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Mudinmar also supports and contributes to the moving and relocation of governmental organizations and institutions. Therefore our company takes charge, both nationally and internationally, of new local offices’ relocation, opening or closing. Any government can count on our personal and professional support as requested; to save time and to win in quality.

We take as basis international agreements which regulate the transport of goods by land, sea and/or air. In our general terms and conditions, we have all the detailed information available, offers and quotations, means of transport and routes, our company’s liabilities, data protection and moving insurance.

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Priorities for this kind of moving


The special support package aimed at governmental relocation, as a collective moving, provides the required legal and tax advice. Our extensive knowledge about the local areas in the countries in which Mudinmar operates, enables us to select the right location for the new governmental local office. Why should a successful government moving be of any interest? Because Mudinmar believes in the power of politics (etymologically “of the citizens”, “of the state”). “Big things often have small beginnings” and so have emerged many of the great ideas that changed the world.

And here is where the company takes part: transporting ideas, people, radiating new ways of understanding a society’s basic aspects and so forth….as far as you wish.

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