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Turkey is a Eurasian (transcontinental) country located between Asia and Europe, the border between the continents is demarked by the Sea of Marmara. Its strategic location between two continents and three seas (the Marmara Sea, the Black Sea and the Aegean Sea) has made it a key point between cultures and societies.

Climate in Turkey

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The unique geographic location means that Turkey has varying climates depending on the region: a mild Mediterranean climate in the Mediterranean region, a mild oceanic climate in the Black Sea region and a continental climate in the central plateau.

Turkish Economy

Turkey is founding member of the OECD group of 20 industrialised and emerging countries and belongs to the emerging CIVETS market.

Tourism is another economic motor within the country. Its exotic landscapes, palaces and mosques, as well as its beaches, make it an attractive tourist destination.

Turkish Gastronomy  

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The influx of different cultures and its transcontinental geographic location have made Turkish food world renowned. The spiced meats, the use of vegetables and skill with rice are some characteristics of this cuisine which often uses yoghurt as a base ingredient, used in soups or with rice and meat (included kebabs). Stand-out deserts include Turkish Delights, made with a type of soft caramel or jelly with hazelnut or pistachio, covered in sugar powder, and ‘baklava’, made with puff pastry, honey and nuts, recognised worldwide.

Moving to Turkey

Mudinmar offers relocation services everywhere within Turkey:

  • Moving to Istanbul
  • Moving to Ankara
  • Moving to Esmirna
  • Moving to Bursa


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