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Quito was the first city in the world to be declared a World Heritage Site by UNESCO. The number of immigrants has shot up in Ecuador, causing a “small” boom in construction. The government is asking Spain for teachers and doctors. According o the Spanish Employment Advice center, there is a bi-lateral agreement between Spain and Ecuador applied to citizens of both countries that work or have worked in one of either country and their families and legal relatives. Ecuador offers different types of visa, some orientated towards those wanting to work in the country permanently or professionally.

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Finding Accommodation in Ecuador

mudanza-a-ecuador-1According to national newspaper El Comercio “Quito is considered to be one of the best cities to live in, in Latin America. According to a report by the Economist Intelligence Unit (EIU) the capital is the 107th position with 61.1 points out of 100. The study took into account 140 urban spaces”. Living in Ecuador depends on the area where you want to be based. There are low cost rentals for example in Cotacachi, for just 100 dollars a month. Living in Ecuador is very economical. In the biggest cities, like the cosmopolitan Quito, the rent for a furnished apartment in the very centre, with three rooms, rises to 500 or 600 dollars. In the popular Cuenca area an apartment close to the river can cost you 400 dollars. Are you moving to Vilcabama, in the south of Ecuador? Aside from the best weather, you can find rooms from  180 dollars. At Mudinmar we advise you to live in an area close to your work. We have selected a number of websites that will help you find housing in Ecuador, adapted to all our client profiles. They focus not only on temporary accommodation but also residential or permanent.

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Customs and Things Unique to Ecuador


It is said that Ecuador is the most biodiverse country on the planet. The first aspect that you must take into account in the climate. It is very hot in Ecuador, but there is heavy regular rainfall. This means it is a very tropical humid climate. Nevertheless it’s interesting to compare the differences depending on the area of the country (look here for more info.)

Furthermore, Mudinmar recommends that you read about the Galapagos Islands. It isn’t fair to talk about customs unique to Ecuador without first consdiering the ethnic diversity, one of the countries greatest aspects. Religion and music are two of its basic pillars. Ecuadorian society is largely Catholic, although this is mixed with Andean beliefs. Celebrations are very big, due to their love of wind and percussion instruments, without forgetting the Indian and bamboo flutes.

Spanish is spoken in Ecuador, but the main language is Quechua. Similar to other countries, many corners of the country speak in their native languages. One fact that is worth pointing out is in the Esmeraldas coast the dialect has hints of African. When you arrive in Ecuador you will find some written press that will serve as your first point of contact in getting up to date with the political, social, economic and cultural situation in the country. In the capital, Quito, there are six main newspapers (amongst them, El ComericoPopular) Azuay, Cañar, Chimborazo, Cotopaxi, El Oro, Loja, Manabí are other big cities that release press.

For a comfortable and safe commute through the city, Ecuador has a cooperative of transport. For example, in the case you need to commute from Guayaquil to Quito, or vice versa, the bus is the best option, as one of the most affordable. Here (on the right) you will see that there are more than seven companies that carry out this journey.If you would like more information about international routes and other advice, check out this page. The key things is, if you want to avoid long journeys, the best option is renting a car. Travel by boat is essential in some areas of Ecuador, as well as canoe through the Amazon river, or the luxurious option of a cruise ship to take you to the Galapagos Islands. However in 2008 the Ecuadorian Government proposed the repair of old routes. For example the routes connecting Quito-Durán, Otavalo-San Lorenzo, Alausí-Sibambe (The Devil’s Nose). For more information about these routes access the ‘Ferrocarril  de Ecuador’ webpage.

Popular Celebrations in Ecuador

In Ecuador, the Carnival is very impressive, along with the handmade goods and fruit and flower festivals. The fauna and flora of the country is one of the enchantments that will hep you to just land in the country and forget about your move.

Museums/Leisure/What to visit

During your time in Ecuador, you will be able to enjoy an unlimited amount of activities. From the beautiful views offers by the countryside to the country’s museums. From the Colonial Art Museum to the Natural Science Museum, the San Diego Convent Museum and the Municipal Museum of Guayaquil. Look at this list from the Tourism Ministry that it has prepared with all the necessary information.

