Moving and associated services

Moving Services

Moving Services

Our moving services cover both national removals in Spain and international removals worldwide. Thinking of making your move? Follow these 3 steps

1. Make your moving list
2. Choose the estimated date for your transfer
3. Ask for your free quote without obligation

And that’s it! We’ll take care of the rest

  • We prepare your free moving estimate
  • We offer you our door to door moving service
  • We pack your furniture and belongings
  • We transport your furniture and belongings to your next place of residence
  • We insure your move with our transport insurance
  • We keep you informed about the status of your move with frequent updates
  • We take care of customs clearance and management of customs procedures
  • We manage the necessary documents for your transfer
  • We attend to your queries throughout the entire removal process, personally and free of charge

Removals in Spain

If you live in Spain and need to move to another part of the peninsula or to the Canary and Balearic Islands, we can take care of everything!

International removals

We make your move all over the world, no matter where you come from or where you go. We take your move to the destination of your choice.

Government removals

Are you a member of the force and security of the State? Are you a military man, a diplomat or a member of the armed forces? Our moving service for public employees is for you. We provide you with free legal and fiscal advice, and we also take care of the paperwork for your national or international move.

Corporate moves

Opening new branches or completely moving your company’s offices to another place, city or country can be a stressful process…

For that reason, we help you with the mobility of your company, so that you only have to worry about giving continuity to your professional projects.

We take care of moving office furniture, machinery of all types and sizes, and all types of logistics operations that require the mobility of your business project.

Consolidated removals

Consolidated removals

Do you have a moving company? Do you need to send your moving load or merchandise but the volume is not enough to complete the entire load of a truck or container?

Take your move in our vehicles and containers and save up to 50% with our groupage system.

We have offers every week on shipments and deliveries all over Spain, Canary Islands and Balearic Islands. In addition, we also do international groupage shipments throughout Europe and South America.

Furniture storage service

Furniture storage service

We store your belongings, furniture, even vehicles, in our warehouses and facilities. Our furniture storage service is aimed at all those companies or individuals who need a temporary storage service.

We store your furniture in our warehouses and keep it according to its characteristics, in boxes or containers, always correctly packed. The furniture and effects that are temporarily stored are placed inside our warehouses, under camera surveillance and security equipment 24 hours a day.

This service is very useful for customers who request their international move and the transport of their furniture and belongings between countries.



Do you need to talk to us? Do you have questions about our services? Call us or send us an e-mail! We will answer your questions without obligation, offering personalised attention and free information on all our services.

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