Dominican Republic

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  • International Moving to Santo Domingo
  • International Moving to Puerto Plata City
  • International Moving to Santiago City
  • International Moving to La Romana City
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The Dominican Republic is the second biggest island in the Caribbean with an area of 48198 square kilometers.

Interesting information about moving to the Dominican Republic


The Dominican Republic is located in the heart of the Caribbean, with the Atlantic ocean to the North and the Caribbean ocean to the South.

The capital of the Dominican Republic is Santo Domingo, known as the oldest city in the New World.

The official language in the country is Spanish, but given the heavy touristic influence, hotel employees have a good level of languages such as English, French, German and Italian.

The official currency is the Dominican Peso.

Climate in the Dominican Republic

The Domincan Republic has a tropical climate throughout the year and the average temperature is between 25 and 31 degrees Celsius. The cooler season is between November and April and the hotter season is between May and October.



Culture in the Dominican Republic is influenced by different ethnic groups; Europeans, Africans and Indigenous. It is a country marked by its artistic expression, artisan goods, religion and gastronomy.

Within its cuisine the main ingredients are rice, meat, beans and vegetables, together with fish and seafood. The most important dish is known as the “bandera” (flag), made up of white rice with red beans, a portion of meat to accompany it, along with salad and croutons.

In terms of artisan products, there are an abundance of decorated items made from clay, porcelain, wood and leather.

The Dominican Republic allows freedom of religion, though the majority of the population is Christian, predominantly of the Catholic denomination.

Sport also forms part of Dominican culture, with baseball being the favourite sport.

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The Dominican Republic has different dates marked in the diary, the celebrations are of great importance to the population. The stand-out celebrations are the following:

  • Ramón Pablo Duarte Day, 26th January
  • Ramón Matías Mella Day, 25th February
  • National Independence Day, 27th February
  • Francisco del Rosario Sánchez Day, 9th March
  • Restoration of the Republic, 16th August
  • Day of the Constitution, 6th November

There are further celebrations, one of the important ones being Carnival, celebrated in virtually every town in the country over the Sundays in February and March.


The country has 5 main roads that connect the biggest cities and tourist areas. The routes between the biggest cities are generally in good condition.

In terms of public transport, the Santo Domingo Metro is the best way to move around the country. It also has a bus system with stations in the majority of big cities.

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