Customs warehouses

Customs warehouses in Spain

In our bonded warehouses in Spain, you can store your shipments from other countries for inspection. Store your cargo and goods in our warehouses for unlimited time and pay taxes only when your cargo is removed from our warehouses.

  • Advice on the management of your merchandise (prevention of fines or withholding at customs).
  • Support with the management of customs warehousing procedures for goods
  • Help with the declaration of imported and exported goods in Spain.
  • We hold licences for the following types of customs warehouses: Bonded warehouse (DA), VAT warehouse (DDA) and warehouse authorised for export goods (LAME).

Services in our bonded warehouses

These are the logistics services we offer for the management of goods stored in our warehouses and bonded warehouses:

  • Picking, order picking and distribution
  • Sorting and distribution
  • Storage of goods at the warehouse
  • Stock control and management
  • Warehouse and handling insurance
  • Palletisation service

Customs management and customs clearance

We handle operations to control the entry and exit of goods into and out of Spain. We have a team of expert customs agents who take care of customs processing and comprehensive customs management.

  • Avoid delays in your shipments by reducing the risk of your goods being held up at customs.
  • Reduce the risk of penalties
  • Improve the management of your shipments to other EU and non-EU countries.
  • Receive support with all the operations and administrative procedures necessary to authorise the exit or entry of goods into Spanish territory.
  • We complete the SAD (Single Administrative Document) document for the import and export of goods.

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Bonded warehouse (DA)

Our warehouses are bonded warehouses, we store and monitor your goods in our warehouses. Storage in our bonded warehouses is a good option for imports where the goods are to be distributed or sold on a long-term basis.

  • We store non-EU and EU goods in our bonded warehouses.
  • Goods can be stored for an unlimited period of time (except agricultural goods).
  • Duties and VAT are not paid until the goods have a definitive customs destination.
  • Partial dispatches and partial shipments can be made
  • The goods may be handled before dispatch, for sale or according to the customer’s needs (without altering or varying the goods).

VAT warehouse (DDA)

Our warehouses are authorised for this type of customs warehousing. The VAT warehouse allows international purchase and sale operations to be carried out without paying VAT until the goods are put to use. Companies legally established in Spain or belonging to the European Union can benefit from this modality.

  • For imports, it allows the goods to be stored for an unlimited period of time. Tariffs are stopped, but the payment of VAT is suspended until the goods leave the warehouse.
  • For exports, they can be useful for manufacturing companies that distribute the goods through exporting companies. Exporting companies can purchase the goods without paying VAT until the goods are purchased.

Warehouse authorised for export goods (LAME)

We have a private authorised space(LAME) in our facilities to store the goods destined to be exported, until the moment when their export is authorised.

  • We are customs agents, we store your goods in our premises and issue a DUA to authorise it export.

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