Environmental Policy

Environmental Policy

Environmental Policy

We, the top management of MUDINMAR MOBILITY, S.L.U., are committed to ensure compliance with all Environmental legislation, legal obligations and guidelines, which relate to employment and activities throughout the area of our business.

We understand our obligations to the community and the need to protect the environment from pollution and other environmental risks, relevant to the context of our organization.

Furthermore, we commit ourselves to efficiently handle commodities, materials and energies to minimize – or where possible – to completely prevent environmental burdens.

We commit ourselves to continuously improve our Environmental Management System (EMS) to enhance the environmental performance.

We have defined target-oriented processes and instructions, which respect the areas of our services.

Single and general objectives will be defined, implemented, maintained and documented.

We communicate our objectives via our internet presentation(s),

• Internally, to our Employees and Network Partners
• As well as externally to the Public and other interested parties

The Directors are ultimately responsible and administer all environmental matters.

Update: 22/12/2023.