Moving to Sevilla

International removals to Sevilla

International removals to Sevilla

In Mudinmar, we have been carrying out international moving services for more than 30 years. We are a pioneer moving company in the international moving sector in Spain.

With delegations in Madrid and Valencia, we accommodate the storage and storage of goods in our warehouses during your move. In addition to our warehouses in two of the main cities of Spain, we have a fleet of vehicles adapted to cover all transport needs: From the transport of a conventional move to another type of transport of more specific goods such as the transport of works of art, transport of pianos, transport of vehicles …

We offer moving services to Sevilla from anywhere in the world! We take care of your move to Sevilla from Africa, Asia, Latin America, Europe and North America. You can call +34 963 974 383 to see if we offer international moving services in your home country.

Moving service to Sevilla

Moving service to Sevilla

In Mudinmar we carry out moving services to Sevilla. If you want to move to Sevilla, we take care of all the procedures related to moving and moving:

  • Preparation of free moving budget to Sevilla with information on the price of the move.
  • Packaging of your belongings, furniture and all kinds of objects that you want to take with you in your international move to Sevilla.
  • Transportation of furniture and equipment to your next place of residence in Sevilla.
  • We carry out the unpacking and assembly of furniture in the chosen moving destination.
  • We deal with the management of customs procedures and other documents necessary for moving to Sevilla.
  • Advice by our agents on issues related to moving.
  • Storage service in our warehouses in Madrid and Valencia.
Budget for moving to Sevilla

Budget for moving to Sevilla

The first step to start your move to Sevilla is to request the budget for your international move. By completing our form with your moving information (addresses, moving volume, name, telephone number and contact email …) we can send you your free and personalized moving quote to Sevilla. After the preparation of the budget, our commercial agents will contact you to facilitate the budget without obligation and give you all the information related to the moving service to Sevilla (transfer, price of the move, transport route …).

It is important to keep in mind that the price of a move to Sevilla will depend on several factors and variable costs such as delivery and collection addresses, the geopolitical situation of the country from which the move to Sevilla is ordered or the circumstances of the transfer. In any case, our agents work every day to offer the best moving service to Sevilla and taking into account your needs to ensure that your international move to Sevilla is a success.

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Associated moving services to Sevilla

Associated moving services to Sevilla

In Mudinmar we offer complementary services of international removals, to cover all the needs you may have during your move to Sevilla.

Relocation services: We look for your home, we guide you in your new city and we deal with immigration and taxation procedures when you move to Sevilla.

International vehicle transport: We transport your vehicle to your next place of residence in Sevilla. We perform export services to Sevilla and import vehicles to Spain.

International pet transport: We take your pet to Sevilla so you can be together in your new home.

Transport of works of art: We offer logistic services for the transport of your works of art to Sevilla.

Car transport to Sevilla

Car transport to Sevilla

In Mudinmar we take care of the international transport of vehicles from your country of origin to Sevilla. We have assistance cranes equipped with a ramp for loading and unloading, and an adequate transport fleet to transfer your vehicle (car or motorcycle) on your international move to Sevilla.

In addition, we provide both import and export service of vehicles to Sevilla, being able to import cars and motorcycles from Spain and export all kinds of vehicles to your next destination.

We also manage procedures related to the transport of vehicles: Registration of the vehicle, customs clearance, payment of taxes and fees, compilation of the necessary documentation, etc.

Pet transport to Sevilla

Pet transport to Sevilla

Do not leave behind that furry member of your family so special in your home country during your next move to Sevilla, thanks to the international pet transport service provided by our division specialized in relocation and immigration services, you can always take your pet with you.

We move your pet to Sevilla so you don’t have to leave it and ensure that it stays with you in your next home. We take care of the collection of documents necessary for the transfer, verification of vaccines in order, collection of the pet, accompaniment during the shipment and reception of the same once it has reached its destination in Sevilla.

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Moving to Sevilla

Moving to Sevilla

In Mudinmar, we execute international removals in Sevilla and provinces, to any destination that you require at international level, by sea, land or air. As a complement to our service we carry out all customs procedures and procedures, making an effective international move and be satisfied to have all your belongings and / or merchandise in destination.

