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At Mudinmar we help relocate to the main cities in Saudi Arabia: Yauf, Tabuk, Hail, Medina, Casim, Medina, Mecca or Riad, among others.

Useful information about your Moving to Saudi Arabia

Saudi Arabia is a monarchy of the Middle East in the Arabic Peninsula. Bordering Jordan to the Northwest, Iraq to the Northeast, Kuwait, United Arab Emirates, Qatar and the Persian Gulf to the East, the Red sea to the West and Oman and Yemen to the South, as well as being connected to the Kingdom of Bahrain via the King Fahd causeway.

It has a surface area of over 2 million square kilometers and, according to 2012 statistics, it has a population of almost 30 million inhabitants.

Economy in Saudi Arabia

mudanza a arabia saudí

Its worldwide exportation of oil – the biggest crude exporter in the world – has made it into one of the 20 most important economies on the planet. Other important industries in the Saudi economy are cement sector and steel production.

Climate in Saudi Arabia

Aside from the Asir province, Saudi Arabia is characterised by its desert climate, in other words, elevated temperatures during the day and sharp drops during the night. In some areas it reaches up to almost 50ºC whilst the minimum temperatures are usually between 20-29ºC.

Gastronomy and culture

falafelLamb is the most consumed dish in Saudi Arabia, usually accompanied by aromatic herbs and vegetables. Falafel is also a standout dish, a type ball made with fava beans and chickpeas. Due to restrictions in the Quran, pork and alcohol are totally prohibited across the territory.

Regarding the culture, it is worth pointing out two important museums, the National Museum in Riad and the Contemporary Art Museum in Yida. Architecturally speaking the modern skyscrapers in the big cities have to be highlighted, like the Kingdom Centre situated in Riyadh, which measures 302 meters, or the Makkah Roya Clock Tower Hotel, situated in Mecca, which is the tallest in the country, measuring 601 meters. Gastronomía y cultura

Transport in Saudi Arabia

mudanza a arabia saudi

Saudi Arabia has a network of roads of over 200,000 km, although only a quarter of which is surfaced. Car is the most used means of transport, in part due to the low cost of fuel and because other means of transport, such as the railway, only connect the capital with the main towns. Saudi Arabia also has 4 ports, 10 heliports, and more than 200 airports, although only 80 have paved runways. The most important airports are the International King Abdulaziz in Yida, with over 17 million passengers each year, and the International King Khlaid Airport in Riad, with over 13 million. The main airline in the country is Saudi Arabian Airlines, an airline that operates in some of the most important international airports in the world in places such as Africa, Asia, Europe and the United States.

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