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An international removal implies a planning since this is the basis for a well done job. In Mudinmar we study and analyse in detail the needs of every single customer, helping them to choose the best and most convenient option for their international moving.

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Our professional staff will offer you a quotation including all special terms and conditions concerning removals. Besides, we provide an information packet listing all necessary documents for your moving together with useful information about the country you are moving to.

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We work to go beyond all expectations and the trust our customers have placed in Mudinmar.

In  Mudinmar we adjust our prices to meet our customers’ needs. On that basis we have prepared several forms, in a short and long version and depending on the type of moving (SERVICE) you need. Non binding!

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Mudinmar and our commitment to our customers

Mudinmar insures all its international moving operations with the best insurance companies with the goal to minimize possible handlings and  risks. For this reason, it is very important to make a valued inventory including all the goods you are moving. But beyond the work of our team, our customers’ opinion is a priority for our company, and with the aim to improve in each single service we perform, we provide a Customer Satisfaction Survey to rate and evaluate our work and thus enable us to move forward towards excellence in each international moving we carry out.

Currently Mudinmar offers sea, air and land services across all Europe with a fleet of vehicles of all sizes, more than 53,000 ft2 distribution centers and a team with more than 50 skilled professionals. What are you waiting for? Come on board and start with your international moving now.

In addition Mundinmar offers an expatriates section,  a highly interesting site devoted to the  increasing number of people, specially in the age group between 25 and 40 years. Furthermore, since our commitment is to keep each and every customer steadily informed, we have prepared a special section containing ”Country Moving Guides”, helpful guides  in which you can find all kind of useful information about the different international destinations.

Mudinmar is committed to assist and help our customers guiding them every step of the way from the very beginning to the very end of your moving, optimizing the entire process and offering you tailored solutions to meet each individual requirement.

For more than 25 years, Mudinmar has been completing successfully international removals all over the world and ever since we pride ourselves in turning moving expectations into reality for thousands of customers every year helping them to take a step forward in their lives. In Mudinmar we are experts in international mobility, we do not transport goods but your personal belongings and, as such, they deserve our full attention and professional diligence while handling them.


Our professional move consultants are highly qualified and will advise you in your international moving. A move consultant will visit you at home in order to carry out a survey totally  free of charge to evaluate all aspects involved in the moving service:

  • Volume of household belongings and furniture
  • Special features and access to your residence to arrange parking permits and decide on the best location for the truck on the moving day.
  • Information regarding all necessary documents, customs, delivery time, insurances and any other relevant information related to your international moving and the country you are moving to.
  • Advice on the best option for your international moving whether by land, sea or air.
  • We take care of the timing of your shipping and keep you informed about the arrival date and delivery terms in your new home.

Online request for a moving quotation

In Mudinmar we adjust our prices to meet our customers’ needs and budgets. On that basis we have prepared several forms, in a short and long version and depending on the type of moving you need. Non binding!

Mudinmar offers a worldwide network as well as unified quality standards, guaranteeing the same quality standards anywhere in the world. We operate an extensive network for your international moving including branch offices and agents in the world’s major cities, guaranteeing  both a global service customized to suit your needs. Mudinmar is affiliated to IAM, FEDEMAC and MOVERS POE.

You can request an international moving quotation completing the online form located in our home page or just clicking on this link.

Once we have received your request our system will send you a customized quotation in less than 48 hours, enclosing all relevant information concerning your moving,  customs regulations, advise, etc…

On the moving day our team of professional movers will handle the disassembling, packing and loading of all your belongings to ship them to any desired destination in the world, with the confidence of knowing that only the proper packing has been used and with the reliability of an impeccable service.

Mudinmar constantly pursues the optimization of its work system, minimizing handlings and possibles risks. We have learned from our experience that goods which have been properly packed will always arrive in good conditions and consequently we use only the best packing materials on the market and we tailor each protection material to fit your belongings.

However, in the unlikely event of an accident,  to give you extra peace of mind, Mudinmar insures all its international moving operations with the best insurance companies. For this reason, it’s very important to make a valued list including all the goods you are moving. If you have high value goods listed on your valued inventory, a customized insurance policy will be offered.

Customs formalities in an international moving is a complex process that requires a high level of expertise and knowledge in order to minimize delays and their consequent extra charges.

Mudinmar brokerage service provides experts in international transactions who will perform duties such as telematic import-export customs clearance. Furthermore, we are always in direct contact with the customs of every country and their tax inspectors in order to seek their advice when needed.

We offer personalized and individual advice on the required documents for the customs clearance both in the country of origin as in the country of destination.

We provide information regarding taxes to be paid when necessary and the different options you have in order to minimize customs duties and/or fees.


Moving with pets

If your pet is important to your family, it is also important to us, and an international moving can cause a high level of stress and anxiety to them, in addition, entail administrative and bureaucratic constraints related to their transportation.

To avoid this, it is necessary to prepare a careful planning in advance in order to move your pet to your new home with all safety and comfort.


It is necessary to have all your pet’s health and vaccination records and documents. In some countries there are a very strict regulations on the transportation of domestic animals and pets concerning vaccinations and medical requirements about which you should be informed before transporting your pets.

If you will travel by air, it is very important to contact the airline well in advance to check whether they will allow your pet to travel inside the cabin, in an approved container, under the seat or as checked baggage or cargo. Sometimes, pet transportation can be as expensive as a regular air ticket, therefore it is necessary to check the price, in which conditions it is going to travel and how is going to be taken care of; if the staff is going to provide him/her with water and food or if they are going to take him/her for a walk during the journey.

As a rule, airlines will require your pet to travel in a portable kennel or pet carrier. It is important that at least one week before the trip, get your pet accustomed to the carrier to help him/her feel secure and reduce its anxiety.

As far as possible we recommend you to book a weekday flight, in case your pet will suffer stress and anxiety you can take him/her to a veterinary surgeon as soon as you reach your destination. If your pet travels with you inside the cabin, make sure you take with you food, water and some toy to make it feel more comfortable during the flight.

Make sure your pet is microchipped and that he/she as well as the carrier have proper identification. The carrier must include your pet’s and owner’s information. The pet must wear a collar, tag or leg bands with his/her name, owner’s contact details, information regarding the destination airport as well as departure and arrival dates so that in case of loss, people know where to send him/her and if he/she has to be fed before reaching his/her final destination.

Exercise your pet before the trip, by doing so he/she will rest or sleep during most of the journey. In addition, we recommend you to ask your vet for some tranquilizer or muscle relaxant to minimize the anxiety during the trip.

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