Wie Sie Ihren post-Corona Umzug planen können

If you were planning to move but your plans have been cut short by the arrival of the coronavirus, do not worry, in this post we tell you what you can do to continue with your change of residence.

Just a few weeks ago, the possibility of a global pandemic that would leave the country in alarm was unthinkable. However, due to its rapid spread and contagion, COVID-19, better known as coronavirus, has already become a reality that keeps citizens confined to their homes in quarantine. During the course of this quarantine period, it is important that we follow state and health recommendations to stop the contagion curve, guarantee our health and also that of those around us. Don’t worry, the coronavirus crisis will pass. Stay home and take advantage of the time to plan that move that you had in progress or that you had planned to carry out but that you have had to postpone because of the coronavirus. From Mudinmar, we explain how to have your move ready and prepared for when the pandemic ends and everything returns to normal.

1. Take advantage of the quarantine to plan your move

Have you ever heard the expression „Stay ready so you don’t have to get ready„? In the words of actor Will Smith, if you are prepared, you will not need to prepare later and this can also be applied to your move. Use the time you will be in quarantine to plan your move if you have not already done so.

2. Choose the destination

The end of the coronavirus pandemic and the return to normality, can be a good opportunity to start from 0. Surely during these days of quarantine you have thought about things that you would like to do, places that you would like to travel to and places where you would like to live. Either because you are very attracted to another culture, because you want to go to another city or country in search of work, or because you simply want to make a change of residence after quarantine, the first part of planning your move will be deciding your destination.

Try to make a list of those destinations that you would like to move to for a while and point out the pros and cons of settling in each of them.

3. Find your next home

As during the coronavirus quarantine period it is not advisable to leave our houses unless we must make an emergency medical visit, go to the pharmacy or make the purchase, we must understand that, of course, we will not be able to leave to make visits to homes for sale with real estate companies. Fortunately, there are a large number of online real estate portals that will allow us to search for the home that best suits our needs without having to leave home.
If you have doubts about the the characteristics that you want for your next moving home to have, you can read this article in which we indicate the basic requirements that you must take into account when searching for your home.

4. Can’t you leave home? Make a list of all your things!

The next step to prepare your move for the end of the coronavirus, will be to decide what items and objects you want to take with you to your next destination. Now you have time to carefully review all the furniture you have scattered around your home and determine if you want them to accompany you on your next adventure.
We recommend that you make an inventory of all the objects that are in your home and later choose what you want to take in your move according to its usefulness and durability, do you really think that the old fridge is worth transporting? Weigh the cost of replacing furniture that seems more damaged with new ones. On the other hand, after more than 30 years carrying out removals and observing our clients, we do advise you to include in your moving list those things that bring you good memories or cause you happiness, why not include the quilt that your grandmother hand knitted?

5. Request now the necessary documents to make your move

Although much of the citizenry is in a situation of confinement due to the coronavirus, this does not mean that the activities of the bureaucratic institutions have ceased, on the contrary, many are carrying out their functions through telework. This means that you can go to them if you need to obtain or request the necessary documentation to make your move.
While the quarantine period is in progress, contact your trusted moving company and request information on the documents you will need to make your move in the future. The moving agents will indicate what documents you will have to collect to carry out the transfer, taking into account, among other things, your current location and the address of the destination you are going to.

Do you need more help to prepare your move? Did you start your move before the coronavirus pandemic occurred? Get in touch with us and we will help you solve all the steps related to your move without obligation.

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