Any concern about your moving or relocation? We are here to help you clearing up any doubt about your moving process.

There is very little we haven’t seen or moved in the last 25 years! So we have put together some FAQs to help answer some of the queries that you may have about moving.

Browse our frequently asked questions for answers to the most common moving questions.

How can I get a written estimate?
How can I get an economical and affordable quotation for an international moving?
What is the price for/ How much can an international moving service cost?
How can I calculate the volume of my international moving?
Are websites and portals which compare moving quotations reliable?

Selecting a moving company

How do I select the best moving companies for international movings and corporate relocations abroad?

Your removal at origin

Should I be present during the packing?
How can I pack successfully for an international moving service?
Will Mudinmar prepare an Inventory List and labelling of the goods to be moved?
Will Mudinmar see after the applications for a no parking zone permit at the local municipal or police departments and properly signalling the area on the moving day?
Is it allowed to take food or beverages with me in an international moving?
What is the estimated transit time in an international moving service?
How long does it take to collect my goods once the order for service has been confirmed?
What is exactly included in a door-to-door international moving service?
What items am I not allowed to take with me in an international moving?
Is it possible to use your storage facilities to store my belongings in origin or at destination while looking for a new residence?

Your removal at destination

Which documents are required to import my belongings at destination?
Is it necessary to be present during the customs clearance procedures?
Do I need to go to the port to carry out formalities during the import procedure?
Where and whom do I have to pay the port charges and fees?
Who will deliver my belongings on destination?
Will Mudinmar notify me about the arrival of the shipment or should I contact you directly?
Does Mudinmar take care of the furniture assembly at destination?
Is the placement of light fixtures and lamps, curtains, paintings, etc., included in the moving service?
What happens with all empty moving supplies after unpacking?
Can I hire a VIP service?


What is more convenient, an international moving service by air, sea or land?
Which option is better, groupage, LCL, FCL or consolidated service?


Is it possible to receive packing material in advance?
Which kind of packing material will you use for my moving and personal belongings?
What are the dimensions of the packing boxes you provide?
Do you have specialty wardrobe boxes to hang clothes?
How can I do a self moving?


How to select an insurance for your international moving?
How to value my belongings for insurance purposes for an international moving?
How does the insurance company assess the value of my belongings in the event of damage or loss during an international moving?
Should my employer company hire a health insurance plan for me and my family while working abroad?

Forms of payment

Which payment options do moving companies offer for an international moving?
Do I have to submit the payment for my moving in advance prior to delivery?

Automobile and vehicles transportation

How will my car be loaded in the container?
Is it necessary to disconnect batteries and to keep the fuel tank level under a ¼ full?
When exporting my car do I have to deregister it at the Traffic Department?
If my car has an outstanding finance owed, do I have to cancel the loan before I can export it?
Can I take my car to another country if I have outstanding traffic fines?
In the case of a financial or operating leasing can I export my car?

Moving with pets

Can I take my pet with me?
Do I need to have my pet’s documents and vaccinations in order?
Do I need a portable kennel for my pet or can I take him/her with me on the plane?

Office and corporate movings

Can the moving company take care of disconnecting electronic devices?
Are employees allowed to pack their personal belongings?
Do desks need to be disassembled for the moving?
How must electronic devices be packed safely?
Is it possible to move on a weekend in order not to interfere with the normal activity of the company?
Will there be a move coordinator to whom we can address during the moving?

Relocation Services

How are international movings for companies performed?
What does exactly relocation services implies?
Once the relocation process is over, where do I have to pay taxes?
Is it necessary to inform authorities of my moving to another country?

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