International Moving to Guadalajara

Useful information about moving to Guadalajara

Useful information about moving to Guadalajara

Known as the pear of the West or the city of roses, it is a city that combines culture, history and modernity.

Guadalajara is the capital and most populous city in the state of Jalisco and is the second largest urban area of Mexico, the tenth in Latin America. It is a contemporary city that represents a modern Mexico as a strong economic, industrial and commercial force.

It was named as the gamma (global city) city in 2010 and is one of the 120 most competitive cities in the world.

Weather in Guadalajara City

Weather in Guadalajara City

Guadalajara enjoys excellent weather throughout the year. Located at over 1,500 metres above sea level, the city has a mild climate. It has an average annual temperature of 19 degrees and two different seasons: wet and dry.

Points of interest

Guadalajara has a wide range of interesting things to explore. Starting in the Historic Centre there are majestic building such as the Cabañas Cultural Institute, named a historic heritage site by UNESCO, as well as the Degollado Theatre, Regional Museum and City Museum. The city also offers the impressive Government Palace, the Cruz de Plazas, and the Cathedral, symbolic of Guadalajara with its towers shaped like inverted gannets.

Areas of the city

Areas of the city

  • Analco: one of the oldest neighbourhoods in Guadalajara, where one of the first of the region’s temples were built, the Temple of San Sebastian de Analco.
  • Mexicaltzingo: the first city butchers can be found here.
  • Mezquitan: where previously one of the kittens that patrolled the city was found.
  • San Juan de Dios: with one of the largest indoor markets in Mexico.
  • Sanctuary: the centre of this area is the Guadalupe Sanctuary around which housing for poor families was built. Nowadays it is famous for its temple and sanctuary style cakes.

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Housing in Guadalajara

Housing in Guadalajara

The trend is building private housing, most of which have basic public services. In regards to renting in Guadalajara, a small or medium sized apartment in a good area could cost around 5,000 pesos a month.

Public Transport

  • Interstate busses: Guadalajara has one of the largest bus terminals within the Mexican Republic ,the New Central .
  • Light Train: There are 48 passenger trains, with 29 stations in the network.
  • Pre-train: busses with similar characteristics to the light train.
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