International Moving to Colombia

Information of interest in a move to Colombia

Information of interest in a move to Colombia

The Colombian Minister of Commerce, Industry and Tourism, Santiago Rojas Arroyo said in January that “Colombia is a model of economic openness to the world.” Rojas has highlighted the opportunities in the mining and energy sector. Despite the negative news, the minister stressed the “importance of exports” and offered as an allied state to do business (in fact, it ranks third in the 2014 Doing Business).

Search for accommodation in Colombia

Search for accommodation in Colombia

Mudinmar is looking for accommodation, either temporary or definitive. If you are traveling as a freelancer or student, in Bogotá you have 500 euros rooms, perfectly furnished and in quiet areas. Before moving on to the sites that we recommend, the diverse offer of places is limited if you are looking to avoid long trips. Living near work, services and children’s school. Within the Capital District of Bogotá is the town of Usaquén.

Uses and customs of Colombia

Colombia enjoys a tropical climate, humid in the coast and the plain, and more temperate in altitude. From December to April you will especially enjoy this country of so diverse orography (plateaus, mountains and great valleys). In addition to football and cycling, Colombia stands out in sport especially for the so-called “yew”, practiced more than 500 years ago in the center-east of the country, mainly. At first it was called “turmequé” among the natives: a gold disc was thrown to a clay court, 18 meters away, in order to exploit envelopes with gunpowder, but it is still very practiced and is part of Colombian culture (in 2000 it was declared National Sports of Colombia), has even reached the surrounding countries. At the written press level, you will stay informed thanks to the free DNA newspaper (Bogotá, Medellín, Cali, Barranquilla and Bucaramanga), Diario del Sur (San Juan de Pasto), El Catolicismo (the oldest in the country, is integrated into El Weather), El Colombiano (Medellín), El Heraldo (Barranquilla), El Universal (Cartagena de Indias), La Opinión (Cúcuta), La República (Bogotá) and El Mundo (in Medellín), among others.

In addition to the traditional festivals, the Day of the Sacred Heart is celebrated in Colombia, and San Pedro and San Pablo, on June 13 and 29, respectively. On August 7 the battle of Boyaca is celebrated and on November 11 (Independence of Cartagena).
Mudinmar recommends visiting Cartagena de Indias, the Salt Cathedral of Zipaquira (Cundinamarca), Archaeological Park of San Agustín (Huila), Cabo de Vela (Guajira), Tayrona Park (Magdalena), San Andres Island, Lost City (or Teyuna) , in the Sierra Nevada de Santa Marta) and Gordona Island.
Bogotá is theater, music, ballet, dance and outdoor art. During your stay in the capital, it is worth noting the Ibero-American Theater Festival of Bogotá, which is said to be the world’s largest, Rock to the Park, Jazz to the Park, Bogota Film Festival, University Festival of Contemporary Dance, Ballet to the Park, Opera and Zarzuela to the Park, Festival of Rhythms and Popular Traditions of the world, Feed You. The churches of the 17th and 18th centuries, places of pilgrimage, etc. are still preserved.

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Neighborhoods and areas of interest in Colombia and Bogotá

Neighborhoods and areas of interest in Colombia and Bogotá

Colombia is divided into three main areas: the Andes mountain range, the coastal and inter-Andean valleys, and the eastern plains and the Amazon rainforest. We recommend the following neighborhoods: Santa Barbara and Santa Ana, exclusive and safe, parks and all kinds of services; The Carolina, where you can get from apartments for rent for one million two hundred thousand pesos a month or apartments of 120 meters for the purchase for 400 or 450 million pesos; Rosales, the political class has traditionally chosen this area to live; and Salitre, in the last decade has become one of the “fashionable” neighborhoods, where the main drawback is that the properties have tripled their value. Do not forget to take a look at the neighborhood of La Candelaria.

Customs Information of Colombia

Colombian regulation makes a distinction between what is a household item and unaccompanied luggage, among others. Mudinmar then makes an explanation of the document that is detailed at the top of the page in pdf (among others, who can bring utensils to Colombia?). An item of each appliance and a maximum of three televisions are allowed. Only one household item can be entered and it has a term of 120 calendar days after the immigration stamp indicated in your passport. (The utensils must have been acquired during the period of residence of the owner abroad and come from the country of residence.)

  • Does not include motorized vehicles (considering toys)
  • no heavy tool or housing construction materials fit
  • does not include liquor or edibles
  • constitutes furniture
  • kitchen items are included
  • household appliances and household normal use accessories are considered household items

Personal effects of the family, as an example:

  • clothes for personal use
  • books
  • documents
  • CD’s
  • hairdryer
  • etc.

