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Berlin is the most populated city in Germany as well as the second largest.

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Useful information about moving to Berlin

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What do you need to know when moving to Berlin? In 2006 it was voted a first-class cultural and artistic center and in 2009 received the Prince of Austurias Harmony Award. Berlin, the German capital, is an island: surrounded by rivers it is the third most visited city in the European Union. Covered with historical areas, it is unsurprising that many decide to settle there.

Living in Berlin

Germany is one of the countries with the most musicians, thinkers and figures recognised at international level.

Moving to Berlin is an opportunity that open doors for professionals in the construction and engineering sector. In cities like Barcelona and Madrid there are consulting services which have helped Spanish expatriates find work in Germany. The capital has a cold climate, something that perhaps you may need to take into account. Despite the cliche that the food is not good quality in this country bordering the Baltic, many expatriates ensure that food tourism is one of its strongest elements.

Services in Berlin

Managed by our extensive network of agents, Mudinmar provides furniture storage services in Berlin.

You can choose between a direct door to door service or the combined option (more economical) where you must use a pre-established trip.

The insurers do not cover the merchandise packed by the client so we recommend taking out comprehensive insurance for your international move to Berlin.

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Car Transport to Berlin

The business team at Mudinmar will inform you of the customs procedures relevant to export from Spain and import to Switzerland and, where applicable, the tax process on entering the country as well as the documents needed to move your car to Berlin from any city in Spain. We have cranes equipped with ramps to carry out the loading and unloading of your car.

Import and export customs clearance

As Berlin is not a member of the EEC, customs procedures must be carried out in Spain and the import customs in Switzerland.

It is necessary to classify the client status when making an international move; resident, foreigner with work permit etc. General procedure in order to import personal goods is that you must provide proof that you will live in Berlin, for which you need to obtain the residence permit.

The vast experience of the commercial team at Mudinmar offers you all the information you need to manage your international removal to Berlin.

Finding housing in Berlin

The highest rent in the world is most likely in Tokyo. Berlin is not far behind. Rent is extremely high in the German City. Mudinmar advises you to consult different websites to find the accommodation you are looking for in Berlin. Here is a list.

Berlin is currently composed of 12 neighborhoods, each with its own town hall and mayor, bearing the name “berzike”. The most prestigious are Mitte, Schöneberg and Charlottenburg. For more information see here.

What to see in Berlin

We can’t talk about Berlin without mentioning two world-famous tourist spots, the Berlin Wall and the Brandenburg Gate, symbol of the city. The capital is one of the most cosmopolitan cities in the world and the economic center of the country. On this page the best places are summarized.

Mudinmar International Relocation offers weekly routes to Berlin. From packaging for export, assembly of furniture, unpacking, parking permits, storage etc. Mudinmar can help. In additional we have a commercial team that will advise you on everything related to your international move either by land, maritime or air. The transit time will depend on the choice of transfer (direct removal or pre-agreed route) and the chosen means of transport.

Transport: How to get around Berlin

“The public transport network in Berlin reaches virtually everywhere, it is easy to take a taxi and the bike lanes allow you to tour the city at your leisure. Berlin has many options for moving quickly from one place to another or to calmly take in the city monuments. Bus, subway, taxi, bicycle: moving around Berlin is child’s play” (


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