What does it take to make an international move? Complete guide

Making an international move is an exciting but also challenging experience. Whether for work, education or personal reasons, moving to another country requires meticulous planning and a clear understanding of all the necessary requirements. Knowing what it takes to make an international move is essential to avoid setbacks and ensure a smooth transition. In this post, we will provide you with all the key information and essential steps to make your international move a success, from the necessary documentation to practical tips that will help you organise every detail of your international move.

What does it take to make an international move?

To make an international move, you need the following: Passport, visa, identification documents, inventory of goods, contracts and customs permits, and moving insurance. In addition, it is crucial to plan your international move well in advance, recommended 2 – 3 months. Having the help of a moving company specialised in international services will be key to organise all the logistical details (packing, inventory, transport, storage…), as well as obtaining customs permits, contracting the most appropriate insurance for your move and ensuring that you have all the legal documents to undertake your international move.

  1. Travel documents: Valid passport and visa, if required.
  2. Identification documents: ID card, driving licence and other personal documents.
  3. Inventory of goods: Detailed list of all items to be moved in your international move.
  4. Customs permits: Contracts and permits required for the import/export of your goods.
  5. Moving insurance: Coverage to protect your belongings during the move.
  6. Planning and logistics: Selecting a reputable moving company, obtaining quotes and arranging transport.
  7. Preliminary preparations: Proper packing, labelling of boxes and notification of change of address.

By following these steps, you will ensure your international move is hassle-free. Need help? Contact our team or request your free quote to find out how much it will cost to make your international move.

Documents required for an international move

Moving internationally is a complex and bureaucratic process that requires the preparation and submission of various documents. The correct management of these documents is crucial to ensure that your belongings arrive at their international destination without any problems. Here are the documents you will need to undertake your international move.

  1. Valid passport and visa: A passport is the basic and mandatory document for any international travel or move. In addition, depending on the destination country, you may need a specific visa. Immigration regulations are complicated and vary considerably from country to country.
  2. Identification documents: In addition to a passport, other identification documents such as an ID card and a driving licence are required for various procedures. It is important to verify the veracity of these documents before embarking on your international move. It will also be important to make sure that these identification documents are valid and have not expired, otherwise you may encounter administrative problems that could considerably delay your international move.
  3. International moving inventory: It is essential to have a detailed inventory of all the moving items you are moving. This inventory is not only necessary for customs, but also for the insurance company and the moving company. It is advisable that the international moving company you hire does the inventory. International moving companies carry out a professional inventory as part of the service, ensuring that the moving items are correctly listed, handled, transported and stored according to their characteristics, and that the risk of misplacing moving items in the international moving process is eliminated.
  4. Customs clearance: The customs process is one of the most complicated parts of moving internationally. Each country has its own requirements and regulations for importing international moving goods and household goods. It is vitally important to contact customs experts to find out which moving items we can and cannot take with us on our international move; to know the export regulations of the country of origin and the import regulations of the international destination to which we are moving. In this way, we will reduce the risk of our belongings and moving items being seized due to non-compliance with regulations.
  5. Moving insurance: You can take out insurance for your international move on your own, but we recommend that you do so through the international moving company handling your move. This way, you make sure you save money by paying for insurance tailored to your specific moving needs, rather than paying extra for insurance that doesn’t take into account the details of your move.

Why use an international moving company to make your move to another country?

Moving internationally is no easy task and the risks of doing it on your own are high. From the complexity of documentation to the
documentation to the logistics of transportation, moving internationally requires specialised knowledge of import and export regulations, and care to ensure that our belongings arrive in good condition at our new international destination.

In these cases, hiring an international moving company is the most viable option, as it allows you to concentrate on other details of the move (such as settling in the new country), taking away stress, saving you time and the burden of all the logistical and administrative work involved in making an international move: packing all the furniture, complying with customs regulations, obtaining permits, hiring transport, freight, administrative procedures, etc. etc.

This is how an international moving company can help you make your move to another country…

Having an international moving company greatly simplifies the handling of passports and visas, ensuring that all documentation is in order and in accordance with the laws of the country you are moving to. International moving companies have experts in international documentation who will guide you through obtaining and updating passports and visas, avoiding costly mistakes and unnecessary delays.

In addition to your passport, you will need other identification documents such as an ID card and driving licence. International moving companies take care of verifying and managing these identification documents, ensuring that everything is ready for your move without you having to worry about administrative details.

To facilitate customs clearance and to provide an accurate reference in the event of any insurance claim, a detailed inventory is essential. Companies specialising in international removals carry out professional inventory, ensuring that all your goods are correctly listed and protected during the move.

On the other hand, it is well known that customs formalities are one of the most complicated aspects of an international move. Each country has its own requirements and regulations and it is necessary to obtain all the necessary permits. To avoid complications and delays at customs, it is advisable to rely on international moving experts to obtain the appropriate customs permits.

