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Top destinations for international moving to the United States USA / USA

Information of interest in a move to United States

According to the community Spaniards , United States “is the first destination for migrants in the world”. Mudinmar recalls that immigration has strongly influenced the cultural history of the United States. Since 1998, Bill Clinton took out policies for integration of immigrants.

Since 2006, the country accepts more legal immigrants as permanent residents than any other country in the world.

The main documents you need to provide:

  • copy of ID,
  • passport copy,
  • List of Content and
  • Documents for customs. This will be e-mailed to you, and will require your signature

Save money with a shared moving

A shared moving, or groupage, allows you to use the same container for shipping of merchandise and goods by plane or boat.It is difficult to complete an entire container with a move, so why not share the container and save on your move? Request a Quote


The documents will need to import:

  • passport copy of the page with the photo.
  • and visa or residence permit, or otherwise copy of THIS (these original documents may be requested on arrival);

You must also complete and sign the documents for customs that we will provide:

  • Customs Form 3299, “Statement to the free entry of unaccompanied articles”;
  • Additional declaration for personal and household effects unaccompanied;
  • “Authorization office” for agents in destination can act on their behalf against the corresponding Customs;
  • and inventory (packing list) in English.

Keep in mind that the items listed as “PBO” (packed by owner) or “Misc” (Various) are not acceptable.

US cities where you can make your move easy

New YorkMiamiWashingtonMaryland


In addition to the cities that stand out in the guide Spanish expatriate in USA, Mudinmar wants to dedicate a special section for the city of New York, caressed by the Hudson River. One of the places that tops the rankings of cities with better quality of life. In Mudinmar we know that it is impossible to summarize the sights of such a cosmopolitan city. But … who has not heard of Battery Park, South Street Seaport, the Brooklyn Bridge or Central Park? Without forgetting cathedrals and prestigious universities. Located within the state No. 11 (NYS), it has more than eight million people, spread over five districts.


The city of Miami is located In the southeastern part of Florida, more specifically between Everglades and the Atlantic.All the travel guides agree on one thing: Miami is different. The weather is warm throughout the year (annual average of 24 degrees).


The capital of the United States (Washington D.C.) has more than six million people and it is located in the West region (Pacific Division). It is located on the banks of the Potomac River and is surrounded by the states of Virginia, Maryland west and north, east and south.

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The name Maryland ( “Land of Mary”) honors the Queen Henrietta Maria of France, wife of King Charles I of England. Baltimore, the state capital, is an independent city, and the most populous as well. Mudinmar recommends consulting the comprehensive list of cities and villages in Maryland. Annapolis is the capital, and Wheaton, Silver Spring, Dundalk, Baltimore and Bethesda are named among the most important cities.

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Search accommodation in USA

Finding accommodation in such a large country can be difficult. In some cities like New York demand it is very high, and rents reach exorbitant prices. However, in general, the offer is varied: Please note that Americans frequently change residence (removals are typical East Coast to the West). In line with what is most common in the US than normal are unfurnished dwellings. See Just Landed to get all the information about accommodation in the United States.

Uses and customs US

In a country as large and diverse as the United States is impossible to speak of a single virtue level of cultural wealth. According to census data, in 2000 11% of people living in the US were born abroad.Most immigrants come from Mexico, the Caribbean, Hong Kong, Taiwan and mainland China, 5.8% are from South America, and the remaining 20% is divided between such different nations together as the Philippines, Central America, India and Central Asian countries and the Middle East. The variety is also reflected in the weather, “from Alaska to the desert of Arizona, Niagara Falls on the border with Canada or the beaches of California, the cornfields ‘midwest’ or the most cosmopolitan cities on the planet” as noted Universia . Regarding the own parties:

  • Third Monday in January:  Martin Luther King memorial day.
  • Third Monday of February: Presidents Day
  • July 4: Independence Day
  • September: Labor Day
  • November 11 (after Halloween): Veterans Day American war
  • Last Thursday of November: Thanksgiving Day

Neighborhoods and areas of interest in United States

The geographical wealth of the United States of America (USA) encompasses neighborhoods of all kinds, even unimaginable. Here we leave you with a complete selection of neighborhoods to live in a city like New York as demanded. Hundreds of neighborhoods, what you choose for your move?

