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Main relocation destinations in Bolivia

At Mudinmar we assist in moving to the main cities in Bolivia: La Paz, Cochabamba, Oruro and Potosi.

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Useful information about your move to Bolivia

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Bolivia is a country in the Americas, located in central-western South America, bordering Brazil to the North, Paraguay and Argentina to the South and Chile and Peru to the west.

Bolivia has a population of close to 10.1 million and its area is the 6th largest in Iberian America.

Geographic landmarks like the Andean Mountain range, the Amazon, Andean Plateau, Moxos plains and the Gran Chaco, all enter into Bolivian territory, making it one of the most biodiverse countries in the world.

Economy and Culture

Bolivia’s economy has been based on the extraction and exportation of natural resources, such as minerals and natural gases. However, the GDP per-capita is one of the lowest in Latin America which means it is considered to be a medium-low income country. The official currency is the Boliviano. One of the most controversial factors that contributes to the Bolivian economy is the production of coca leaves (Bolivia is the 3rd biggest producer). Whilst used and consumed traditionally for religious or medicinal purposes by a segment of the population, at the same time it is used illegally to make cocaine for the European and North American market.

In terms of culture, Bolivia is characterised by a variety of expression as a result of its geographic location, and ethic diversity characterises the area. Bolivia has close to 40 ethnic groups, much of which still follow their traditions, culture and language, which means a cultural environment heavily influenced by the indigenous cultures.

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Climate in Bolivia

Bolivia’s geographic make up gives it a varied climate, from the tropical conditions in the eastern regions to the polar climate the Andean West. Summers are hot and humid in the eastern zone and dry in the West, with rainfall that affects the temperature, humidity, wind, pressure and evaporation. Therefore, depending on the area (flats, plateaus, valleys and Chaco) different types of weather are found: tropical, polar, mild and semitropical.

Things to see in Bolivia

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    Salar de Uyuni

  • Salar de Uyuni: considered the biggest salt flat in the world, it is located at an altitude of 3500 meters in Southeast Bolivia.
  • Colorada lake: another Bolivian paradise at a high altitude. Situated in the Potosin Plateau is has a 30 kilometer shoreline, habited by thousands of pink flamingos.
  • Moon Valley: 10 kilometres from La Paz, we find an impressive landscape in Moon Valley, an erosion of the original clay mountain, making it an impressive work of art.

Transporte en Bolivia

  • Avión: cuenta con catorce aeropuertos internacionales, entre los que destacan el Aeropuerto Internacional Viru Viru, el Aeropuerto Internacional El Alto y el Aeropuero Internacional Jorge Wilstermann.
  • Red Fluvial: Bolivia cuenta con una red de alrededor 10.000 km de vías fluviales comercialmente navegables.

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