Further Cultural Activities/Festivals/Night Life

Ecuador is the land of festivities. From the World Youth Festival directed at students, with many young people from Cuba; the Zero Latitude festival, an annual exhibition of Latinamerican cinema, founded in 2003, the International Choir festival and Festivalfff, a vanguard music festival.

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Areas of Interest in Quito

San Francisco, Quito is a city that never sleeps. From recent news, Mudinmar notes the following headline: Quito will be the center of the Worldwide Adventure Championship. Another of the news that will interest you is that last November Quito Airport Center was opened, more services that add to the infrastructure of the Mariscal Sucre Airport. If you are moving to the Bellavista area, as its name suggests, a strong point is its beauty. If you are going to live in Floresta, culture around the corner. The central northern part of the capital is the most recommended, bearing in mind security and quality of life. Here you can discover the main points of interest or the 20 reasons to live in the capital of Ecuador.

Cities in Ecuador where we can work with you 

mudanza a ecuador

Mudinmar is ready to see your move to a new life in Ecuador happen, be it as part of your journey or your final destination. Our team will take care of your move, offering you the possibility of carrying out your move in a container or shared container. We have city specialists at our disposal in: Quito, Cuenca, Loja, Ambato, Santo Domingo, Esmeraldas, Portoviejo, Quevedo, Duran, Manta, Guayaquil and Machala. Mudinmar offers full door to door service, from your point of origin to your destination, from full containers to small scale shipments in wooden containers made to fit, by air or by sea. The removal company will be responsible for the management of customs documents and processing of belongings at destination, including unpacking, setting up furniture and removal of excess material on the same day of the move. The agents will inform you about all the details of your international removal.

Customs information in Ecuador

Do you worry about spending the whole day at customs? You don’t have to worry, as Mudinmar offers all the information available. Ecuavisa ensures that the National Service of Ecuadorian customs “will intensify control of goods imported into the country” According to this source, November and December are the months with the most flow of passengers into the country.  For your benefit, last November senae published a list of 26 goods items that are tax free. There is controversy around this, if you have any doubt get in touch with the Mudinmar agent in Ecuador. Here are some of the things for which you should not have to pay tax (as long as not being used for business purposes) to find out more about the customs inspection, enter here.

  • Mobile phones (up to 2)
  • Cameras
  • Film camera
  • Image/Video reproducers
  • Television (up to 22 inch)
  • Desktop computer and accessories (mouse, keyboard, scanner etc.)
  • Binoculars
  • Screen projector and screen
  • Computer monitor (up to 22 inch)
  • GPS gadget
  • Electronic diary
  • Laptop
  • Video game console
  • Electronic calculator

Prohibited products

  • Firearms, explosives, munitions without previous permission.
  • Fresh meat products or dried meats without previous permission.
  • Plants and vegetables are also prohibited
  • Pets require a health certificate signed by a vet and rabies certificate.

Restricted products

  • Illegal drugs
  • Pornographic material
  • Precious artefacts
  • Live wild animals
  • Gold bars

Services relating to your arrival to Ecuador

  • Furniture storage in Ecuador: through our network of agents. We offer you a storage service in any city in Ecuador.
  • Insurance: we highly recommend full insurance for transoceanic and intercontinental shipments. Don’t forget to ensure goods to be signed for by the client.
  • Delivery at destination: you can choose the day for the door to door services. Our agents in Ecuador, with whom we are in close contact with, will advise you about all the details of delivery at your address with the relevant restrictions.

Animal Importation

The Ecuadorian Consulate details a series of requirements regarding the importation of pets (feline and canine).

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Vehicle Transport

In 2009 the rule about bringing vehicles into Ecuador specified the following: ‘Cars less than 5 years old can enter Ecuador, as long as it enters together with the housing goods and the new residence is Ecuador after having worked abroad. In this country, since January 2009, the entrance of cars using motor diesel is prohibited.”


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