Mudinmar services
  • Budgets without any commitment for your move in Sevilla.
  • We advise on the most convenient international move to Sevilla; Complete and exclusive truck, combined shipping, groupage, etc.
  • We request the appropriate permits to make the move, such as: parking permits, signage of the loading places at origin and we manage the fees for public land reservation in the corresponding town hall.
  • We take care of disassembling the furniture and we pack all the goods of the export, for this we use high quality packaging materials. For fragile products or materials, we build custom wooden or cardboard boxes, in this way we guarantee that your goods arrive in full destination during international transport to Sevilla.
  • Our staff are professionals specialized in the packaging process, who will assist you during the entire process of packing, loading and international transport in Sevilla.
  • We handle the corresponding labeling, packing list and bill of lading (B/L).
  • We have a fleet of trucks available for positioning and loading the truck at your home, as long as you request it in advance.
  • Our modern facilities have loading docks and ramps to stow your car, motorcycle or any motor vehicle.
  • We inform you for free about the documentation needed for your move, such as: consular leave, passport, residence certificates, prohibited products, search for housing in Sevilla and relocation services, etc.
  • You will receive a detailed report on transit times to Sevilla, export customs clearance transit times to Sevilla, export customs clearance, day of stowage, container transport to port of origin and shipping tracking until arrival in Sevilla.
  • Import management to Sevilla, customs clearance, advice on the payment of taxes, information on delivery times, transport of the truck at home, delivery of your move, unpacking and assembly of furniture and collection of residual material on the same day of The move.
  • We will inform you of the storage prices in the cellar and private warehouses, in case you still do not get a home in Sevilla or want to keep your furniture or fixtures for as long as you wish.
  • In addition to a supplement to our services we place your curtains, rails, panels, installation and tuning of your appliances, plumbing work, electricity, decoration, etc.
  • We make your stay in Sevilla so comfortable and worry-free through our services of: Placement, search for housing, search for schools for children, and registered in the basic services of electricity, water, telephone and natural gas and Internet.
Furniture elevator by facade in Sevilla

Furniture elevator by facade in Sevilla

We provide elevators with a maximum height of 30 meters or 8 or 9 floors. The elevators can be used on public roads upon request of public parking permit. This helps us reduce breakage and friction (especially in furniture and large objects), avoiding damage to stairs and elevators.

Import of vehicles to Sevilla

Mudinmar guarantees the safety and transport of your vehicle, since it works with qualified personnel for the transfer of your vehicle. We provide the service of nationalization of the vehicle, process the documentation before traffic, the review of the vehicle in trusted workshops, pass ITV, technical sheet, change of temporary and definitive license plates, etc.

Warehouse in Sevilla

Warehouse in Sevilla

After a supervision of your household goods, we assess the volume of your removal in Sevilla and send you an offer that will depend on the volume, packaging needed, transit time and value of the merchandise. The team of professional packers, will protect your furniture and personal effects with custom-made packaging and will be reflected in a packing list of your belongings. Once your belongings are packed and labeled, you will receive a copy of the storage contract to check the condition of your furniture until delivery to your new residence. If you have already decided moving to Sevilla, our operators will proceed to the delivery, assembly and placement of all the furniture and fixtures in your new home and will collect all excess packing material leaving your house in good condition.

Furniture assemblies and deliveries to individuals in Sevilla

In Mudinmar we have an area specialized in deliveries to private individuals or clients. We turn all our experience and structure for this type of delivery:

Mudinmar services
  • Home delivery.
  • Furniture assembly.
  • We provide decoration services.
  • We manage permissions.
  • Use of elevators.
    Storage and picking.

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Shipping of sea containers to Sevilla

Shipping of sea containers to Sevilla

Mudinmar has a large fleet of shipping containers. We take care of moving your container from any collection point to the destination you want in Sevilla in the shortest possible time. Our drivers staff are specialists in container transport, port and customs management. Our fleet of vehicles is equipped with hydraulic platforms for loading and unloading, transport and adaptation of any type of container.

