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“The name Uruguay comes from the Guarani language and means “River of the painted birds”


Uruguay is located in South America and is the second smallest nation on the continent, as well as being one of the most stable at a political and economic level. The population of the country reaches 3324000 habitants and the majority live in Montevideo. The economy in Uruguay is largely based on the production of farming and agricultural goods although the latter are of less relevance. In terms of industry, the main one is food production, followed by textile and chemical.

Climate in Uruguay

Because it is situated in a mild area of the southern hemisphere the climate in Uruguay is moderate with abundant grateful. In the capital, Montevideo, the hottest month is January and the coldest July; the maximum temperatures range between 15° in winter to 32°C in summer.

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Uruguay is characterised as being a multicultural country because it is made up of a population with a high number of immigrants. In terms of gastronomy it is marked by combination of recipes from different cultures. It has excellent dishes and sides, and its steak ‘a la parilla’ (roasted) in the star in the national cooking crown, as a farming country. Mate stands out as its native drink, an infusion unique to the country. In respect to music the biggest exponent is Tango, with the Montevideo Philharmonic Orchestra considered the best tango orchestra in the world. Another key music is the Milonga. There is also purely native music: el candombe – with African roots and made with drums and la murga – based on a choir singing a song which contains social content in an ironic and entertaining way.

mudanzas a utuguayWhat to see in Uruguay

Uruguay has long coastlines along the Plate River and Atlantic Ocean. There are also large spas of every kind, as well as historic cities such as Piriápolis, La Paloma or Atlántido or bohemian towns like Punta del Diablo, Valizas, Cabo Polonioo or La Pedrera. Carnival also stands out, a party that the country prides itself on for being the longest carnival in the world, celebrated from the end of January until the beginning of March. Here are some of the places you can visit in Uruguay:

  • Montevideo Rambla: La Rambla is an obligatory walk that every tourist has to make, with some magnificent views of the sea. A good place to go jogging or drink mate with friends.
  • Cabo Polonio: Rocha spa, an area protected by the Ocean waves.
  • Casapueblo: A house-museum situated in the panoramic Wale Point. It is a habitable sculpture created by Uruguayan artist Carlos Páez Vilaró and it also works as a hotel.
  • Quebrada de los Cuervos: An environmental paradise located in Department 30 of 33, with extensive protected parks.
  • Historic area Sacramento Colony: An area of Portuguese houses from the XVII century, with churches hundreds of years old and streets that preserve the colonial origins.
  • ‘East point fingers’: Offers a view of the Brava Beach, one of the busiest in summer and also known as “The hand” or “Finger monument”.

Modes of public transport

The public transport system is mainly based on the use of buses which run multiple routes. There are very few passengers on trains. There are also the traditional modes of transportt such as taxi and rental car. Of the country’s airports, the most important is Laguna del Sauce International Airport in Maldonado.

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