International removal to Toronto

International Moving to Toronto (Canada)

International Moving to Toronto (Canada)

International and cosmopolitan are two words that describe the city of Toronto, the capital of the Province of Ontario. It is the largest city in Canada and the third largest in North America.

Useful information about moving to Toronto

Toronto is a melting pot of 80 nationalities that have moved to the city over the past centuries. As a result there are many multicultural areas and ethnic neighbourhoods among which are Villa Portugal, Chinatown, Little Budapest, Little Italy, Little Poland, Greek town, Little India, Koreatown and the Bathurst Street area populated by the Caribbean community.

Considered to be one of the world’s global financial cities.

Weather in Toronto

Weather in Toronto

Toronto is characterized by a comparatively mild climate, given its proximity to Lake Ontario. It has warm summers and humid, cold winters. The Canadian city has four distinct seasons with considerable variations in temperature each day, especially in the cold weather season.

Tourism in Toronto

The city invites you to explore the multicultural diversity in its 6 areas: city centre, North York, East York, Scarborough and Etobicode. The city is also divided into 140 neighbourhoods.

La biggest attraction in the city is the CN Tower, the second tallest structure in the world, measuring 553 metres. You can also visit Yonge Street, the longest city in the world since 1988, measuring 1.896 km in length. If you prefer to go walking, plan out your route around Lake Ontario and its islands.


Getting around using public transport

Getting around using public transport

The city has 400 bus lines and 12 tram lines. Toronto is the only city on the North American continent  to have an extensive tram system dedicated to public transport. The tram service runs mainly in the city centre area and on the busiest streets.

Living in Toronto

Toronto is a city made up of many different areas. Here are some of the highlights:

Main areas of Toronto
  • Entertainment district: packed with restaurants, pubs, bars, cinemas and nightclubs, making it a noisy area, particularly on Thursdays and weekends. Due to its location, in the centre and well connected,  it is an expensive area to live in.
  • Financial district: most of the city’s skyscrapers are concentrated in this area. It is not a residential area, so there are few apartments available.
  • Saint Lawrence Market: a European style area in the city, with lots of services. It is one of the best and most expensive areas to live in.
  • Yorkville: an exclusive, high-end area to live.
  • The gay village: the gay area of Toronto. Most apartments built in the 70s and have not been refurbished since building.
  • Queen West: this is the bohemian area of the city, with many services and entertainment venues.
  • Fort York: an area dominated by 40-60 floor towers, with plentiful apartments available and prices varying depending on size and connection to services.
  • Rosedale: an area of large luxury homes, in a good location with good communication to the city.
  • Cabbagetown: an area characterised by old detached houses and known for immigration of lower middle class.
  • Eglinton: an expensive area and one of the most popular places for those who looking for apartments due to the number of apartments and services.
  • East York: an expensive area for those who are looking for a more laid-back environment with services, restaurants and apartments.
  • College and Bathurst: the student zone in the city, with many Spanish and Italian students.

Toronto also has more areas that are all very similar. 


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