Moving to the Canary Islands

Are you thinking about making a move to the Canary Islands? The Canary Islands is an archipelago of seven islands and six islets. This region is organized through self-government and, in addition, each island has a section called administrative Island Councils.

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Relevant information in a move to Canary Islands

Canary Islands is one of the most desirable places if you want to make your move to Spain, because of its climate.

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Look for accommodation in the Canary Islands

There is a wide range of accommodation in the Canary Islands, hotels, cottages, apartments and campsites. We recommend booking accommodation in advance if you are traveling during peak season (July-August), as the high demand during these months could make it almost impossible to find somewhere to stay on these dates.

Choosing an apartment over a hotel has the advantage of providing greater privacy and reduced costs because they allow you to cook for yourself in the kitchen. If you are after a cheap option but also want to enjoy comfort, cleanliness and safety, hostels are a good choice. Renting a house is another possible option, especially for those traveling with children. Last but not least, it is worth mentioning the large amount of hotels these islands host. We include a link to view a wide selection of rural hotels, apartments and villas in the Canary Islands. Source.

Traditions and feasts in Canary Islands

One cannot talk about the festivals held in the Canary Islands without mentioning the Carnival of Santa Cruz de Tenerife held in March.

Among the traditional festivals include the large number of Pilgrimages held in different towns of the archipelago, where people dress in traditional Canarian clothing that varies by place and religious beliefs, mixed with a tasting of typical products of the area.

Transport in the Canary Islands

The geographical location of the Canary Islands make air and maritime transport the two only ways to reach the peninsula and to travel between the islands in this archipelago. All the islands have airports but  Palma is the main destination of almost all international flights and those leaving from the peninsula. All the others are mainly used for transport between the islands. To move within each island the best option is using a car which explains why the number of new roads being built and allows moving around each of the islands. You will have no problem to rent a car because there are several international and local car hiring companies operating in the area.

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Mudinmar International Moving to the Canary Islands

Tourism is the main economic activity in the Canary Islands. Great beaches, pleasant climate and its great hotel infrastructure contribute to be known globally as one of the top tourist destinations. Mudinmar, a specialist in international movings can perform groupage and international transport to the Canary Islands, from the Canary Islands to the Peninsula, the Balearic Islands and to any international destination.

International Moving Mudinmar can perform the following services in the Canary Islands:
Full-service national moving to the Canary Islands
Storage service in the Canary Islands
Insurance for moving to the Canary Islands
International Shipment of vehicles to the Canary Islands
Duration of moving to the Canary Islands
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