Taking out moving insurance through a company specialising in international removals also guarantees adequate coverage tailored to your specific needs. The types of insurance policies that international moving companies work with are designed to adapt to the specific needs of an international move, and cover everything from minor damage to significant losses.

Preparing for an international move

Como ya te hemos comentado, una mudanza internacional requiere una preparación cuidadosa para asegurar que el traslado transcurra sin contratiempos. Aquí te presentamos los preparativos previos esenciales que debes considerar antes de iniciar un proceso de mudanza internacional.

  • Researching and selecting companies that provide international moving services: The first step is to find a reliable international moving company with years of experience in international activities. Researching and selecting the right international moving company is crucial to ensure the safety of your move.
  • Planning the transport of your international move: Transport logistics is one of the most complex aspects of an international move. From choosing the means of transport (air, sea or land) to coordinating pick-up and delivery dates, every detail must be planned to avoid delays in delivery and to ensure that the moving goods travel safely to their international destination.
  • Notification of change of address: Prior to your international move, it is essential to notify all relevant institutions such as banks, utilities and service providers of your change of address. Some international moving companies provide guidance on notifying all relevant official, public and private agencies of your change of address.
  • Packing and labelling of international moving belongings: Proper packing of your moving belongings is essential to avoid damage during the move. It is advisable to use materials adapted to the fragility or characteristics of your moving objects. In any case, if you are going to contract the service with an international removal company, we recommend that you leave the packing and labelling process in their hands. This way, you will save time in packing your move and you will ensure that your move travels as safely as possible to its new international destination.
  • Document and permit management: As mentioned above, proper document and permit management is crucial. From obtaining visas and customs permits to preparing detailed inventories, completing these formalities correctly will eliminate setbacks and delays in the future and over the course of the international move.

The preparations prior to an international move are many and overwhelming. Again, our recommendation as international logistics professionals is to ask for help to save time, effort and ensure that all aspects of your international move are covered.

International moving services

Moving internationally involves much more than simply moving belongings from one country to another. It requires good coordination and a variety of specialised services to ensure that everything arrives safely and smoothly at its destination. Here are the international moving services that can help simplify your intentional move:

  • Packing and unpacking services: Proper packing is essential to protect your belongings during an international transport involving several journeys and modes of transport with different conditions. It is important to use high quality materials and packing techniques to ensure the protection of your goods.
  • International transport: Coordinating transport for an international move is complicated. There are different transport options: air, sea or land. Companies specialised in international removals help you choose the best option according to your needs and budget. These companies take care of all the logistical aspects, from collection to final delivery, ensuring that your international removal goods arrive on time and in perfect condition.
  • Temporary storage: Sometimes, it may be necessary to store your belongings temporarily before you can settle in at your new international destination. Secure and flexible storage solutions, such as furniture storage services in well-equipped facilities, are available to keep your goods in perfect condition for as long as necessary during the course of your international move.
  • Customs formalities: The customs process is one of the most complicated aspects of an international move. Each country has its own requirements and regulations, and one mistake can cause significant delays. Having customs experts handle all the import/export formalities for your international move is a must.Pet transport: If you have pets, it is important to ensure that they arrive at their new international home safely and comfortably. This service, always provided by specialised and approved companies such as Relomar, guarantees that your furry friends can continue to live with you during your international move.
  • Pet transport: If you have pets, it is important to ensure that they arrive at their new international home safely and comfortably. This service, always provided by specialised and approved companies such as Relomar, guarantees that your furry friends can continue to live with you during your international move.
  • Assistance in the country of destination. Moving to a new country is a challenge. By seeking assistance from relocation agencies, you will find it easier to settle in and adapt to your new environment. From finding housing, to receiving guidance on where to find social services, there are teams of experts who will help you as you arrive in your new international destination.

Tips for a successful international move

Here are some useful tips to help you make your international move:

  1. Plan ahead: Start planning your international move several months in advance to manage all the details in time. Experts recommend starting to plan your international move 2 to 3 months before moving day.
  2. Create a detailed to-do list: Create and follow a list of the steps you need to take to make your international move.
  3. Effective communication with the international moving company: It is better to be effective in your communication with the moving company than to start long chains of endless emails. We recommend: Be honest about your needs and expectations with your mover (terms of service, timing and other details you consider relevant), communicate which communication channels you can be contacted through and make sure you respond quickly to avoid delays, listen to your mover’s recommendations and finally, confirm any important details (pick-up and delivery dates, contract conditions and details of services provided) in writing.
  4. Get rid of the unnecessary: Remove unnecessary items from your moving list to reduce the burden and costs of international transport.
  5. Document preparation: Gather all the documents you think you may need for your international move. Now you know that keeping passports, visas and identity documents identified and up to date is essential.

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