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mudanza a emiratos árabesThe United Arab Emirates – Arab Emirates or UAE – is a Middle Eastern country made up by 7 emirates which borders Oman, the Persian Gulf and Saudi Arabia.  It is the 30th largest economy by volume of the world’s GDP.

The United Arab Emirates’ Economy

Like the majority of countries in the area, the main source of income in the UAE is oil. Furthermore, its natural gas reserves place it within the 10 largest at international level.

Tourism is also considered to be a driving force in the country’s economy, which has been attributed to the warm climate and tourist attractions such as the artificial islands and sporting events.

Culture and Sport

With a majority Muslim population, the presence of Islamic culture is evident in the country and is promoted through institutions such as the Abu Dhabi cultural foundation, cultural theatre and the scenic arts within the city.

In relation to sports, football is the national sport, although cricket is also very popular. In the area of motor racing it is worth noting that it has hosted, amongst others, Abu Dhabi Formula 1, the FIA GT championship and 24H Dubai.

Moving to the United Arab Emirates

Mudinmar assists in moving to any of the emirates within the country, request more information if you would like to move to:

  • Moving to Abu Dhabi
  • Moving to Ajman
  • Moving to Dubai
  • Moving to Fujairah
  • Moving to Ras al-Khaimah
  • Moving to Sharjah
  • Moving to Wadi Kombo

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