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  • International Moving to Cusco
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  • International Moving to Trujillo
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Peru is one of the 20 most vast places in the world

mudanza a peru

Peru is located in the west of South America and borders with Ecuador, Colombia, Brazil, Bolivia and Chile. It is the third biggest country in South America and one of the most extensive in the world. The country is part of the consultative team of the Antarctic Treaty and has a scientific station, Machu Picchu. The capital is Lima, a large metropolis, the gastronomy capital.

Geography and Climate

Peru is characterized by its vast variety of landscape afforded by its geographical location and diversity of natural resources. It has 11 ecoregions and 84 zones of the 117 that exist in the world. Three large regions stand out: Coast, Mountains and Forest.

This country’s climate is very varied due to its extension from the northern terrain to the South and the different altitudes in each of the areas. In general the climate along the coast is arid subtropical with low rainfall. In the Andes the climate is market by two seasons, the rainy summers and dry winters. The Amazon region has a hot humid climate with rain throughout the year.

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The official language in Peru is Spanish, although other languages are also spoken. Constitutionally and culturally recognised are Quechua and Aymara. The biggest religion is Catholicism, inherited from the Spanish.

mudanza-a-peru-2Peruvians hold their own with festivals, with over 3000 popular festivals each year; patron saints, processions, carnivals and rituals. A good palate is also part of Peruvian culture with a variety of flavors and aromas with diversity in its agricultural production, microclimates, varied geography and multiple cultures.

Ancient Peruvians were often artisans and currently Peru’s inhabitants make highly valued pieces at international level such as silver filigree, engraved matt, Huamanga engravings, Monsefu ponchos and more. Music and dance also have a special role within Peruvian society, with its rich and varied folklore.

What to see in your relocation to Peru

Peru is a country full of mystery, adventure and activities for everyone. Here are 10 of the best destinations in Peru:

  • Arequipa and Valle del Colca: The city of Arequipa is also known as the “White City” whose historical center is recognised as a World Heritage Site due to its colonial constructions. The Colca valley and Colca canyon are protected natural areas.
  • Chiclayo: Called the city of friendship and of big historical and archeological interest.
  • Cuzco – Machu Picchu – Camino Inca: The biggest attractions in Peru.
  • Iquitos and Amazon River: Ideal place for lovers of ecological tourism.

Other stand out places are Titicaca Lake, the Nazca Lines, Paracas, Tambopata and Trujillo.

Transport in Peru


International flights arrive and leave from Jorge Chavez International Airport in the province of Callao, 20 minutes from the center of the capital, Lima, and 30 minutes from the residential and commercial districts of Miraflores and San Isidro.

Other important airports are Velasco Astete in Cuzco and Francisco Secada in Iquito.

Peru has internal flights connecting between the main cities. Companies that operate within the city are Aeroperú, Aeroconitente, Americana de Aviación, Imperial Air and Expreso Aéreo, which cover over 20 locations in the country.


Prove Ian taxes don’t have taximeters therefore it is convenient to agree a price before with the driver beforehand. There are two types of taxi the ‘remises’ which are usually black and easy to find at hotel entrances (they are more expensive) and common taxis which come in all shapes and colours which are cheaper.


Urban buses: usually slower and full of people.

Inter-urban buses: the most economical form of transport and most popular in the country. In further out places there is a low frequency of buses.

Peru has two train lines controlled by the national train company ENAFER. One line is in the centre of the country and works between Lima and Huancayo and Huancavelica and the other is in the south of the country and goes from Arequipa to Juliaca after passing through Cusco.

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