Mudinmar services
  • ADR container transport.
  • Transport of refrigerated containers with controlled temperature.
  • Transport of open containers (opentop or flatrack).
  • Container transport with special measures.
  • Container transport 20 “to 45”.
  • Transport of higcube or palletwide containers.
  • Container for mopeds or cars.
  • Container for boats such as frigates, yachts etc.
  • Container for all types of machinery.
Prohibited products for your international move to Sevilla

Prohibited products for your international move to Sevilla

Products or living things that are prohibited at the entrance to Sevilla are
  • Products that are in ADR collection, including those considered LQ (limited quantities), such as: aerosols, sprays, lighters, paints, batteries, varnishes etc.
  • Items that are packed with the ADR badge regardless of content will also be considered prohibited, as they will be subject to the corresponding administrative sanctions.
  • Live or dead animals.
  • Firearms / Compressed air shotguns / Pistols / Rifles / Replicas of Weapons / Ammunition.
  • Items prohibited or restricted by ICAO – International Civil Aviation Organization.
  • Stolen items, or any other illegal character either in the country of origin or destination.
  • Collections
  • Money (including bearer heels) / Promissory notes / Currency / Fake currency / Coin Collection / Checks / Currencies / Shares.
  • Bearer documents, whatever their origin / utility (show tickets, restaurant checks, lottery, etc.)
  • Thread lace, embroidery or fabrics with fine fine metal and silk silk.
  • Medications (included with prescription).
  • Perishable goods
  • Biological samples / Human remains.
  • Stamps (except those that are franked) without considering collection or seniority.
  • Artworks, jewelry, jewelry, precious stones, real pearls or precious metals, fine metalwork.
  • Passports / Card.
  • Live plants.
  • Fine skin.
  • Prescriptions.
  • Tobacco.
  • Ringtones or ringing effects.
  • Vehicles and boats, caravans or trailers of any kind, new and / or used.
  • Flat glass, marble and plate minerals.
Tips for moving to Sevilla

Tips for moving to Sevilla

8 weeks in advance
  • Calculation of acquisition costs or lease a home.
  • Check moving prices in Sevilla.
  • Publicize whether it is private or corporate moving.
  • Detail of the characteristics of the house such as, access, balconies, height of the house, etc.
  • Provide contact information, upload and download addresses, etc. [/ su_spoiler] [/ su_accordion]
6 weeks in advance
  • Confirm with our company the date of collection of your move in Madrid.
  • Take out all risk insurance.
  • Find out if it is necessary to request a parking permit.
  • Verify the exchange rate of the currency of the country of origin to Sevilla.
  • Collect information from the consulate and / or embassies about any of the documents necessary to carry out the customs clearance of your transfer.
  • Certify all official documents in Sevilla.
  • Check restrictions of Sevilla as well as information on entrance fees and taxes.
  • Recover cultural information about Sevilla; idiosyncrasy, culture, customs, schedules, languages, religions, etc.
  • Make your doctor known to recommend specialists in Sevilla, necessary vaccinations, etc.
  • Book the tickets for you and your family.
  • If you have a pet, decide if you travel with you or not.
  • Obtaining a driving license in Sevilla.
  • Inform schools or education centers that you will change your address.
  • Search for the import conditions of your vehicles.
  • Be informed of the voltage compatibility of electrical appliances.
  • In the case that you have a home, check the measurements of furniture and appliances to make sure that it adapts at home.
  • Make a list of tasks and mark the ones to be performed.
4 weeks in advance

It is recommended that all sets have to be packed or placed in custom boxes. To do this, MUNDIMAR has a wide range of materials that will be of great help and thus avoid any type of breakage or dent.

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Packing techniques

Packing techniques

We recommend packing heavy objects, books, DVDs, etc. in smaller boxes, porcelain or glass dishes in medium boxes, put the singing plates and wrap them with newspaper or bubble paper. Toys or clothes are packed in large boxes. We have closet boxes with hanging clothes bar. We recommend that delicate objects, such as crockery, be packed by our company. Let operators know what delicate items are and will reinforce their packaging. When packing a computer, do not forget to make backup copies and make sure you do not store them near objects that generate a magnetic field, since they can erase the information we have.

