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Jordan is an Asian country in the Middle East region. The capital city is Amman, its most populated city. It borders Syria and Iraq to the North, Saudi Arabia and the Red Sea to the South and Israel to the West.

There are currently over six million people living in Jordan, although the most populated cities are Amman, with 1 million inhabitants and Zarqa, Russeifa or Irbid, with between 300,000 and 500,000 living in each.

The official language is Arabic, although English and French are also used in business and are taught in Jordanian schools.

Economy and Tourism in Jordan

Jordan has limited natural resources, hence the economy is driven by other sectors, among them the textile industry. Tourism is also a key factor, thanks to its climate, political stability and numerous places of cultural interest for example:

  • The city of Petra, considered to be one of the 7 wonders of the modern world, whose buildings are carved into the sandstone rocks.
  • The desert castles, a tourist route made up of twenty fortified Muslim castles and palaces.
  • Madaba, city of mosaics, is an important Christian centre known for the map of the Holy Land which is found on the floor of Saint George’s Church.
  • Aqaba, a city known for its beaches has become a haven for scuba divers thanks to the corals at its depths.

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