building
  • Puente de Brooklyn
  • Estatua de la Libertad
  • Quinta Avenida
  • Edificio Chrysler
  • Rockefeller Center
  • Zona Cero (Nuevos edificios)
  • Madison Square Garden
  • Broadway
  • Museo de Ciencias Naturales
  • St. Patrick Cathedral
  • Apple Store
  • Biblioteca
  • Wall Street
  • Chinatown
  • Estación Central
  • Museo Guggenheim
  • Little Italy
  • Hotel Plaza
  • Sede de la ONU
  • FAO Schwarz (la juguetería más antigua de Nueva York)
  • Macy’s (el gran almacén por excelencia)
  • Radio City Music Hall 
Living in New York: a real city, a city from the movies

Living in New York: a real city, a city from the movies

New York City consists of five boroughs are (similar to what is meant by a county). New York is a great city, full of possibilities. Those who have moved to this US city, recommend visiting before making a change of this magnitude.Traveling to the Big Apple is very costly and,  regardless of your income, it requires a large amounts of saving and therefore, planning in advance is crucial for a successful move. In a city like New York, choosing a neighborhood is the most important and complex decision to make and requires taking into account variety factors such as security, public transport connections and rent prices.

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Find accommodation in New York

Find accommodation in New York

Frank Sinatra was right when he said that “New York is a city that never sleeps”

According to ‘Currantes Sin Fronteras’  “the United States has a density similar to that of Castilla y León population”. Finding flat in the most populous city in the US, not an easy task, and can be even more challenging than moving into Los Angeles or San Francisco. Mudinmar wants to help refute the idea that one must choose between small flat or study  in Manhattan, or a normal size house in a marginal neighbourhood in NY. Our company fully trusts Craiglist as the main tool to dispel this myth. We recommend registering as the offers are updated to the minute.

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Transport: how to get around New York?

Transport: how to get around New York?

New York has a highly developed transport network. The main means of transport in the city: subway (practical and fast); Bus (for small distances); cab. The New York SubwayCard is a rechargeable magnetic device that allows the payment of the various means of transport in the city.

Neighborhoods of interest in New York

60% of New Yorkers are distributed, as we advanced earlier in five boroughs: Manhattan, Brooklyn, Queens, the Bronx and Staten Island. This number includes those who come from abroad or are descended from those in the first generation.


What to see in New York

What to see in New York

What do skyscrapers, the Empire State or the headquarters of the United Nations remind you of? It is well known that New York is within our fiction, and, increasingly, of our reality. Mudinmar has made a selection of the museums and monuments you can visit in the city.

  • Neighborhoods: from Little Italy to Times Square through Harlem or the Bronx. Each neighborhood is a completely different another scenario.
  • New York Museums: Japanese Isamu Noguchi Garden Museum, MoMA and the house of Louis Armstrong, among others.
  • Skyscraper: several names that could be merged into one, Empire State.
  • Parks: Central Park is the green heart of New York.
  • Bridges: built to connect the five districts of the city, for example, the majestic but delicate Brooklyn Bridge
  • Beaches: being surrounded by sea, New York has the advantage of having quick access to numerous beaches like Coney Island and Rockaway Beach.


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