Don't forget
  • List and identify packages and boxes per room, do not forget to mark fragile objects.
  • Do not include perishable products, paints, pets, flammables, firearms, jewelry, stamps, cash or securities in the move.
  • You should not pack liquids in boxes, you can pour the contents and stain or contaminate other products.
  • Set aside everything you need on moving day such as clothes, keys, documents, keys, plane tickets, etc.
  • Box each room, marking and listing each box with the description of the content.
Collection day
  • Sign contract of your international move in Sevilla.
  • Leave items in a box that you think should not be transported in your international transfer such as child seats, bathtubs, cribs, cutlery, toiletries, clothes, etc.
  • Personal documents take them by hand, jewelry, coats, keys, cash, etc.
  • Empty the entire contents of washing machines, freezers, refrigerators, etc.
  • Inform our company of those valuable objects such as works of art, mink coats, etc. and check that they have been included in the insurance inventory.
  • Empty the fuel tanks of machinery and vehicles before moving the load.
  • Mark with stickers everything that goes to a different destination, also list objects that do not travel with the international move.
  • Collect copy of numbered content list or inventory. For example, in some countries of South America, the customs authorities require that the qualification of “USED” be added to the appliances, otherwise they are considered as new and the maritime container will be reviewed by the customs office of destination.
  • Accompany the moving staff, indicating at all times instructions necessary to organize the service well.
  • Count the boxes as they load and verify the condition of the furniture.
  • If you are packing, we recommend some techniques for disassembly and assembly of furniture. It is advisable to mark all the furniture for when you have to assemble, know which door, drawer or shelf are correct in each case. It is better to take pictures of the furniture to recognize the original assembly. The screws and fittings of all the furniture must be in a separate box marked as a hardware box and of a different color to the rest of the boxes. The seals must not be placed on the furniture, damages the varnish or lacquered furniture.
  • Lifting cranes will be used to climb your furniture by facades, thus avoiding breakage, shocks, scratches, etc.
Check that always
  • Close the key of light, natural gas and water.
  • All appliances must be turned off.
  • That all income doors and windows closed.
  • Leave padlocks and house keys safely. [/ Su_spoiler] [/ su_accordion]
Delivery day
  • Confirm that all moving expenses in Sevilla are paid.
  • You must be present on moving day or have someone trustworthy to verify.
  • Check the bulk of your move at the time of download with your inventory copy.
  • If it is the case of lost or damaged packages, you must state it in the inventory or delivery note indicating exactly what are the losses or damages suffered. The company will always give a solution to the loss or damage as long as the damage is corroborated and will do so by repairing it, compensating it if necessary. You have 72 hours for any claim after the move is delivered.
  • Furniture or items will be placed in the rooms indicated on the labels. Depending on the service you have contracted, you will proceed to assemble the furniture where indicated by the client, decoration, placement of paintings, rails, lamps, professional services of bricklayers, plumbers, electricians, etc.
  • Separate all documentation of the move to Sevilla and in a safe place.
  • It is very important, not to use, during the 24 hours after delivery, the electronic equipment, so that they can adapt to the ambient temperature.
  • Change: registration information, supply contracts, cards, bank accounts, insurance policies, magazine subscriptions, mail, business cards, etc.
How to make the best moving choice in Sevilla

How to make the best moving choice in Sevilla

Once we have chosen the approximate date we plan to move to Sevilla and what we want to transport, we must request in advance, between 4 or 5 weeks, the visit to the address of several moving companies and compare prices and conditions.

To choose a correct moving company we must follow the following steps:

  • Collect budget for several moving companies in Sevilla.
  • Find out the type of transport they use.
  • See packaging ways.
  • The approximate time to carry out the move.
  • Ask friends or acquaintances for recommendations that have made removals and their experiences with companies.
International moving to Sevilla? How to request a quote

International moving to Sevilla? How to request a quote

Ask us for a quote to make your move to Sevilla through the online form located on the home page or by clicking on this button

Fill out the form of our system and we will gladly send you a customized offer in less than 48 hours, where we will attach the information related to the transfer, customs regulations, advice, etc.

The day we grant to go through your home for collection, our qualified staff will begin the work of disassembly, packing and loading to send your belongings to the entrusted destination, having the security that the appropriate packaging has been used and with the reliability of a service of the highest quality.

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