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mudanza a singapur

Singapore is a sovereign island country in Asia, also considered to be one of the main global cities and a key player in business, given that it boasts the third largest financial centre in the world and the second busiest port.

Furthermore, Singapore has the third highest income per capita in the world and is one of the leading countries in the areas of education, health, political transparency and economic competition.  Información de interés en su mudanza a Singapur


Singapore’s Climate

The equatorial climate in Singapore means it doesn’t have clearly differentiated seasons.  During the year temperatures vary between 23-32 degrees, with very high humidit6y levels (between 70-79% all day).

Singapore’s Economy

Singapore’s economy is mainly based on imports and exports, above all in the electronic, industrial and tourism sectors. Its port, with one of the highest commercial traffic levels in the world, has helped it to become one of the most important world financial centres.

How to move to Singapore

mudanza internacional a singapurOwning a car in Singapore is extremely difficult and expensive due to the number of taxes you must pay. Many Singaporean residents will travel by foot, by bicycle, bus, train or taxi because of this. Using a taxi is very popular because the taxi fees are relatively cheap and there are more than 25,000 taxis circulating.

If you want to know how to get to Singapore, you can arrive at any of the 8 airports that exist in the country. The main one is the Changi airport which connects to over 200 cities in 68 different countries and has been awarded the prize for world’s best airport on more than one occasion, most recently in 2016.  Cómo moverse en Singapur

Documentation for your move to Singapore

  • Registering as resident: if you are moving to Singapore it’s advisable that your register as a resident in the Enrolment Register at the embassy. You can find all the necessary information as well as the required paperwork via the following link.
  • Obtain the correct visa or permission relating to the duration of your stay.

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