International Moving to Canada

International Moving to Canada

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Need to relocate? Is your next destination Canada? Are you worried about the international move? Trust the professionals in international moving and avoid problems during transport to Canada.

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Useful information about international moving to Canada

Did you know that Canada is included in the top 10 of the world ranking of economic freedom? Data from a Fraser Institute 2013 study  found this. There are 10 more reasons to want to move to Canada. The CNN summarised the current positive outlook for Canada, including in national sport and how that provides the level of competition necessary for a country to prosper.

Accommodation search in CanadaCanadian lifeFestivals and Events

Accommodation search in Canada


Living in Canada depends on the area you want to be based. In the event of an international removal to Toronto, you will find poor quality apartments that ask for 500 dollars a month. Mudinmar advises you live somewhere close to your workplace. We have selected a number of accommodation search websites, adapted to our clients profiles, based on temporary as well as residential or permanent rental:

For your first few days, check out these Canadian travel guides:

Canadian life


Firstly you should consider Canadian weather. It is cold in Canada as it is in the northern hemisphere. Summer lasts from June to September whilst winter runs from December to March. Autumn is the most popular season with low temperatures and alternating grey days, providing stunning colourful views at lakes. Why do people choose Canada? One reason is its competition. Winter sports are the most popular. You can enjoy Toronto Raptors basketball games, and the world famous National Hockey League (NHL). Touch rugby, although originating from Australia, is also popular as well as playing baseball. On arrival to Canada, written press will bring you up to date with the country’s political, social, economic and cultural situation. There are 10 daily newspapers published (in Toronto, Montreal, Vancouver and Calgary) and one in Spanish: The People. There are comfortable and safe modes of transport in the city. Canada has a very good transport system. Toronto has a network of buses, trams and two subway lines (most practical), all run by the Toronto Transit Commission (TCC). You can pay a monthly price and use the tram as much as you choose. In terms of Canadian customs you may be surprised by the street layouts, public transport, obsession with coffee and tipping system, similar to that of the United States.

Popular Acts/Celebrations

In Canada Thanksgiving is celebrated on the second Monday of October, when the streets announce the arrival of autumn. Why before the Unites States? The harvest season is earlier because Canada is in the northern hemisphere. There is a traditional Good Friday procession organised by the Catholic Church of St Francis of Assisi.

Museums/Daytime leisure/Sightseeing

Canada offers an endless supply of daytime entertainment, including a number of museums. This includes the Royal Ontario Museum, the Rogers Centre, home of Blue Jays baseball, Saint Lawrence Market, a market with a vast number of food stalls from all over the world. If you have more time, we recommend visiting the Harbourfront port area where several summer festivals take place, and the Distillery District, a set of old Victorian factories that have been restored and renovated into bars and art galleries. You might also be interested in visiting the Air Canada Centre, the Raptors’ pavilion (NBA) and the Maple Leafs (NHL).

Festivales / Ocio Nocturno

Have you heard about the Cirque du Soleil? One of the best shows in the world, whose founder is Canadian. This country is definitely not dull. You have The Revival Tour, or evening strolls by Lee’s Palace, a famous concert hall located in the Annex. If you prefer more alternative venues, you could visit the Red Room, to name but one. Mudinmar advises you not to miss out Hot Docs, the most important documentary festival in North America. If you want to enjoy listening to 800 live bands, your place is in North by North East (NXNE). In addition, Warped Tour, the biggest traveling alternative music tour in North America takes place in Canada. Finally, every September Toronto attracts the attention of the international press thanks to TIFF, considered by many to be the most important cinema festival in North America.

Areas of interest in Toronto

The enormous variety of nationalities have made Canada what it is, without forgetting its origins, seen in places like Toronto. In addition to the famous Little Italy, Koreatown and Chinatown, there are Latin, Caribbean, Polish, Portuguese and Jewish districts, all considered Torontonians. The reference point is CN Tower. The main streets are Queen Street, College Street, the Beaches neighbourhood, to the east of city by Lake Ontario and St. Clair, for sports fans. Must-visit areas of interest are the Toronto Islands, High Park and the Humber River.

Cities in Canada where we work

Mudinmar is here to assist you in starting your new life, as a stepping stone or final destination. Our team offer transfer services with full containers or groupage. We have specialists in these major cities: Beaufort, Calgary, Dieppe, Ridge, Edmonton, Halifax, Jasper, Montreal, Ontario, Quebec and Regina. We offer you a comprehensive door to door service from your old home to your destination, from partial shipments to full containers by air or sea. We manage customs documents and delivery your belongings on your arrival, including unpacking, assembly of furniture and removal of excess material on the same day of your move. Our agents will inform you about all of the details of your international move.

Canadian Customs Information

Do you fear passing through customs? Don’t worry. Canada is relatively less strict than other countries.

Importing personal goods into Canada

The importation of personal goods is tax-free provided you can prove they are used and at least 1 year old. We will provide all necessary documents for entry into Canada but they must be completed and verified prior to the container’s departure. It is essential that you return the necessary documents properly completed to our customs clearance agents. Customs formalities can take between 8 and 15 days depending on the time of year. Physical inspections, x-rays etc. will take place. If required our agents pay taxes or fees and ask for repayment before your delivery in your international move.

Prohibited products:Services available on arrival to CanadaTransit TimesImporting VehiclesRelated Downloads:
  • Tobacco: You can carry a limited amount of tobacco (cigarettes, cigars…) without paying customs.
  • Gifts: You can bring a gift if value is no more than 60 Canadian dollars
  • Food and/or similar product: Canada is very strict in this regard. Meat, eggs, dairy products, honey, fresh fruits and vegetables are prohibited.
  • Plants: plant importation is prohibited due to the risk that they may transmit diseases.
  • Other prohibited items: firearms, sprays and more.

Check the Canada Border Services Agency (CBSA).

  • Storage at destination: we can offer storage services in any city in Canada.
  • Insurance: we recommend insurance for transoceanic or transcontinental shipments. We do not ensure costumer packaged goods.
  • Delivery at destination: you can choose the day of delivery of our door to door service. Our agents in Canada, with whom we maintain close contact, will advise you on the details of home delivery and the relevant restrictions.

Thirty to forty days from Ship’s departure, depending on the distance of the city or region from the entry port.

You can import new or used vehicles less than 1 year old, paying taxes and fees according on their CIF value which depends on its characteristics according to Canadian customs. All vehicles will be inspected by the Canadian Agricultural Inspection Agency on arrival to Canada.

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