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At Mudinmar we carry out removal to the main provinces and regions of Chile: Santiago, Concepción, Valparaíso, la Serena and Temuco.

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Useful information about your move to Chile

mudanza internacional a chile

Chile is an American country located in the far south east of south America, its official name is the Republic of Chile and its capital is Santiago the political economic and cultural centre of the country, with over 6 million inhabitants.

Chile is a long and narrow country which extends from the Andes to the Pacific Ocean and is the seventh largest South American country with an area of 756,096 square km.

The Chilean economy is internationally recognised as one of the most stable in the continent despite passing through periods of crisis throughout its history, and in recent years it has seen important growth, making it a platform for foreign investment for other Latin American countries. Tourism has also contributed to its growth, since the 90s it has been one of the biggest resources in the country.

Chileans go to school for an average of 10 years, and the illiteracy levels are some of the lowest in the continent, with 3.9% of the population not knowing how to read or write. Chile has received two noble prizes for literature: Gabriela Mistral and Pablo Neruda

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Climate  in Chile

mudanza internacional a chile

The extensive latitude of Chile makes it a country with a number of different climates, latitude and altitude affect the climate in the country.

Because of this we find desert climates in the north of the country with low rainfall and an average of 20°C; steppe climates like in the North Chico area, where rainfall is irregular and there is a temperature of between 19 and 20°C; Mediterranean climate, like in the central area of Chile, dry and mild with more rainfall in winter; the cold steppe climate, like in South Patagonia with average rainfall of 425 mm, winds that can reach up to 30 km an hour and a temperature that varies between 2° (winter) to 10° (summer).

Celebrations in Chile

Other than the traditional festivals, Chile celebrates the day of the Holy Heart, Saint Peter and Saint Paul, 13th and 22nd of June respectively. 7th August is the celebration of the Batalla de Boyaca and 11th November (Independence of Cartagena).

Where to go in Chile

  • Atacama Desert: the Atacama Desert, considered the driest in the world, covers an enormous region in northern Chile and offers adventure, relaxation and natural attractions.
  • Santiago, Valparaíso and surroundings: The capital of Chile is a box of surprises, where you can find millions of people and various attractions within the modern metropolis, which mixes traditions and cultures, designer stores with artisan shops. A collection of streets and areas where you will always have something to do.
  • Lakes and volcanoes: imposing volcanoes, rivers and lakes is a combination which is offered in the south of Chile, an area of great scenic beauty which includes the regions of Biobío, Araucacnía, Los Ríos and Los Lagos.
  • Patagonia: discover the mountains, fiords, glaciers, forests and the steppes of one of the only places in the world that is still untouched by humans. Furthermore, within so much nature, you will be able to discover towns like Coyhaique, Punta Arenas and Puerto Natales, pioneering areas where history is breathed with the gaucho style of Patagonia.
  • Islands: there are many islands to belong to Chile, but of these there are three that you can’t miss out on: Easter Island, one of the most exotic in the country, Robison Crusoe and Chiloé, an archipelago that has a beautiful natural park and churches that were chosen by UNESCO as World Heritage.

Transport in Chile

  • Plane: There are 7 international airports (Arica-Iquique-Antofagasta-Isla de Pascua-Santiago-Puerto Montt-Punta Arenas). Santiago’s airport Comodoro Arturo Merino Benítez (SCL) is the most used with international connections with North and South America, Europe and Oceana running regularly.
  • Cars and buses: the entrance points on lands are the areas connecting Chile and its neighboring countries: Peru, Bolivia, Argentina. Once in Chile there is a full, high quality road network, such as the Panamericana, 5 North when you go from Arica to Santiago, or 5 south when you go from Santiago to Puerto Montt. Said route connects to the large part of national territory.
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