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The main airport by proximity and number of operations is Marco Polo Airport and located 1 hour north of the city is Treviso Airport, where we can find the low-cost Ryanair company. Venice is a small city with which no means of transport is necessary to get around it, but the Vaporettos, water buses and the famous Gondolas stand out because of their peculiarity, which today have a mainly tourist role, but centuries ago they were the Main means of transport.

Known worldwide for the Venice Carnival, it is unique in the world and dates back to the 11th century. During their celebration that lasts 10 days, people dress up in costumes from the Venetian 17th century. Two typical items that can be purchased in the city are Venetian masks and Murano glass. From its architecture we must highlight the Basilica of San Marcos and the palaces of the Canal Grande.

Services in Venice

Services in Venice

Managed by our extensive network of agents, Mudinmar Mobility offers you Storage services in Venice. You can choose between a direct door-to-door service or the combined (more economical) option at all times, both in one and the other, you must take advantage of pre-established trips on our routes.

The insurers do not cover the merchandise packed by the client, so we recommend carrying out all-risk insurance for your international move to Venice.

Mudinmar Mobility offers weekly routes to Venice, including from export packaging, furniture assembly, unpacking, parking permits, storage, etc. all this within the agreed term. In addition, we have a team of commercials that will advise you on everything related to your international move by land (combined travel), sea or air.

The transit time in the international move will depend on the transfer option (combined or direct move) and the chosen means of transport.

Car transport to Venice

Car transport to Venice

Mudinmar Mobility cuenta con grúas de asistencia dotadas de rampa para realizar la carga y descarga de su coche permitiéndonos transportar su coche a Venecia desde cualquier lugar de España.

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