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Prohibited Products

Prohibited Products

  • Fertilizers, Fertilizers, Chemicals, Herbicides
  • Oils, Lubricants, Greases
More prohibited products
  • Unprocessed foods
  • Live or dead animals
  • Weapons, Ammunition, Bullets and Accessories for weapons
  • Self Defense Articles
  • Orthopedic Articles and Medical Equipment and Medications
  • Used Items and Used Machinery
  • Batteries containing chemical or hazardous products
  • Alcoholic drinks
  • Coffee, beans, seeds
  • Cigarettes and Tobacco
  • Natural and canned foods
  • Cosmetics, except small quantities
  • Fire extinguishers
  • Jewels, Gold, Silver, Platinum
  • Lotteries
  • Hazardous materials, Powders and explosives
  • Perfumes
  • Skins or items in reptile skin
  • Plants
  • Garments for military use
  • Hallucinogenic products
  • Products from restricted countries
  • Flammable products
  • Liquid or hazardous chemicals
  • Vegetable products
  • Radioactive
  • Blood
  • Seeds and grains
  • Textiles (except samples)
  • Securities, cash, traveler’s checks, old bills
  • Poisons
Services associated upon arrival in Colombia

Services associated upon arrival in Colombia

  • Storage at destination: we can offer storage service in any city in Canada.
  • Insurance: we recommend full risk insurance for transoceanic or intercontinental shipments. Do not forget that we do not insure goods packed by the customer.
  • Delivery at destination: you can choose the day of delivery for door-to-door services. Our agents in Canada, with whom we maintain a close collaboration, will advise you on all the details of the delivery at your home with the relevant restrictions.
Import of animals to Colombia (dogs and cats)

Import of animals to Colombia (dogs and cats)

After arriving in Colombia and registering your pet’s entry, Mudinmar explains the next step: you must approach the ICA Office of Port Health at the Airport or port with the documents detailed below (and with your pet, to its inspection and subsequent authorization).

  • Animal health certificate (race, sex, age must be specified). Validity of eight days.
  • Original and photocopy of the vaccination card according to species and age.

To avoid problems in an international move to Colombia it is important to take into account the following recommendations:

Recommendations for cats and dogs


For the entry of domestic cats to Colombia, they must be accompanied by:

  • An international veterinary certificate attesting that the animal did not show any clinical signs of rabies during the 48 hours prior to shipment.
  • Current vaccination certificates
  • The entry of domestic felines from countries with a record of native cases of Bovine Spongiform Encephalopathy (mad cow disease) and feline is not allowed.


To include domestic canines in an international move to Colombia, these must be accompanied by an international veterinary certificate attesting that the animal did not present any clinical sign of rabies during the 48 hours prior to shipment, in addition to current vaccination certificates for rabies, distemper, hepatitis, leptospirosis and parvovirosis.

Law 746 of July 19/2002, Article 108E prohibits the importation of canine specimens of the Staffordshire terrier, American Staffordshire terrier, Pit Bull Terrier, American Pit Bull Terrier, or canine products resulting from crosses or hybrids of these breeds, as well as the establishment of breeding centers of this kind of canine specimens in the Colombian territory.

To consult the pet export requirements to countries inside and / or outside the European Union, enter here.

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International moving of companies to Colombia

International moving of companies to Colombia

Many companies usually make the move or the international move of their headquarters to offer a better service to both their own workers and their customers.

In Mudinmar we help companies to make corporate transfers easier. The international corporate move to Colombia implies a high level of stress, the client does not have to worry about anything, our technicians are responsible for identifying the logistics needs of the company to choose the size, location and orientation of the office.

A technical project is carried out in accordance with the special needs of each company, we prepare a master plan to find the most appropriate solution for the corporate transfer of the facilities, so that the operation of the company is not diminished during the process.

We offer weekend services so that transfers and international moving do not hinder the proper functioning of the company and do not miss the usual work rhythm. We manage the files and documents, and we also take care of their storage, labeling, control and re-delivery in their facilities. We also carry out moving, moving and assembling furniture, connecting and commissioning of computer equipment, installing servers, safes. etc.

Visas and permits for your international move to Colombia

There is no restriction depending on the nationality when making an international move to Colombia. A visa is required except for nationals of the following countries who will stay for a maximum of 90 days in Colombian territory for tourism purposes only: Argentina, Austria, Barbados, Belgium, Brazil, Canada, Costa Rica, Chile, Denmark, Ecuador, El Salvador , Spain, United States, Finland, France, Great Britain, Guatemala, Italy, Japan, Liechtenstein, Luxembourg, Mexico, Norway, Netherlands, Peru, Poland, Republic of Korea (South Korea), Germany, Sweden, Switzerland, Trinidad and Tobago, Uruguay, Venezuela and foreign residents of Canada and the United States.

No temporary visitor visa or entry permit is required when it comes to transit through Colombia for up to 24 hours.

Those travelers who wish to go to Colombia for work or study reasons, must apply for a visa or permit at Colombian consulates accredited abroad.

Visas can be temporary or resident. The first ones are granted to people who enter without the intention of establishing themselves definitively in Colombia, the second ones are granted to those who intend to do so definitively.

Other documents that are worth having during the trips are:

  • Student card
  • Vaccination certificates
  • Travel or medical assistance insurance
  • Recent passport-sized photographs
  • Photocopies of passport, credit cards, insurance and others.

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