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Main destinations for relocation to Japan

  • International moving to Tokyo
  • International moving to Yokohama
  • International moving to Osaka
  • International moving to Nagoya
  • International moving to Sapporo
  • International moving to Kobe

Useful information about your relocation to Japan

mudanza a japon

Japan is an island country in East Asia, located in the Pacific Ocean and surrounded by the Sea of Japan, the Sea of Okhotsk and the East China Sea.Información de interés en su mudanza a Japón

Climate in Japan

Japan has a mild, rainy climate with high humidity levels. The four seasons are easily distinguished, with colder temperatures and occasional snowfall in winter and autumn and milder and drier in spring and summer.

Bear in mind that Japan also has nine ecoregions which reflect the climate and geography of the island: from rainforests to leafy overgrown forests in the mild regions to conifer forests in the colder areas.

Japan’s Economy

Japan has the world’s third largest economy after the United States and China.

Its industrial sector is particularly strong, along with banking, insurance and transport and telecommunications. Nintendo, Nissan, Toyota, Canon and Sony are some of the large companies originating from Japan.

Documentation and Customs

mudanza internacional a japon

  • Before moving to Japan you need to bear in mind the need for certain documentation. Take special care and observe the following recommendations:
  • Ensure your passport is valid.
  • Obtain a visa or the relevant permission needed for the duration of your stay.
  • If you wish to import a vehicle, follow the instructions released by the customs department.
  • A Spanish driving licence can be exchanged for a Japanese licence by following these instructions.

Interesting information about your move to Japan

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