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Cologne has gone from being an industrial city to a modern service centre.

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Cologne is the fourth largest city in Germany, bordering with the Rhein-Kreis Neuss district to the north, Leverkusen to the north east, Rheinisch-Bergischer Kreis to the east, Rhein Sieg to the south and Rhein-Erft-Kreis to the west.

Cologne is one of the country’s three major industrial regions.

Living in Cologne

Germany is one of the countries with most musicians, thinkers and figures recognised at international level.

Located by the Rhine, Cologne is known for its Carnival, Confectionary Fair and two gothic towers that flank its cathedral, which have become symbolic of the city. Furthermore, ten radio and television broadcasts come from this city, including the state WDR (Westdeutscher Rundfunk) and the private run RTL (Radio Télévision Luxembourg). Cologne is the country’s leader in television production. It is 30 kilometres away from Dusseldorf.

Services in Cologne

Managed by our extensive network of agents, Mudinmar provides storage services in Cologne.

You can choose between a direct door to door service or the combined option (more economical) where you must use a pre-established trip.

The insurers do not cover the merchandise packed by the client so we recommend taking out comprehensive insurance for your international move to Cologne.  

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Transporting Cars to Cologne

The business team at Mudinmar will inform you of the customs procedures relevant to export from Spain and import to Germany and, where applicable, the tax process on entering the country as well as the documents needed to move your car to Cologne from any city in Spain. We have cranes equipped with ramps to carry out the loading and unloading of your car.

Customs clearance of imports and exports

It is essential to classify the client status when making an international move; resident, foreigner with work permit etc. General procedure in order to import personal goods is that you must provide proof that you will live in Cologne, for which you need to obtain the residence permit.

The vast experience of the commercial team at Mudinmar offers you all the information you need to manage your international relocation to Cologne.

Finding accommodation in Cologne

Considering the size of Cologne, homes are quite affordable. Mudinmar recommends the following websites to help you find the accommodation you need in Cologne, more focussed on short/medium term:


Interesting areas in Cologne

The neighborhoods in Cologne give off a joyful atmosphere, partly due to their passion for partying. Regarding parties, it is worth highlighting the student district Kwartier Latäng, although areas such as Friesenviertel or Belgischer Viertal or the south town are not far behind. Mudinmar also has to point out Ehrenfield, the greatest industrial area in the city.

Attractions in Cologne

If you move to Cologne we suggest you visit the Old Market and Heumarkt square, or the countless pubs and taverns scattered throughout the old town. Walking past the cathedral you will come across the Musical Dome Köln, Cologne’s most important theatre. You should also check out Christopher Street Day. Within museums, the Ludwig is one of the most impressive. Rheinpark is ideal when you want to take a stroll and enjoy nature.

Mudinmar International Movers offers weekly routes to Cologne. From packaging for export, assembly of furniture, unpacking, parking permits, storage etc. Mudinmar can help. In additional we have a commercial team that will advise you on everything related to your international move either by land, maritime or air. The transit time will depend on the choice of transfer (direct removal or pre-agreed route) and the chosen means of transport.

Transport: How do you get around Cologne?

Transport Cologne (Koln) is secure and convenient. Bicycles are the most widely used forms of transport around the German city. Here is a price chart (and additional information about trains, buses, etc.)

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