Customs Information US

The Bureau of Customs and Border Protection (CBP English) is located in Washington DC Mudinmar will help you complete all the steps necessary to carry out successfully you international moving. Before we advise you to see this page about immigration agencies in the United States:

  • Aboard the flight, they will be given customs and immigration documents. If you are not a US citizen, you must file Form I-94. If it is, then no. All passengers must complete a customs declaration form. This form is required for US citizens both and foreigners.
  • Off the plane, follow the prompts that guide international arrivals, immigration and customs.
  • Delivery passport to the immigration officer scanned and validated. It will also be with the forms, following the above procedure.
  • Follow the signs of “baggage claim”.
  • The next stop is the custom: if you have nothing to declare, you can go on.


Personal effects on international moving to the United States are tax free as long as they show that they have been either used or owned for at least one year. Even if you are in the US and have in your possession the green card, you must also make sure you are in possession of the appropriate visa required to enter the country.

It is essential to properly complete the necessary documents and return them to our agents for customs clearance. Keep in mind that customs procedures take between 8 and 15 days depending on the time of physical inspection, x-rays, etc. If necessary our agents will advance payment of taxes and fees reimbursement asking that amount before delivery of your international move.

International Removals: What objects can be carried into America?


The reasons for the limitation imposed on traveler are: health, public safety, national security or protection of American flora and fauna. The application of the laws that monitor the non-entry of prohibited items considered corresponds to the CBP officers (Customs and Border Protection, an acronym in English).Limited or directly prohibited products are summarized in drugs, illegal substances, food, animals and objects of art.

  • Food: limitation cheeses and bakery items; in the case of fresh fruits and vegetables it depends, among others, the place of origin; meat, poultry and farm animals are often prohibited products.
  • Works of art: art objects coming from Mali, Iraq, Cyprus and Cambodia.in order to avoid artistic spoliation they will be thoroughly examined.
  • Drugs and illegal substances on the first point, must be accompanied by a prescription, kept in its original bottle (reasonable amount). The 50 dosage units is the limit on a citizen or legal permanent resident of the United States. Syringes, unless it is proved with a prescription, are prohibited. As important fact: You can not buy contact lenses without proper prescription.


  • Destination storage: we can offer storage service in any city in Canada.
  • Insurance: We recommend insurance for transoceanic or transcontinental shipments. Remember that we do not ensure customer packaged goods.
  • Delivery destination: You can choose the day of delivery for services door to door. Our agents in Canada, with whom we maintain close cooperation, will advise you on all the details of home delivery with the relevant restrictions.


Thirty to forty days from ship ‘s departure, depending on the distance of the city or province of the port of entry.


In the case of the animal having suffered from rabies, you must provide a vaccination certificate only for dogs that do not come from a country where there is no rabies. The vaccine must have been given between 30 days and one year prior to the trip. It is prohibited to import products with canine or feline hair. Visit this page for more information.


You can import new or used vehicles with less than a year, paying taxes and fees according to their CIF value, which depend on the characteristics of the same, according to US custom tables. Mudinmar recommends two options of transporting the car from one place to another, as import or change of residence. If your question is how to move a vehicle from USA to Spain, in the first case there are some problems: higher costs for the approval requirements for the vehicle and payment of registration taxes and customs (except the classic over 25 years ).


  • Not to homologate the vehicle.
  • Avoiding customs duties.
  • It is exempt from tax. Read the conditions for change of residence is considered here

For automotive shipments must hire a shipping company or agent:

  • Container: capacity up to four cars in a container and other belongings you want to send; it is more expensive than other options.
  • Ro-Ro (roll on roll off) ferry offshore, where they store the cars.

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